Outburst From a Newborn Star

Outbursts from a newborn starThis pair of jets streams out from the newborn star known as Herbig-Haro object HH 212. It lies in the constellation of Orion in a dense star-forming region not far from the Horsehead Nebula. In such star-forming regions clouds of dust and gas are collapsing under the force of gravity. As a cloud spins faster and faster, it becomes hotter and hotter until a young star ignites in its center. Leftover material swirling around the newborn protostar comes together to form an accretion disc that will most likely evolve to form the base material of planets, asteroids, and comets.

The star in the middle of HH 212 is very young, only a few thousand years old. Its jets are remarkably symmetric, with several knots appearing at relatively stable intervals. Further out, large bow shocks caused by ejected gas colliding with surrounding dust and gas spread out at speeds of several hundred km/s.

Image Credit: ESO

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