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Here’s a marvelous bit of nonsense from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s omnibus opposition to most of the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit. It compares the defendants to James Bond and the Mafia.ECF 74-p2

Talk about projection! It’s Team Kimberlin that thinks they’re Internet super spies sleuthing out information on nefarious Right Wing Nut Jobs. Of course, they’re something quite different in reality.

The Gentle Reader may remember some of the Cabin Boy’s™ epic failures as an investigator. This past spring, he went on and on about discovering a soooper sekrit zombie website, but the site turned out to be a honeypot, and his reaction to it yielded information useful to the defendants in Schmalfeldt’s various bogus lawsuits. He got suckered again by the zombies just a few days ago.

Bunny Boy and the other hangers on at Breitbart Unmasked are moderately less clumsy, but managed to join with the Cabin Boy™ flailing around in the search for the original Kimberlin Unmasked. At one time or another, the original KU was positively identified as Aaron Walker, Jeff Dunetz, Dan Collins, Dustyn Hughes, Patrick Frey, Kender MacGowan, me, and several others. Accuracy and strong investigative skills are not BU‘s strong suits.

popcorn4bkTeam Kimberlin’s inability to gather data from open sources and their incompetence in penetrating only moderately secure online systems is clearly a source of frustration for TDPK. You can see that in the wildly inappropriate and staggeringly useless things he sought during discovery in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance LOLsuit and in the mind-numbingly wasteful discovery he’s pursuing in the RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit.

If I wasn’t having to deal with his nonsense as a defendant, I’d probably find it more amusing.

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  1. First of all, like others already explained, it’s beyond stupid for Kimberlin to claim that his awful criminal behavior is only visible to highly trained secret espionage agents. A trip to the bookstore would do, or google. And anyone who is adept at searching court documents would soon find a very uncomplimentary portrait of the pedophilic serial bomber, even before reading

    Secondly, I wonder if Brett Kimberlin was actually taken in by Neal Rauhauser’s promises. Neal is a con man who desperately craves adulation and portrays himself as some kind of fantasy hollywood hacker character. In reality, his “Project VIGILANT” was a scam hoped to attract marks, operated in tandem with lowlife loser conman Chet Uber. His super secret twitter army consisted of himself and maybe three mentally disturbed women he knew who had a lot of spare time. Did Kimberlin realize this, or was he seriously salivating at having a high tech army with “super secret” Rauhauser “spy tools” at his disposal? Will Matt Osborne answer this question, when he puts down his inadvisable and excessive amount of psychoactive chemical consumption?

  2. When he wasn’t short circuiting copy machines to avoid printing costs, or having phony stationary cooked up to confuse mail screeners His Mafia vlients, he said, “always paid well, but thy were real ass*****. the funds always came from these front companies. Jimmy [Turner] would be met by bagmen.”, he claims to have illegally taken money to play miniature consigliere…. From c, k.:
    His Mafia clients, he said, “always paid well, but thy were real ass*****. the funds always came from these front companies. Jimmy [Turner] would be met by bagmen.”

  3. Maybe you could subpoena Daniel Craig to explain to Brett that James Bond works for MI6 and has a licence to kill..

      • I have a dwarf friend named Peter, who is a land developer. He’s a member of my fraternal order, which is how we met.

        One day, I thought he was going to die from laughter, and it was going to be my fault.

        We were talking about petty abuses of power and breaking of process by one local elected zoning official, and Peter was complaining about how he and his business were being affected by this putz and his toadies.

        I told him he should go to the next zoning meeting, and tell them “the rules aren’t JUST for the little people.” Totally unintentional.

        He was blue in the face and collapsed on the ground before he stopped laughing…

        He now has a t-shirt that says that, with the putz’s name appended, and he wears it to each and every zoning meeting. When he gets up to address the zoning commission, he makes a point of turning to the cameras, and calling out putz (and his cohorts on the commission) on their *every* violation of the governing laws, rules, and regulations.

        True story, bro.

  4. If one considers it, blatant failure by stupidity is sort of the history of BK’s “operations.”
    The pot running one: he dumped the pot out the airplane over several miles making it easy for investigators to pick up and tag “evidence.”
    The speedway spree, he left the timers in his trunk.
    And now this, overreaching crazed lawfare against…a law firm of all people.

  5. Let’s not forget the recent brilliance of Bunny Boy who decided that Agiledog somehow got his hands on an email from Whoisnumbernone and provided it as evidence to the court in his successful Restraining Order hearing against internet troll Bill Schmalfeldt.

    In reality Whoisnumbernone is so stupid that he/she/it sent it to the court when replying to an email from internet troll Bill Schmalfeldt.

    So Bunny Boy couldn’t even get the story correct despite the pedo worshiper being friends with the internet troll Bill Schmalfeldt who had the original emails to begin with.

      • That’s a plausible theory. Another is that he is so snowed under with legal work that he’s operating in panic mode resulting in unforced errors.

        • Judging by the output the past week or two, he isn’t giving it a super strong effort.

          On Sun, Oct 18, 2015 at 1:08 PM, hogewash wrote:

          > wjjhoge commented: “That’s a plausible theory. Another is that he is so > snowed under with legal work that he’s operating in panic mode resulting in > unforced errors.”

      • He may have. I know for a fact that it amuses Brett to see internet troll Bill Schmalfeldt get his ass kicked by a judge in court.

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