14 thoughts on “Putin in Syria

  1. Putin: “America should stop arming rebels and terrorists in Syria to further its own goals.” And what do you have to say about Ukraine, Mr. Putin?

    • Probably that he is a strong leader who believes in his country and it’s interests; regardless of the opinion of the mewling UN.

      • caveat: That is not a defense of the Russian attempt(s) at invasion to the Black Sea; but rather an indictment of our own mewling government that bows and scrapes to third rate tin pot dictators.

  2. I have been wondering the same thing. I was willing to chalk it up to my antipathy for Putin, and general suspicion of his revanchist ambitions.

  3. Well to be fair, the SU-30 variants that have been spotted in Syria are multi-role. They are quite capable of ground attack.

  4. No, it’s not curious at all. It’s obvious. The only way to defend Assad and his forces from airstrikes is with air superiority fighters.

    But you weren’t really asking that, were you?

  5. Assad and his government wasn’t a serious threat to the United States. Our national security is better off with Assad in power, so I thank Putin for his recent actions in Syria. He makes the United States safer by keeping Assad in power.

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