Subpoenas Du Jour

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed another motion trying to get the court to issue subpoenas in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit.

Once again, he wants to subpoena me. He also wants information about Patterico and SWATing from Aaron Worthing. the LA County District Attorney, and the FBI. He wants Twitter to rat out the identity of BKWatch and Google to identify whoever created speedwaybomberhistory dot blogspot dot com. He also wants a subpoena for someone named Leslie Lynnton Fuller.


24 thoughts on “Subpoenas Du Jour

    • Yes. At least, that’s how it works for attorneys. You write a subpoena, serve it on the party you want information from, and they have to either comply with the subpoena or move to quash it before the court. There are a number of reasons that a subpoena might be quashed.

      If an attorney abuses the subpoena power by using it for an improper purpose, the attorney could be disciplined by the court and/or the bar. But even if an attorney were abusing the process, that would not excuse the party from dealing with the subpoena.

      Here, there’s nothing to stop TDPK from abusing the process and subpoenaing information from whoever he wants. He has nothing to worry about from the Court. He’s already impersonated the court and committed perjury without punishment, why would he suspect a judge would care about abusing discovery?

      On another note, TDPK lied in his motion once again.

    • The vast majority of this has nothing whatsoever to do with whether Frey violated his civil rights by acting under color of law. The Diddler is fishing with an awfully big net and he trying to catch fish that have long ago gotten away.

      Silly Diddler, Trix are for kids!

  1. Excuse the shotgun posting, please. But I really have to wonder something. Did Rauhauser get one over on Brett Kimberlin the way he did Barrett Brown? Is Brett really that stupid?

    Did he actually convince Kimberlin that there was a plot against him? That Patrick had somehow been part of a scheme to sidle up to Weiner’s followers to “git” him?

    Kimberlin is kind of a dope and very vain and self-centered.

    Look, *to a moral certainty*, I know that Patrick Frey was trying to suss out the IDs of the socks (who, with help from Tommy Christopher, who failed at journalism Patrick at first really thought were teenaged girls . He did not create them, use them, or know who did, not back then, and I doubt he knows now ( although he might suspect Rauhauser et al as I do. ) He did not have anything do to with provoking Weiner into displaying a well-circulated shot of his underpants to Ms Cordova.
    To the extent anyone ever believed he did, they are not just stupid but plain old wrong.

    I’ve had a suspicion for a long time that Rauhauser was behind the Starchild adventures and was just trying to cover his footprints on a failed venture. He certainly came in after the fact.

    Was Rauhauser fool enough to buy Kimberlin’s totallly false “exoneration” story? I know he repeated it at least once back in the day. I imagine he’s come to his senses now. He must have wanted something out of Kimberlln. Enjoy being his little puppet, little bomby guy.

  2. FWIW, they think Fuller is BKwatch. I think because she is in Aaron Worthing’s google circle and is from Indiana and a copywriter/newsie or something.

    Look, Brett, you are never-ever-ever going to be exonerated or be able to hide who you are.

    And Quinlan didn’t exonerate you.

  3. You know, you’d think that Brett would’ve at least learned one thing from all of this – If you’re going to copy pasta an entry across multiple subpoena requests … at least make sure you run spell check on the original text. Foolish midgets look even more foolish when they’re having a hissy fit and STILL manage to spell simple word incorrectly

  4. The court’s not likely to approve all those subpoenas, is it? I mean, INAL, but they read as a fishing expedition, not really about demonstrating that Patterico somehow used his office against Kimberlin?

    We all know that the process is the punishment. Kimberlin’s just looking for new victims for his lawfare.

  5. He is asking for a lot: any complaints by anybody about Patrick Frey, all policies of the LA DA’s office on blogging by employees, the whole FBI file of the SWATting investigation… He also thinks that someone paid Leslie Lynnton Fuller to write about Brett. People write about him for free! ‘Cause we think it makes society safer to keep Kimberlin in the spotlight.

  6. So he is really asking to subpoena Frey to produce all emails that Frey sent to himself regarding Frey’s and Aarons swattings? Yeah, that won’t make him look very foolish to the court.

  7. How about motions to quash all of the subpoenas on the ground that his house is more than 100 miles from the witness’ location, Rule 45(c)(2)(A), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. That he did not include the witness fee and mileage with the subpoena, Rule 45(b)(1)?

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