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Day before yesterday, I posted a copy of Aaron Walker’s opposition to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for final judgments on two the dismissed claims in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness LOLsuit. In his opposition, Aaron noted that TDPK has been diddling with service of court papers again; for example, he had not served me with a copy of his motion for judgment.

times upYesterday, I received some mail from TDPK. The envelope was postmarked on the 28th, the day Aaron filed his opposition. It contained a copy of his motion and a certificate of service saying that he served me on the 17th.

Yeah. Right.

Tick, tock.

15 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Clearly he had his hands shifted over to the right one space when he typed, but ONLY on the numbers. That’s totally more plausible than that a convicted perjurer, get this, *lied*.

  2. How can you guys get the Judges to take ANY type of action against Kimberlin for all his bullshit? A licensed attorney would have been disbarred by now. I just don’t understand how he keeps skirting the Courts rules, with absolutely zero consequences. I guess it’s the same mojo-fu he used to avoid paying any of the judgement to Mrs. DeLong.

  3. The certificate of service said September 17. The postmark said September 28.
    No up arrows for TDPK lying on the certificate of service.

  4. But, perhaps, yes up arrows fo Hoge filing his own motion and mentioning the false, lying , deceitful abuse of the service process, that has been allowed in the past because Hoge raised it but was not the injured party. Well now he is. The Diddler just diddled him out of 11 days response, in direct violation of (a) the law and (b) his sworn testimony.

    Do I hear thin ice cracking? I think I do, other Barry, I think I do.

    • Absolutely. Hoge needs to file a motion for an extension of time to reply to the late-filed motion and a motion for sanctions against the tiny terrorist.

      Other arguments would be raised in the reply brief.

  5. The courts in The People’s Republic of Maryland just don’t seem to care about the laws.

    Frankly, I find so many of the public servants there utterly contemptible.

    Just avoid the place. You will be safer and happier.

      • Yeah.

        Blew my mind when Aaron originally posted that. Maryland has wrongfully imprisoned him over Brett’s protective order scam, a judge has demanded Aaron not blog about the proceedings thanks to Brett’s lying about things. Brett has scammed his way through the process, with a pinnacle being lying that Aaron beat him to the ground and send him to the emergency room over the ipad that Brett was using to photograph people in court.

        Every step of the way, the bad guy is provably being the bad guy, yet Maryland’s justice system does nothing about it or even harms the victims. And all to support their notion that if you don’t like Brett doing this stuff to you, stay out of Maryland.

        Which is terrific advice. You’d think someone dedicated to justice in that state would have some shame about it.

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