BREAKING: The Mass Effect

I have been informed that a harassment protection order against Bill Schmalfeldt was granted today by the Ayer District Court in Ayer, Massachusetts. The order protects Scott Hinckley (aka Agiledog.)

More later.

UPDATE—Here is a copy of the court’s order.

This makes 4 down and 46 states to go for the Cabin Boy™.

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  1. I mean, he would be in violation if he peppered Agiledogs friends, family and associates with unwelcome contact – correct?

  2. 1 out of every 12 states now have granted (some multiple) protection orders against the author of rape fantasies and molestations of underage children and boy scouts. Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky maybe next.

    Apparently this could have direct criminal repercussions in Wisconsin, and the next set of papers are going to a local DA soon about the underage rape fantasies. Also the community where one resides will most likely take notice of the police activity.

    I cannot recall ever any one person without a criminal conviction having so many orders against them from unrelated parties in a wide range of states…….

    It is difficult to fathom the depth of anger when a DA see’s the constant stream of harassment, rape threats, homophobic and misogynistic verbage going back over a decade even including threatening the anal rape of an underage boy on XMfan just because he didn’t like DJ’s on satellite radio interrupting the programing with their creepy voices.

  3. Two things:

    Yes, I can confirm that news is correct. Next hearing date: 09/29/16 9:00AM.

    The town name is Ayer – singular, no “s”. The locals get testy about it, sometimes.

    • I’ve never followed WI, but GFS used to be the more accurate long range than Euro for the south eastern seaboard. Euro would give you more precise inside 72 hrs.

  4. Serious question: Does a property manager and living facility management have any obligations if informed one of their residents has a personal protection order entered against them? If their resident is abusing their facility to commit electronic harassment of other individuals, do they have any obligation to prevent such electronic harassment?

  5. Not for nothing, but it’s a good thing that the order specifically says that William can’t rape Agiledog, you know, considering …

  6. And the question of the week:

    How many different court cases is Bill going to make me file that email with his wife’s photo in it, as proof of his harassment? We are now at two, in less than two months. Is he going to go for the hat-trick?

    • The fail whale needs to learn at least 2 things.

      1) Revulsion != Fear
      2) The courts don’t just exist to protect victims from perpetrators, but to protect perpetrators from their victims.

      Had he done that shit to me, I wouldn’t be afraid, but repulsed and would, like AD, desire no further contact. I, also, would resort to the courts to force that outcome on him. If, however, the courts did not exist, let us say that less pleasant avenues for being left alone would be pusued. To borrow from Agent Smith, “What good is a keyboard if you are unable to type”.

        • Occasionally that does percolate through what passes for BS’s brain. Remember how he freaked out when one of his faildoxes of Tomblvd turned out to be a Jersey union type? And he also loses it whenever someone suggests that “Kyle the Felon” should maybe be notified that he’s the subject of another faildox.

          Bill is far more of a coward than any Lickspittle or Zombie has ever been.

    • Never reveal who you really are? Why Bill, you SWORE to a court you knew exactly who he/she/it was. Did you lie? Again?

      • He’s sworn it, to the best of my memory, six or seven times now, including in two peace order applications, which William now tells us made him a coward.

        • You know.. This has been perplexing me now for some time. Willie cannot have THAT big an extended family. He likes bringing suit against a broad range of defendants. If YOU have not defamed him, it is hard to imagine that anyone else has. And yet, you have never been served with a complaint. (Or were you effectively sued, and the case was dismissed with prejudice on HIS OWN motion? With all the suits, I find it hard to keep track of the procedural nuances of each case. Sorry for not paying attention.)

        • There are ~300 Schmalfeldts, by birth and marriage, in the USA. Census Bureau data, plus a reasonable extrapolation.

          Of those, 10% are close living relatives of mine – descendants, aunts and uncles, siblings, my mother, my grandmother. They all know me, though Grandma is getting a bit fuzzy on that, at 101 years old. Plus, I’ve corresponded with other Schmalfeldts (including both his late father and his late brother Joe) on genealogical research. Most living Schmalfeldts over the age of twenty, and all the deceased ones in the USA, and the ones who immigrated to this country, are in my genealogy database. Including Cousin Bill, his late wife, all his kids, his siblings, his parents, his grandparents, and all his ancestors back to our common ancestor.

          Yet Cousin Bill, a slightly more distant relative (he’s a cousin, just not a first cousin), claims he cannot find me, and therefore I’m not really a Schmalfeldt.

          Truth is, if he called sixty Schmalfeldts that he’s not closely related to, and asked them “how can I get in contact with Roy Schmalfeldt, the family genealogist?”, chances are he’d get at least two who know me. Maybe more, particularly those who are still in the Midwest.

          We know how much he loves to call people, and ask leading questions while posing as a freelance journalist. No shyness, there.

          Yet, he hasn’t taken this simple step.

          One has to wonder why…

  7. As a giant aside,

    “Ayer” and “Eire” join with air, heir, e’er, ere, eyre [English itinerant judge],are [one-hundredth of an hectare] and the often mispronounced err as the largest group of homonyms in the English language.

    There is a lot a material for a epic saga of the Downfall of Bungling Bill.

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