More RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed what he calls his omnibus opposition to the motions to dismiss his Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit.

This also includes an untimely opposition to my motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim and does not properly address my motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

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  1. let me note that if you see a certain MASSIVE legal mistake in this filing… don’t educate the midget. but feel free to ask me what i see, in private

  2. I’m just picking on stuff here, but page 8, paragraph 1 seems to quote something damaging to K’s case. “…RICO serve as a weapon against ongoing unlawful activities whose scope and persistence pose a special threat to social well-being.”

    Sorry, but is this the case about teenage sleepovers or the one about Kimberlin’s rock music career? Or is this the one where Justice Thru Bad Music has lost donors because the organizations learned that Brett blew people up?

    • If JTMP has suffered harm, it’s not visible in the 990. VRUS? That’s essentially defunct – has, in fact, a negative net worth its last 990.

      And I still do not see why organizations that small – and trust me, they’re tiny – need two extensions every year.

  3. It’s not only permissible for people to publicize his criminal career and shortcomings, it’s a positive public duty.

  4. He should never, ever escape what he’s done to other people or the extensive proof of his deeply dishonest and reprehensible nature.

  5. after glancing at this filing,

    Tin Foil- a myriad of uses, not just for wrapping foods, you too can make a hat!

  6. Check me on this, but Hoge’s only involvement in this case is, “oh, and Hoge Googled me after I stalked his friends, which is straight out of the Team THEMIS playbook!!!!” Because nobody else has ever heard of this Google thing.

  7. OK, now seriously, check me on this.

    Do we _have_ to take a drink every time he says “false narrative”? Because I may not still be alive come morning…

  8. Since when did the little Pedo have an organization that helped get the CEO of Massey Coal aresseted and indicted? And what role would the Pedo have had in the grand jury? This guy is looney tunes! Talk about an inflated self image!

    BTW, I’d LOVE to see the financials since he claims that “Plaintiff and his organization spearheaded the campaign for criminal indictment of Mr. Blankenship, and provided the FBI with information about Mr. Blankenship’s criminal conduct, including information provided by whistleblowers who responded to a reward posted by Plaintiffs organization. Plaintiff”

    So did the Pedo stiff these phantom whistleblowers on the reward? Did he pay out? Where is the proof? I don’t recall anything in the 990’s showing a payout of the reward.

    • Notice in his deposition he never says when he allegedly contacted the FBI, or what information he allegedly passed on to the FBI. This is all probability akin to the rooster who thought his crowing caused the sunrise.

  9. OK, got to the end. Don’t see Aaron’s red flag. IANAL, which again, Bill, does not mean I, anal.

    Damned glad “and the court must accept this as true for this filing” wasn’t a “take a drink” quote. This would have been fatal.

    BTW, asking for a friend, if a plaintiff ends every point, after spinning unbelievable yarns of gossamer and bullshit, by reminding the court that the court must accept this as true at this point, does that by any chance set off the court’s bullshit detectors? Or do they go all SNL, “I loved it! It was much better than Cats! I’m going to see it again and again!”

  10. The Artisinal Craft blog has a post up regarding creepy internet marketing. It’s true. I buy something online from a retail chain and suddenly pages I visit have ads for that store. I Google a car model I’m curious about and it’s all over every page I surf for the next couple of days.

    So in the screen caps contained in this filing are some interesting ads. The reputation management ad is no surprise. I laughed when I saw it. But the breast cancer ads leave me wondering who has been searching that particular subject on that particular computer.

    Back to lurking. Carry on.

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