A Waste of a Filing Fee?

Prank1Prank2Internet_TrollThe Cabin Boy™ is promoting a new book on Amazon. You can buy the Kindle Edition by clicking here. However, I strongly encourage you not to waste your money!

Here’s a couple of interesting factoids about the book.

As of close of business today, it isn’t listed in the database of copyrighted works at copyright.gov.

As of close of business today, no copyright registration has ever been issued by the U. S. Copyright Office to anyone named “Parvocampus.”

But let’s pretend for the sake of the discussion that the registration has been filed and will get into the database eventually. That won’t change the likelihood that the copyright is unenforceable because it is fraudulent. Much of the material in the book is clearly the work of an earlier author and is used without permission. If the holder attempts to enforce his “rights,” he may quickly find that he has run afoul of 17 U.S.C. § 506(e). Of course, that statute only provides for a fine and no jail time.

Thus, if I wish to use any of “Paul Krendler’s” material, I’ll get permission from him. If “Anonymous” or “Parvocampus” were to try to interfere, I’ll refer his false application to the feds and let them sort him out.

UPDATE—Well, it seems that the Cabin Boy™ and a couple of his buddies feel like they’ve scored some sort of major trolling victory. They’re certainly having a good time feeding off of the comments to this post.

Let them have their good time. And let “Anonymous” try to enforce his copyright on plagiarized (that is to say, stolen) material. Proving that “Anonymous” did not post the original material to Thinking Man’s Zombie is a trivial exercise. If the potential civil and criminal liabilities steming from the fraudulent copyright registration don’t keep a lid on things, “Anonymous” will deserve what he gets.

Meanwhile, let the Cabin Boy™ and his buddies have their laughs—and continue to make fools of themselves in the process.

UPDATE 2—Almost all of the stolen material in Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll was originally published so long before “Anonymous” filed the copyright registration that the benefits of registration are unenforceable. Here’s what 17 U.S.C. § 408(f)(4) says:

Effect of untimely application.—An action under this chapter for infringement of a work preregistered under this subsection, in a case in which the infringement commenced no later than 2 months after the first publication of the work, shall be dismissed if the items described in paragraph (3) are not submitted to the Copyright Office in proper form within the earlier of—

(A) 3 months after the first publication of the work; or
(B) 1 month after the copyright owner has learned of the infringement.

Oopsie poopsie!

150 thoughts on “A Waste of a Filing Fee?

    • Seriously, has anyone read the Amazon description and not seen the same old butthurt shining through like a neon “Kick Me” sign?

      Sure, Blob didn’t have anything to do with it, but he’s the only one who seems to know and care anything about it at all. And I’m Zombie Princess Diana.

    • “Anonymous” is a con artist, from what I hear. He keeps stealing comedy sketches and blog posts from others, makes small tweaks (if at all), then pretends they were original ideas. What little original material he actually produces revolves around his rumored anal sex and Cub Scout rape fetishes. Or so I’ve heard.

  1. When the dust settles from this, “Bill Parvocampus” can say good-bye to forever having an Amazon account, heh they may even ban his close relations.

  2. 1. Announce intent to steal Krendler’s work by publishing it as your own.
    2. Delete the tweets and disappear.
    3. Reappear rebranded days later.
    4. Announce the find of an “anonymous” book that publishes Krendler’s work.
    5. We’re gonna be rich, right boss?

  3. What an effing clown.

    Copyright exists from the moment of creation. It can be assigned VOLUNTARILY, but cannot be stolen from under you.

      • So you’ll be sued by a licensee who registers it. Same as last time.

        Or you could stop being an ass, grow up, pull all your hate literature from Amazon, and ignore us.

        • Always with the ASS stuff.

          Krendler should be …. Well maybe flattered would be the wrong word.

          See, it’s a cunning plan. Bait the hook, warm people it’s a trap then SPRING INTO ACTION LIKE THE LYIN OF LEBANON and….

          Hey, guys? What’s step two? Yeah yeah yeah, I know step three is profit, but what’s step two?

          Anyway, worked last week on him, So time to prove he’s smarter, more cunning, and doggone it, people like him.

  4. Well. Just LOOK at all this garment-rending, hair-pulling and teeth gnashing over a book I had nothing to do with. Write whatever you like about the author. But if you write about ME, you are only proving how ignorant you are. And if what I’ve seen in the Kindle is even SLIGHTLY true, Mr. Hoge should be ashamed of himself for being the progenitor of this whole prank. But, stupid people will be stupid. I did not write the book. If you think I did, prove it.

  5. Looking forward to Confessions of a Man Who Was Sued To Pay For His Own Mothers Care by Hoggy.

  6. I think it’s funny that a group of cuckolded husbands, pedophiles, anal rape enthusiasts and coprophiliacs think they know what’s going to happen, but they don’t. Oh, look! Here they are now!

  7. Oh.


    That is remarkably stupid.

    “Parvocampus” is already a known character, in use. Even people writing in the Jack Reacher universe usually ask for permission; this is…oh, dear.

    It’s much too late, isn’t it, to educate the monkey?

  8. I repeat, and will type slowly. I. Did. Not. Write. It.

    Your problem is with someone in your midst who knows how you operate.

    I WISH I had written it. But I did not. And you can’t prove I wrote something that I did not write.

    Krendler (the current one) can’t sell his blog to Hoge to maintain his security. A copyrright infringement suit must be instituted by the holder of the copyright, who must register his copyright, which he won’t be able to do because it’s already registered. If the latter day Krendler is certain I wrote the book, which I did not, he will have to sue me. Under his own name.

