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Yesterday, I was running errands around Montgomery and PG Counties. One of my stops was the Circuit Courthouse in Rockville.

The Gentle Reader may remember that I had noted a few days ago that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed a motion for a protective order in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. Here it is.

The only comment that I can make for now is: “Wow!”

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  1. I suggest readers jump to pages 5 and 6 and read the emails i wrote (yes, except for the redaction, they are accurate).

    Then after you are done with the email, read what “they” wrote about them.

    First, it is my opinion, based on all the documents i have read from Brett over the years which i have constantly posted on the web, that Brett wrote all or nearly all of it.

    Second, it is my opinion, based on reading what it says and my assumption that he wrote all or nearly all of it, that Brett has lost his mind. Well, more than usual for a guy who bombed a whole town.

    • I looked up the case files and it seems that you’re talking about 403868V whereas Brett clearly is talking about 398855V. A dumb monkey can see that Mason is the current judge for 403868V which you stated that you talked in chambers with, not 398855V which Rubin is the judge. So is Kimberlin trying to intentionally confuse Rubin so that he can get this PO enacted against you and Hoge?

      • Mason is the judge assigned to both 398855V and 403868V. However, other judges may handle matters when Mason is unavailable for some reason or where the matter is something normally handled by the “duty” judge. Everything in those cases gets filed with the Clerk and sent to Judge Mason, but if Rubin (for instance) was the duty judge on a particular day, then he might handle an ex parte or emergency matter.

        Aaron’s offers do not relate in any way to 403868V, so we can assume he was making a settlement offer in the other case. According to that case docket, that was to have happened by last week.

        • Okay make sense. The other question is that if Walker did meet in chambers and the Kimberlin’s didn’t, does that mean they intentionally skipped the meeting if they were properly notified? Or is this just some dumb “I’m pro se, your honor!” excuse to cop out of chambers? Walker obviously says that he’s working with his lawyer in writing up the letter to Tetyana so I’m sure his lawyer can verify that the meeting in chambers did occur.

          • Aaron was there. I wasn’t. He’ll be explaining things on his own schedule which I suspect is driven by the needs of the case.

        • Kaitlyn, there was not a meeting in a physical sense, and it wasn’t supposed to be in chambers. It probably is better called “conference with all counsel.” But no one will listen to me.

  2. I suspect that if Mr. Kimberlin were to retain an attorney, Mr. Walker would be more than happy to direct communications about the case to him, thus sparing the Kimberlins any anguish about being contacted.

  3. I was looking for something more than a settlement proposal that would probably not be to his liking. I was looking for more than two emails, one each to the respective parties.

    Either you were ordered to discuss settlement or you weren’t.

    If that’s the extent of your correspondence with him, and you were ordered to discuss settlement… yes, he’s out if his mind.

    • Too much of that legal Colorado reefer. I hear that stuff is strong these days. Plus, being diminutive, it probably doesn’t take as much for the diddler as it would for a normal sized male.

  4. This filing by BK is the most over-the-top, hysterical nonsense yet! Does BK actually believe this will help his case, or impress the judge? Incredible.

    • No, his previous request of for a injunction was much more over the top. This one shows him to be more delusional than usual. Unlike Bill Schmalfeldt, Brett Kimberlin is a particularly skillful and adept liar. These lies aren’t even plausible. Aaron Walker may very well be correct in suspecting that Brett Kimberlin’s mental state is deteriorating.

  5. I only see Brett’s initials on the motion.

    There is no signature by Tetyana.

    Brett is not a lawyer. He cannot be representing Tetyana.

    So this is only Brett’s motion.

    • The motion clearly says that it is a motion on behalf of both Brett and his wife. The closing line says that it is submitted by both Brett and his wife. This is a motion by both parties.

      Of course, you touch on an important point: he is not a lawyer, and therefore cannot represent other parties. Modern jurisdictions might call this the unlicensed practice of law. Although the worst that would happen to him would be a verbal reprimand from the judge.

        • One always wonders if he hasn’t got her rolled up in a carpet somewhere. I actually believe he intimidates her.

          He can’t speak for his wife, but he often does, almost like she was a little girl.

  6. Does Brett think the judge is just going to believe his allegations against Aaron without reading the innocuous e-mails from Aaron that Brett attached to that very same motion? I suspect that the judge is going to have a Peggy Lee reaction: “Is That All There Is?”.

      • Well yes, he will get away with it with at most a levitated eyebrow. However, the juxtaposition of complaint and correspondence does make him look very strange.

      • I don’t think the judge will sanction Brett for this ridiculous motion, but if you promise something frightening and you don’t deliver, you’re not going to get too far.

        Brett’s motion is like a Halloween haunted house populated not by ghosts, demons, and bloody corpses, but rather by one living lawyer in a business suit. He shouldn’t expect a lot of repeat business.

  7. I know it’s a fool’s errand to try to make sense of the senseless, but just so I’ve got this… TDPK claims AW’s “Sick sexual obsession” with his wife and daughter is proven by… a couple dry settlement emails that don’t even mention the daughter… ooookaaay.
    My only thought is his desperate legal strategy is to intentionally piss off every judge so completely with this insane BS that he can move for a mistrial every time he walks into a courthouse..

    • More likely he wants to get the daughter into the suit so that he can use her on the witness stand to try and get an emotional response from the judge or jury. That almost worked one time, this being Maryland.

  8. For some evil reason he wants to connect his relations to his own reputation. It’s almost like no one matters to him but himself.

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