Climate Change

The Sunday Express reports that the latest in climate change prediction is for a mini Ice Age with significantly colder weather for Britain. But don’t worry—since this is not a prediction of warming, the “science” isn’t settled.

However some scientists say the outcome may not be as disastrous as others fear with the outcome still uncertain.
Dr Dan Hodson, climate scientist at the University of Reading, said the colder ocean temperatures could force a positive North Atlantic Oscillation leading to milder conditions.
He said: “The current El Nino is building up to be a big one, and it is still a case of seeing what happens before we can know how it will affect things.
“There is evidence to suggest that cooling in the Atlantic can lead to a strong North Atlantic Oscillation and that would imply warmer and wetter winter weather.
“As we get closer to winter we will start to know more.”

Read the whole thing and be prepared for the need to dress warmly.

6 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. I love the “We’ll be able to tell what’s going to happen when it starts happening” at the end.

    I’m old enough to remember all the dire warnings of the coming Ice Age a few decades back. I also seem to recall that winters in Dicken’s novels tended to have a lot of snow, so it’s not like it’s never happened before. Britain also used to have an excellent climate for wine grapes, better than the continent, back in the supposedly non-existent Medieval Climate Optimum. Which was warmer than now, so if that was “optimum”, shouldn’t we be happy to get back to a similar climate?

  2. Another driver will be a dramatic reduction in solar energy output which has been observed over the past few months.

    Holy cow! Someone seems to have finally noticed the on-going SOLAR MINIMUM!!!!

    “Science” may be on the verge of discovering that the SUN actually has something to do with the amount of heat reaching the Earth! This could be something!

    I wonder how they will blame the Solar Minimum on mankind and fossil fuels….

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