    My advice? You were played by someone in your ranks. If this book can be even marginally believed. Hoge is the instigator. He gave Parvocampus the idea to create his blog, then to create the Thinking Man’s Zombie.

    Of course, knowing you like he does, Parvocampus predicted your reaction to the letter.

    He pranked me, but he pranked YOU far worse, and if he or she even close to correct. Tjen iot was all Mr. Hoge’s idea and he played you for saps, cashing in the tip jar all the way.

    Prove he didn’t. Or Prove I’m Parvocampus. Or realize Krendler (the original one) wrote the blog and LIVE WITH IT.

    And leave me alone. I want nothing to do with the madness that swirls around Hoge. And fiurtjer attempts to pull me back in will be dealt with harshly.

    WAKE UP, IDIOTS! HOGE HAS BEEN PLAYING YOU FOR YEARS. You just cant make yourselves believe you were THAT clueless.

        • I do admit to having some Stella Artois in the fridge, case company comes by. If it pleases you to think me an alcoholic, roll with it. You saw a picture. Of a bottle. After I poured a drink for my sister and her friend. But conclusions are jumped top quickly and held onto for dear life with this crowd, are they not?

          And the voices tell me I’m just fine, Neal. It’s YOU they’re worried about. In all your sockly apparitions.

        • Do you not drink or drink beer?

          And your legal theory is crap. Copyright comes with creation, and can be sold to a licensee. The pre-existence of the material is sufficient to break any claims you might try to make.

          Further, you go on this “one of you is turning” jag every other week. It’s never happened, never will happen. Mainly because there is no conspiracy against you.

    • Why on earth would we care if you were Parvocampus or not? I mean, really.

      And if you want to be left alone, well, DON’T COME AROUND. It’s easy yannow.

    • Dude, if you project any harder, you’re going to have an out of body experience.

      Also, what the hell are you typing with? You’ve got some bad typos there; turn on your spellchecker. Hands shaking from rage because it’s not going the way you want?

      Also, just a refresher: you were the one who decided to ride in to defend your most excellent friend. Don’t cry about how ‘I wanna be left alone!’ when you persist in being an ass.

      Now go delete your Twitter account and start over, little man. Again.

      • He can’t type, remember? He uses a voice software program because of the PD. He also can’t walk because of PD and a ruptured tendon, except to the federal courthouse in Maryland, and for mile-plus walks in Wisconsin. He also can’t talk because he lost his voice because of PD, except for his daily podcasts. He also can’t travel because of PD, except to Wisconsin and, as he told the police, back and forth to Maryland for trials.

    • I love watching this circus, with you as center ring clown.
      You’re such a drama queen. All sparkly encrusted up on your stool.
      Hoge should be charging for this.
      Bet he could pull in around $650.

  9. Notice how BS had to respond something idiotic to virtually idiotic on a thread discussing a topic he claims he had nothing to do with? Hic!

    • Freaking autocorrect. “To virtually every comment.”

      On another note, a suspicious mind might think that BS wants to be sued so that he can file a counterclaim without having to pay the filing fee. But he’s turned over a new leaf, so it can’t be that, right?

      Knock, knock! Tick, tock!

        • Does the settlement agreement even apply if he’s moved out of state?

          I’ve seen any number of prior BS comments claiming that he fled MD to escape WJJH’s “harassment” but they all rang hollow; I expected that he’d be back leaving his droppings all over the place before too long, and here he is.

  10. This attempt to sow discord amongst our ranks is as transparent as it is ridiculous. There’s no need to prove what’s apparent to anyone with eyes. Bill thinks he’s clever. But everything he does is a retread of something that’s already been done. He hasn’t an original bone in his jellied body. There’s nothing clever here. Bill was played and is desperate. What’s new?

    • He doesn’t seem to understand that WE DON’T CARE if we disagree amongst ourselves. We are all independent people with independent minds. It doesn’t harm the Lickspittle/Zombie Horde one iota to have people who wander off reservation. Heck, I wander off reservation every now and again and nobody kicks me out because of it.

      He just doesn’t get that we don’t do things in lockstep. We’re not fascist that way.

      • But wait! Bill says we are all sock puppets! So we can’t be independent people.

        But then, how would he be able to turn one of us against the rest of the socks?

        Bill says in comment 112245 that He Did Not Write IT. But in comment 112253 he says he wrote most of it.

        • Disorder in the sock drawer! They wriggle out of their neat little folded pairs and entangle every which way! Clashing colors and textures! Wailly! Wailly! Socks turning inside out and on each other! Despair!

          Yeah, I don’t think so, either.

      • ^^This^^

        I already have a severe dislike for one of the Lickspittles, but Wee Willy Widebody can’t capitalize on that, because the court violating diseased festering ooze is the incompetent, inept enemy.

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  12. It’s the return of threatening Bill! Do as he says or BEWARE THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

    For someone who wants to be left alone, he sure comments here a lot.

  13. The trees are “Bill Parvocampus” the excavators are Amazon.

    That is what is gonna happen to all the maternal that “Bill Parvocampus” has on Amazon, CreateSpace, and Audible.

  14. OF COURSE, he “had nothing to do with it”.

    Which is why one if the other members of the “mythical” “Team Kimberlin” is obviously involved.

    Which nobody here possibly thought of. Certainly not the noted fool “Paul Krendler”.

    Why, I bet neither she nor Hoge can even hear the giggling from behind the tree….

    … Cue ACME device sound effects….

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