8 thoughts on “Is Biden Running?

  1. I remember in ’08 the left attacked John McCain for being too old to be president. Joe Biden is 6 years younger than John McCain, making him older now than McCain was in his ’08 run.

    I’m shocked that liberals are not criticizing Biden for being too old.

    In fact, the left loves to complain about Reagan being too old. He was 69 when he won in 1980. Hillary will be 69 in October 2016.

  2. I am kind of hoping that Joe Biden will be the “Dim-o-crat” candidate in 2016.

    He is one of the stupidest people inside the Beltway, a terrible speaker, a literal “gaffe-machine,” and I think he would be the easiest progressive to beat, but I am confident that Romney, and Bush and Kasich could find a way to pull defeat from the jaws of victory if they were to run against Biden.

    • he would be the easiest progressive to beat

      Are you unaware of Bernie Sanders? The guy is not just a socialist, but a national socialist.

      • I am well aware of the self-avowed socialist. With the active assistance of the MSM, his record will be obscured which will work to his benefit. This unholy alliance between the MSN and the DNC (really two wings of the same organization) might well succeed in hiding the true Bernie from just enough people to elect him, like they did with the true Barry Soetoro.

        I think it would be much more difficult to white-wash Biden who has simply been around too long to cover every lie and falsehood about him. Hillary is now kind of running into the same problem. She has too much of a paper-trail to paper-over all of it.

        At least that is my two cents worth on the matter.

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