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In early September, I posted the Alexa ratings for several website. Here’s how those sites and a few others were doing at the end of October (i.e., mid afternoon ET yesterday)—AlexaRankings20151031Hogewash!, TMZ, JTMP, and VRUS have maintained more or less the same rankings, and the Cabin Boy’s™ latest effort is just barely registering (as usual). Bunny Boy Unread, OTOH, has moved down significantly in the rankings which may explain the hysterical nature of some of its recent post as 57F Osborne tries to attract some attention.

Oh, and here’s something else for Bunny Boy to consider: the Alexa ranking for as of yesterday afternoon was 1,026.

UPDATE—After I had put this post to bed, a commenter made me aware of a series of tweets including this one:i94radio201510311711ZI‘m not surprised that Democracy Now! might have over 400,000 followers on Twitter. Amy Goodman is one of the most talented media personalities on the far left. However, I’m shocked to learn that Brad Friedman has only 11.6k followers. After all, Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, and I suddenly acquired over 100,000 new followers each on a single day back in the fall of 2013, right after Brett Kimberlin filed the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit. Twitter Support assumed that the sudden spike was an an attempt to get their automatic system to suspend our accounts. If a low-budget operation like Team Kimberlin can afford 300k spare followers, I’m surprised Brad Friedman doesn’t have more than 11.6k.

Meanwhile, The Bradcast appears to be the lowest-rated program in its time-slot in its market, a distinction I never had while working in radio in Nashville.

If there’s one theme common to all of Team Kimberlin’s media efforts, it’s their persistent abject failure in the marketplace of ideas.

25 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Team Pedo-bomber believes there is not only an audience but a paying market for hysterical leftwing political conspiracy… but anyone can get the same information by driving down to a methadone clinic and see that sh*t live for free.

    Also I think I’m going to have to place a negative review of the North Alabama Trade School on Yelp because 1) they will give a political science degree to anyone and 2) if the best job you can get with a degree from the North Alabama Trade School is working at Breitbart Unmasked… yeesh.

    Oh… and I’m waiting to see if Pacifica approves me for being an affiliate as well — no content just the sound of the wind in the trees and birds. I’m sure it will do much better than BS and his mayo regurgitation extravaganza yibble bibble from WI.

    • Just to clarify, because if I’m not mistaken I have seen this usage error in the past…

      The “yibble” is followed by a double “bubble.”

      Please try to remember in the future. 😜

        • Being that it’s the day after hallowed evening, maybe you meant double “double”, as in:

          Double, double toil and trouble;
          Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

          In Schmalfeltd’s world, it might turn up as:

          Yibble, bibble, sniveling drivel;
          My rep is on fire because I’m not civil.

          • Yibble, bibble, my rep is on fire;
            Mostly because I’m known as a liar.

  2. Matt Osborne acts like he has a high opinion of his abilities, but deep down he can see the truth as well as we can.

    His moral and personal failings are how he ended up being a PR flak for a disgusting pedophile and unrepentant bomber. Instead of having an honest job.

  3. I’ve got 14k followers and I hardly use Twitter. All you gotta do is follow one or two desperate people, like any of the loud internet atheist “free thinkers”, and their whole group of followers will immediately follow you in lockstep. I guess that’s what happens when you think what PZ Myers gives you permission to think.

      • I don’t think so – but I do think it’s very foolish to accuse people of lying and stalking without so much as an ‘alleged’ in sight. Most of it’s probably opinion, but that doesn’t make it a good thing to write.

    • Strange that none of that ever came true isn’t it? It’s like they live in a little psychotic bubble. A band of little boys trying to taunt their betters. So very pathetic.

  4. It’s worthwhile to note that WBLOB, aka @i94radio has a whopping 29 followers.

    “Oh yeah? What about this metric that I utterly fail with?”

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