Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This is the header and opening portion of one of the emails submitted to the Ayer District Court in support of the Cabin Boy™ in the Hinckley v. Schmalfeldt Harassment Prevention Order hearing this past week.
SHvBK_1popcorn4bkIt must be some special bit of training at Acme Legal that would lead someone to cc an email to a court referring to one’s friend’s adverse party as a “piglet” whose case is “bullshit.” Such professionalism!

Note that it sent by WhoIsNumberNone. With a “excellent” friend like that, who needs enemies?

36 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I have it on good authority that Bill and Brett once met alone at a hotel room to plan their legal strategy. Bill then returned to his own room, where he was staying by himself. This caused the average IQ of the occupants of both rooms to plummet. This is the only rational explanation for the e-mail you see before you today.

  2. Its a before unrecognized talent to be able to stumble into a court and F#$% oneself without actually appearing.

    Producers of child rape fantasies – it never goes as well as they think it should in court

    Where do we send the moving boxes, come next week there maybe someone in need

  3. So how did WhoIsNumberNone, whoever this individual might be, get a copy of the email Bill sent to the officers of the court?

    Bill wouldn’t CC or BCC an uninvolved third party in his (nearly) official court response, would he? And then WhoeverIsNumberNone was “stupid” enough to Reply All, sending this “helpful” editorial content?

    Either two people are very stupid, or one of them just got screwed over by his “most excellent friend.”

  4. Oh, and am I the only guy that thinks of this when I see WhoIsNumberNone?

    “That’s right, buddy, you show that turd who’s boss!”
    And look, it’s even a midget!

  5. Eh, I’ve seen worse.

    Usually you would argue that this is a privileged communication between attorney and client, or between attorneys, and get it stricken.

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  7. Kimberlin always drove him to court, but sniggered at him if he stayed to watch. I guess this is more of the same helpfulness.

  8. It was no innocent slip of the finger by WhoIsNumberNone when they copied in the 2 court clerks and I can prove it with one simple experiment.

    I sent myself an email from one account to another, and CC’ed the original sender account.

    I received the email in the senders inbox with the senders email listed as CC’ed. This would have been the exact same as if BS had CC’ed or BCC’ed BK on the email he sent to the clerks.

    However if you reply all , both the person on the TO and the person on the CC (or BCC) line end up on the To line of the new email.

    This didn’t happen on the email that WhoIsNumberNone sent to the clerks. Their names are on the CC line.

    That means that WhoIsNumberNone didn’t use reply all on this email . He had to manually add them to the CC line.

    Why would WhoIsNumberNone do that and sink BS?

    I think he’s cutting his losses as Bill’s effectiveness has diminished. BS has so many orders against him, and the threats of counter suits waiting him, etc, that he can’t be of much assistance on the pirate crew. He actually is becoming a liability and knows too much.

    And every good pirate crew captain knows that when someone has the ability to sink the ship, its better to throw them overboard first.

    I think Bill is being thrown under the bus by Team Kimberlin now that his usefulness is over

    • The thing is, Bill may be of no further use to Team Kimberlin, but there is absolutely nothing they can do about him. He will continue to blunder and bluster and collect restraining orders all on his own. It may be comic relief for them, but it’s also loud, draws attention, and reminds a lot of people that Team Kimberlin is out there.

      There is such a thing as consequences.

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