Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ has posted what he claims to be the text of an unsolicited comment he allegedly received to one of his posts. He says that he believes that the comment is from [redacted] in Manassas, Virginia. He claims to have traced the IP address back to a cell tower near where [redacted] lives, and he provides a map with the location of the cell tower shown.

According to the several utility databases, there is a cell tower within a few dozen feet of the location shown. However, according to the FCC, [redacted]’s cellular provider is not on that tower. Moreover, why would [redacted] use his cellular connection if he were at home. Even he were using his phone instead of a computer, he would more likely use a wi-fi connection into his landline cable provider to avoid data charges and for higher speed.

This leaves several possibilities. One is that one of the Cabin Boy™ “friends” is pranking him. Another is that the whole thing is a lie. Or perhaps it’s something else.

UPDATE—I’ve just verified how IP addressing works for mobile devices. The IP address seen by the Internet looking back at a mobile device is actually the address of a server at the cellular ISPs point-of-presence. For example, my portable wi-fi hotspot is sitting on our kitchen table in Westminster, Maryland, and I can see the lights on the carrier’s tower out the living room window, but the IP address associated with it on the Internet is in Arlington, Virginia.

pantsonfireIn order to determine the address of a connection all the way back to a cell tower, one needs to go through the carrier’s internal connection logs. That requires a subpoena. How many of you think that the Cabin Boy™ was able to get a subpoena for information sent this afternoon, serve the subpoena, and get the response from [redacted]’s cell phone carrier in a matter of a few hours? For that matter, how many think he could get such a subpoena in the first place?

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  1. If he has a comment section, isn’t he necessarily soliciting comments? I don’t understand his fixation on a cell tower, either. Lots (and lots) of people reside in Manassas and many more travel through the area. 95 goes right by it, (it’s in the north southnDC commuting corridor) and, and it’s not far from IKEA which draws people from all over the state of Virginia and others adjacent.

  2. I wouldn’t wonder if diddler in chief doesn’t make it down there from time to time to stalk his enemies. Or his associates. But that’s exactly where a highway traveller would ping.

  3. Ummm.. I have never head of a publicly assigned IP address resolving to a cell phone tower. That would work against how the network is configured for roaming data devices. It might resolve to a central exchange that exists for the particular carrier, but that is meaningless.

  4. His “tracing” was probably a tip from one of his friends. Man, they’re crueler than we could ever be.

  5. Since this post is about me, I think I will exercise my constitution prerogative to comment to the entire assembly of fools. If I had lied to get two peace orders, lied about receiving a forged letter, lied about how hard it is to block a person on Twitter, lied about not attending a court hearing so I could get an uncontested judgement, lied about winning cases I either broke even or lost, lied about believing I was a threat to his life, health and property, lied about my using a server in Brazil to send a nastygram, lied about one thing after another after another like our gentle host has been proven to have done, I don’t think I would offer commentary about anyone else’s veracity. I traced the IP address. The trace went where it went. I traced the GPS coordinates of the IP hit. It was 2 miles from [redacted for now]’s house. If you want to offer opinions about what I did or what I think, the best place to start is by ASKING me. Since this comment will never see the light of day, I’ll just screencap it.

    • Do you always start a conversation by reviewing the history of your butthurt before you get to the point? There is so much wrong with your analysis it wouldn’t be worth trying to explain it to you. You’re have no capability to understand network engineering principles so I’ll just point and laugh.

    • Thing is, Blob, you’re an epic dumbass. I’d sooner ask an old boot for explanations than someone who is so constantly and thoroughly wrong. The important thing here is that you’re losing what few marbles you still possess over internet ephemera.

    • You DO NOT have a constitutional right to comment on another’s blog. It doesn’t matter who owns or runs the blog and nor does the content on said blog. How can you not understand this very simple legal fact? You should have stayed in school, education really comes in handy in situations like these.

    • While what Bill Schmalfeldt said might be internally consistently, he suffers from the facts that no one here has 1)”lied to get a peace order;” 2)”lied about receiving a forged letter [2b)there never being a “forged letter;”] 3)”lied about not attending a court hearing;” 4)”lied about winning case; “5)”lied about believing Bill Schmalfeldt was a threat to life, health, and property;” 6)”lied about your Bill Schmalfeldt sending a nastygram:”

      As someone who doesn’t even fall under this umbrella of accusation I feel completely free to comment of the veracity of Bill Schalfeldt: he is a particular shameless and brazen liar. He is not, however, a skillful or adept liar. The combination shows him to be a buffoon.

      We live in one of two realities. In one Bill Schmalfeldt is an innocent victim of a vast conspiracy that includes numerous posters here and a series of judges in AZ, MA, and MD. The other possible reality is that Bill Schmalfeldt is deeply anti-social individual in intense denial of his pathology. I’ll let Mr Schmalfeldt contemplate Occam’s Razor on that one.

      Bill, aren’t you the least bit curious as to why people are asking “Where’s Brett?” If Brett Kimberlin is in fact as big as a nutter as my layman’s intuition suggests he is, I strongly suspect that someday the reason people will be asking “Where’s Brett?” is because Brett Kimberlin had decided to end it all in a murder-suicide of his entire family. After killing his wife and kids, I’m sure he’ll chicken out before turning the gun on himself and instead go into hiding. When, or if, that happens, folks like yourself who cheered on Brett Kimberlin in his immoral attempts to regain control of his wife and dominate her children will bear some moral responsibility.

      As to your fate, Bill Schmalfeldt, let me put it this way. I would not want it to be said that I did anything to prevent you from taking the only possible step that will fundamentally improve your situation. You are going to have to come to that realization of your own accord.

      Or, perhaps, due to the advice of James Beam.

      • “I’ll let Mr Schmalfeldt contemplate Occam’s Razor on that one.”

        Great, now we’re going to have to explain why William should trust someone who shaves.

        I was really hoping to avoid that.


    • If you knew shit from shinola, you’d realize that IP geolocation is an inexact science at best. But… DF’s gonna DF (and I’m not talking about direction finding!).

    • I know it’s probably useless appealing to your manhood, but for fuck’s sake Bill, MAN UP!

      How many people did you identify as Krendler?

      How many times were you correct?

      It’s not a hard question. Well, maybe it is when you are a sniveling coward hiding is the bottom of a bottle staring at the four empty walls of your coward cave knowing that, once again, you have been spectacularly played because you are so anxious to believe that this time, THIS TIME, it will be different.

  6. Inspector Jiggles believes he has a “constitution” right to comment on a blog.

    Inspector Jiggles, like most of his compatriots on the left don’t understand the Constitution. Is anyone surprised?

  7. This is all about smearing [redacted] on behalf of [redacted], just like they did with John when they claimed that a real letter was “forged,” made false accusations of stalking a teenager, etc. Then, amazingly, these concocted scenarios make it into the pleadings of a Diminutive Detonator, which he uses to try to destroy the credibility of his opponents. Maybe [redacted] wants a part of the action, and will have to hoof back down to Maryland.

  8. Of course he wants a piece of that action. What other use does he have on the face of the earth? It’s enemies, or winking out of existence for him.

  9. Do cell phone towers actually have IP Addresses? Or do devices communicate using the EMAC addresses (since this isn’t a TCP/IP connection) and only get assigned an IP Address through the infrastructure of the carrier which may not be anywhere near the actual cell phone tower..

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