93 thoughts on “Copyright Nonsense Update

    • Why don’t you go steal some more valor, “Lyin’ of Lebanon?”

      You have got to be the most ginormous pile of dumb on the interwebz… and with the losers over at DailyKos spewing forth their idiocy daily, that is saying something.

      • Well, technically, they aren’t contradictory.

        1) Dumbshit says he’s going to do something.

        2) Someone does that exact thing.

        Not conclusive that Dumbshit actually did it, and technically possible that someone else did it so it would like Dumbshit did it.


        Note that the cover photos (both front and back) are Dumbshit’s. Considering his past history, if someone had appropriated those photos as part of a frame-up of Dumbshit, Dumbshit would have been howling about the COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT of someone stealing his photos. The fact that he is laughing about it and gloating about how no one can prove it was him, and not claiming that the use of the photos is unauthorized and threatening to SUE and PROSECUTE the author is quite telling.

        So, Dumbshit, did you give permission for the author to use your photos? And who did you give that permission to?

        You know who the author is, Dumbshit. Because you authorized the use of those photos for the covers. That you haven’t complained about their use so far is proof of that.

        Oh, crap… I’m educating the troll, aren’t I?

        • We have your statement of intent. We have the content of the author’s page. We have your photos as part of the book. It’s the second or third time you’ve tried this stunt. You tried the “one of you is turning” gambit again last night.

          I guess since you wrote and signed that letter and claim to have no memory of it, it’s possible one of your alternate personalities did it.

          Not the way I’d bet.

          (Anyone want to bet how long before he brags about the number of copies he’s sold?)

        • Why my comment stands tall as written.
          bald-faced liar:

          A bald-faced lie is one that is:-easy to see and understand as being bad. showing no guilt or shame : not hiding bad behavior.

      • I still wonder why Bill thinks Krendler will have to buy his own copyright. Is it because “Parvocampus” has stolen it and Bill thinks the only way for PK to get his own copyright back is to buy it? Of course, if someone were to act for PK, say a literary agent, and sue “Parvocampus”, “Parvocampus” would then have to prove that he/she/it did indeed own the rights. That would be …. amusing …. to say the least.

    • Where is BSchamlfeldt referenced anywhere in this post or the preceding comments? Why would someone who has been repeatedly asked, and told by the courts to not bug Mr. Hoge; think he’s welcome to comment here?

      • Any place that has an open comment section is legally open to anyone who wants to comment on it. It is Mr. Hoge’s prerogative to ban me. But he certainly has no legal standing as far as comments on a blog.

      • And he’s been told to forget I exist. So? if you liars are going to lie about me, I have the right to correct your lies. I did not write that book. But seeing how upset everyone is I surely wish I had!!!

        • “And he’s been told to forget I exist.”

          You were ordered to not contact him, AND to forget he exists. Yet you cannot stop harassing him.

          If you didn’t write the book, why is your picture on it? The cover picture is obviously your oblate spheroid self in silhouette.

      • “Any place that has an open comment section is legally open to anyone who wants to comment on it.”


        “But he certainly has no legal standing as far as comments on a blog.”


  1. Does this remind anyone else of the time they tried to claim the National Bloggers Club name. And even if that had succeeded (it didn’t) they claimed owning the name also gave them the right to all the bank accounts and such?

  2. From the Amazon page: “I created a right wing character, used that character to vilify my real progressive identity,”

    Well, since much of the writing was first posted on Krendler’s blog and Krendler was vilifing “my real progressive identity” i.e. Bill Schmalfeldt, the Cabin boy is now on record claiming to *be* Krendler *and* the author of the book.

    Since the fail whale had to swear in court that he knew Grady was Krendler (under penalty of perjury), and we now have an public admission that the Cabin Boy knew, absolutely, that Grady could not be Krendler, I wonder if that opens up legal possibilities for Grady.

    Unless someone has stolen Bill’s identity, and for fun and profit no less. Maybe he should sue someone for that.

  3. Watching Bill scramble after failing to get the lickspittle response he’d anticipated has been very amusing.
    We know the truth. Nothing changes.
    Bill will continue to lie and over-reach, and we’ll continue to laugh.

    Bill, you will always be a revolting, desperate, bitter and jealous man. And Hoge and Krendler et al, will continue to hold amirror before your face, to the amusement of us all.

  4. Did you know that Stranahan is paid a very nice salary with benefits and is closing In on 35,000 reader comments on his stories JUST in October?

  5. Witless Willie and his “prove it” kick.

    No one has any obligation to prove anything to him.

    Let’s assume for a moment that some book on Amazon written by “Anonymous” was not written by Blithering Bill. Let’s further assume that some commenter asserts as a fact that Bloated Bill did write it. Is that assertion defamatory? Is Blowhard Bill going to sue? And of course, what people are saying is that they believe Bill wrote it and providing evidence to support that opinion about a public figure.

    Hoge did it to build traffic? If so, it certainly is successful, which success is consistent with Hoge. If Willie wrote it, it certainly is a failure at building his traffic, which failure is consistent with Willie. There is a real conundrum for you.

  6. Why doesn’t Bill do his friend Bunny Boy a solid and go comment over at BU? Nobody has posted at that cesspool in a month.

    Of course, given the quality of the “writing,” I’m not terribly surprised. Still, help your buddy out Bill!

    • When Bill does a solid, he fishes it out, rolls it around, and sniffs it. Or so I heard. From him.

  7. I see Bill Schmalfeldt still believes that he can troll us. He cannot.

    Maryland has a rule that states “perjurers may not testify.” Schmalfeldt is fully aware of that rule given the number of times Brett Kimberlin has been excluded from testifying. The basis of rule is simple enough: it is unfair and unjust to be judged based on the testimony of a person who has been proven to have no compunction against breaking his oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It is a harsh rule, but, one that is fundamentally fair.

    Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to realize that among polite society there is a similar rule. When one is caught repeatedly lying one loses one’s credibility. Then, one’s words cease to carry any weight. Stories such as, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf!,” teach children the importance of telling the truth, and, the potential consequences of not.

    Bill Schmalfeldt seems to have missed the point of those stories. He lies repeatedly, brazenly, hypocritically, shamelessly and strategically, yet, labors under the delusion that the folks here aren’t entitled to notice that fact. We are.

    Bill Schmalfeldt can pontificate all he wishes on his “rights,” but, the reality is that whether, or not, he has been excluded de jure, he has been excluded de facto. His opinion carries no weight. His testimony, absent independent, credible confirmation is irrelevant.

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