Get Mugged!

murum_aries_attigit_mugOne of the ways this blog is supported is through the sale of hats and t-shits and mugs and stuff from The Hogewash! Store. When was the last time you bought something?

Tonight, we’re featuring coffee mugs.

The Murum Aries Attigit and Res Judicata mugs are both available in both 11- and 20-oz sizes.

2 thoughts on “Get Mugged!

  1. The 20oz examples are marvellous for sitting by the fire with hot cocoa brought by your man servant.

    However, they confuse Maling, who, I must admit, is far better versed on matters amo-amas-amat. He thinks it’s all about some unfortunate farming incident.

  2. The 20 oz versions bring just enough coffee to open your eyes… from slits to wide, dpending on the strength of your brew … those who have had morning coffee at my home know that they can take at most half a cup and dilute it with hot water like a barista at Starbucks, before they can consume it. Perfect compliment to the motto without: ‘Murum Aries Attigit”.

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