Democrat Debate Wrapup

Bernie Sanders probably summed up the debate best by remarking that Jim Webb could have won the nomination in 1948. (Webb could have had a shot as late as 1960.)

And from a Maryland point of view … Martin O’Malley is still in politics. Who knew?

13 thoughts on “Democrat Debate Wrapup

  1. But Bernie has the Politburo’s vote in his pocket. He brings nothing so much to mind as having great potential for the role of Leonid Breznhev’s senile uncle in “Those Crazy Communists.”

  2. Bernie called himself a Democratic Socialist. I made the mistake of reminding some of my lefty friends of other leaders that called themselves that. They were not amused. But they also failed to see the logic fail in rooting for a democratic socialist to win here while condemning what they have done everywhere else.

  3. Was I the only one who thought maybe Chafee had been hit upside the head with a brick just before the debate started? Or has he always had some sort of brain malfunction?

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