New! Improved! (Higher Prices!)

Investors Business Daily reports that enrollment in Obamacare health plans is shrinking as double-digit rate increases loom for 2016.

Obamacare is an example of politicians trying to repeal or amend laws over which they have no control, in this case, the Law of Supply and Demand and the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. Pi can’t be legislated to be 3 exactly, and there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Or free heath care.

4 thoughts on “New! Improved! (Higher Prices!)

  1. You HATER!!!

    The “Lightworker” and “Healer” can do anything he wants to do and only the hateful, white, heteronormative, patriarchy doubts him!

  2. You do know the “Pi = 3” thing is a myth, right? The only thing that was even close was Indiana’s 1987 bill (see for details), and that only passed the House because its convoluted language confused the representatives into not realizing its mathematical implications. A mathematician named Clarence Waldo found out about the bill as the House was voting on it, explained the (bad) math behind it to the Senate, and the Senate voted it down.

    • I periodically see people on the internet saying that the Bible says pi = 3. I usually just respond that it’s only calculating to one significant figure, and they just don’t understand basic math. 🙂

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