Judge Hazel Rules Some More

Judge Hazel has granted Patrick Frey’s motion for a protective order in the discovery phase of the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit. The Judge has also ruled on several other matters including The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s request for a final ruling on the two federal cause of action dismissed from the case while it was Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness LOLsuit. That motion was denied as both Aaron Walker and I had requested in our oppositions. Denying that motion puts off any further appeal until the remaining part of the case is decided.

Today is the second anniversary of the filing of the case.

38 thoughts on “Judge Hazel Rules Some More

  1. Brett’s continuing quest to be treated like a respectable lawyer, has had another speed bump. Heh

  2. If he wishes to be treated like a respectable lawyer, then he should goddamn well behave like one.

    Respect is earned, not given. I find it highly unlikely that Brett Kimberlin has ever earned anything, much like a certain Wisconsin retiree to whom he is an excellent friend.

  3. The Court warns Plaintiff and Defendant to abide by the procedures of this Court.

    Yes Yes. If you don’t follow MY procedures I will become vewy vewy concerned.

    Court intends to follow Judge Grimm’s CMO as written.

    Over one year later, I do say, let’s follow the CMO. But let’s start with a clean slate first, shall we?

    • I respectfully demur. He gave TDPK nothing that he asked for here other than the extension to discovery. Frey got his protective order, and it explicitly covers any video deposition per the letter order. Further, he pretty nearly promised to sanction TDPK if he files any more BS sanctions motions.

  4. “The Court will consider in appropriate cases imposing sanctions upon parties who file unjustified sanctions motions.”

    That’s gonna leave a mark…

      • I suspect the judge is acting carefully because he doesn’t want to give the Mustela nivalis grounds for an appeal. Justice is moving slowly, but it will grind Brett very finely.

        • Is there a bot that keeps reviving this meme?

          The Judge in this case actually performed legal research for the plaintiff and went way overboard in ensuring that the plaintiff couldn’t say “it wasnt fair I want to appeal.”

          And he did appeal. And he is already saying he wants to appeal again.

          So what is the actual evidence that the Judge actually cares about whether his case is appealed, that he is taking steps to do so, and that this is effective?

        • No matter what, the opportunity for justice to be served is long gone. Hazel isn’tgoing to sanction Kimberlin unless Kimberlin literally climbs over the bench and shits in Hazel’s lap. If then. So the case will eventually be dismissed or not. Either way, the process has already been the punishment.

  5. And what would be the penalty if a party ignored the protective order and documents and/or video were leaked? Can I assume that the protective order is a little more serious than merely sealing the documents?

    • Well I’m sure as soon as the Blob or Bunny Boy publishes it, the judge will give a sternly worded warning to the little Pedo to “Not do that again or I’m pulling this court over young man!”

      • He forged a summons for crying out loud. That should have landed him back in jail. What did the judge do? Stern warning. Then he proceeded to continue to forge green cards. What did the judge do? Stern warning. Sorry, but I’ve lost faith that the judges in MD will do anything that causes them one iota more paperwork.

  6. I dunno –
    Frey responds, and with reason marks it CONFIDENTIAL, then “somehow” Bunny Boy Unread slathers it across the interwebz.
    Win for Team Good?

    Don’t see it.

  7. Any word on the Inter-Markets (Ace of Spades) supeana getting dropped? Order says iit was dropped and now moot.

        • Yep.

          Even mentioning the midget pedo will get you a quick, one-way trip to meet the banhammer.

          I lost a LOT of respect for Ace over this…..

        • I confess I’ve been torn. I stopped clicking Spectator links over similar behavior. But I’d miss the moron horde.
          If more of them would join us over at the little refuge some of us have running (Cut. Jib. Newsletter.) I’d probably stop visiting the HQ.
          But I see the conundrum, we have a sidebar link to Hogewash! for the BK coverage. I haven’t mentioned it at CJN because I don’t want to drag down hell on my cobloggers.

  8. Judge Hazel’s ruling seems to leave open the possibility of Frey asking the Court to have the deposition be held at a neutral location with the actual video tape remaining under control of the Court.

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