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One of the the things The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin whines about in his Kimberlin v. Most of the Universe, et al. LOLsuit is how he feels defamed because he’s been called a terrorist. He would have the court believe that being called a terrorist after 15 October, 2010, portrayed him in a false light.

If the Gentle Reader does a Google search on >”brett kimberlin” + terrorist< that is time limited to before 2010, the top results will look something like this—Pre2010

That first result is the Wikipedia “Kimberlin” page which contains a link to the article about Brett Kimberlin. While the “Kimberlin” page was created in 2008, the article about TDPK wasn’t created until 2012. Gasp! Wikipedia refers to Kimberlin as a terrorist! <sarc>It must be part of the conspiracy!</sarc>

The next hit is a Baltimore Sun article from 1996 reviewing Mark Singer’s book Citizen K. It refers to Kimberlin as a terrorist. The third hit is a piece from Daily Kos that refers to Kimberlin as a bomber “who terrorized the city of Speedway, Indiana …” Neither the BS nor Daily Kos qualify as rightwing nut job publications.

And there are plenty more references to Kimberlin’s history as a bomber/terrorist/criminal. His reputation was out there on the Internet well before 2010 and, certainly, well before I began blogging in 2011.


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  1. Other than his authorized biography, there seem to be few if any older works about Kimberlin that explain that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile. As Kimberlin’s own whining suggests, it’s entirely possible that the public exposure to this problem has helped deter him from continuing the behavior. A similar situation exists with his grafting and scamming behavior.

    It is a positive service to write about Brett’s terrorism and other crimes, because it impairs his ability to do it again. Why do you think he protests so vigorously against the truth? Probably, because he doesn’t want to be constrained from doing more crimes, and the criticism is working to constrain him.

  2. If you go to,_I%27m_the_Cavalry&oldid=494806453 You’ll find that there were articles created on Kimberlin in 2010 and 2011 but ended up being deleted based off the Calvary’s statements.

    Here are the deletion discussions,_I%27m_the_Cavalry&oldid=450664335

    If you go to the wikipedia article on Kevin Kimberlin (Brett’s brother), there was an entry made in 2010 on his association with his bombing brother. The edits were put in by this user:,_Indiana&oldid=349261314
    The entry to Brett Kimberlin was put back in 2010 which implies that there was an article already up on Brett Kimberlin which is backed up by this discussion:
    His contribution to the Brett Kimberlin article is missing which when articles are submitted to and approved by an AfD discussion, all history to that article are removed from the public view including contributions of anyone. However discussions that took place on user discussion pages are unaffected.

    Great thing about Wikipedia is that a lot of this stuff is easy to find as long you are willing to browse through history with the limited access as a standard user. I’m sure an administrator can see all the delete histories.

    Here’s another thing. Doonesbury has had an entry on him regarding his contribution to the Kimberlin saga : which has been on his wikipedia page since January 2002.

    • Wikipedia is littered with various leftist, socjus types that are going to be unwilling to put contrary opinions out there. There was a TREMENDOUS shitstorm surrounding the #Gamergate entry that ended with one guy getting thrown off the Wiki for his blatant bias against GG.

  3. The indystar did a huge retrospective on kimberlin and the bombings in 2010. The articles and photos were the first place I learned about Kimberlin and his terrorizing of Speedway (and related crimes) in detail. Since then, from many accounts, including his own ’90s authorized biography, published before he was taken onto custody at the end of a court proceeding and put back in prison for four years for bad faith refusal to meet a condition of parole (avoiding paying Mrs Delong’s judgement against him for the injuries the bombs inflicted on her and her husband), and documented court proceedings have dispelled even the slightest doubt that he is guilty of setting those bombs and hurting those people.

    Court decisions note he “terrorized” speedway, that specific word, with his series of bombings.

  4. Gee, what did people who lived in Speedway think?”

    Letter from an Indiana reader about Brett Kimberlin;


    I had no idea that foul Brett Kimberlin was still around, causing trouble. Your posted info was quite a shock. That guy should still either be locked up, or he should have been pushed into a dark corner to slink away and stay hidden in the dark.

    I lived in the county N. of Indpls when the “Speedway Bomber” was creating so much havoc in Speedway, which is a separate community surrounded by Indianapolis. His work was just that of a terrorist, because no one person or business was the point of his attacks; they were random, and that is why so many people were so upset.

    To show how “smart” he was, at the time, he drove a used Mercedes sedan, and he was having trouble with it, so he took the car to the big Mercedes dealer in Indpls, and he just told them to fix all his problem, and he gave them the keys to everything. One of my friends at the time was about the best Mercedes mechanic there was, and I knew him through his sports car racing, in which many of my friends particpated. So he worked on the car, and he had to get into the trunk, and he had the keys and permission, so there was no legal question about his right to access. When he opened the trunk, he immediately saw explosive material and what looked like bomb making equipment. He and the dealership were so alarmed, they called the Indpls PD, who recognized some of the components as what they were looking for, so they contacted the Speedway PD. It took a lot of police work to make the case, but they finally did and got a conviction of Kimberlin. He was the crazy, irrational bomber who terrorized the entire area.

    I also worked with the daughter of the man who was so seriously injured, and was in so much pain, that he killed himself. The daughter never got over it; the pain and loss of her father bothered her all the time, and she finally ended up quitting her job, saying she couldn’t concentrate on her work anymore. The damage of such crazy people goes on and on.

    Yes, our justice system let us down again. I can’t believe that crazy guy is still causing trouble as was described. I believe it, but such should be impossible.

    Decent, normal-thinking people need to stick together.

    Thx for info.

    Bill [redacted] (former Indiana Circuit court judge)

  5. “His work was just that of a terrorist, because no one person or business was the point of his attacks; they were random, and that is why so many people were so upset.”

  6. “Brett Kimberlin is a terrorist. While I firmly believe in the doctrine of redemption and conversion, I remember a few things about Brett that give me great pause.
    “First, he was convicted of perjury — in federal court — before he got out of high school. Think about that for a moment.
    “Second, he was not convicted of smoking a couple of joints when he was in high school. He was a major drug dealer who officials believe got into terrorism to throw officials off the trail of a murder.”
    — Joe Gelarden, Jan. 9, 2007

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