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This is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s opposition to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce’s motion to dismiss the Kimberlin v. Team Themis, et al. RICO 2: Electric Boogaloo LOLsuit.

ECF 67-p8

So now, in addition to being Paul Krendler, I’m a member of the “intelligence community.”

Uh, huh. I’ve been working as a government contractor since 2000, but it was for NASA not the NSA.nasa_nsa

NASA. NSA. Perhaps TDPK needs to buy another vowel.

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  1. Be careful: Cabin Boy might think you meant ‘bowel’ and show up in the comments again.

    Anyway, everyone knows you single handedly designed and launched a spy satellite in geosynchronous orbit above Cabin John, all on orders of Dick Cheney.

    It will be in Rauhauser’s affidavit.

  2. After reading his brief, I laughed a lot. Actually I was laughing while reading it. OK, I started laughing the moment I began reading it and didn’t stop until I got to certain passages that were funnier than the others. I laughed so much, I almost choked on my popcorn.

    I’m not sure why he thinks a judge will accept an idea that he can write a narrative that suggests the only way to prove it is to get them into discovery is actually going to work. His last RICO case got thrown out.. actually, it was blown out.. pun intended.. by the judge. In a bit of irony, we see how well discovery is going in the remnants of that case, and not in his favor and most likely, I’m sure, the judge will cut the cables on this case… as soon as he realizes there is too much diddling going on…. um… yeah.

    Anyway, I await further amusement while I order more popcorn.

  3. Are we sure that English is this guy’s first language? I haven’t read the whole brief, but that single portion doesn’t really make much sense. How do you “institute” a document against someone?

  4. Accusations are all the evidence you need in Judge Hazel’s court.

    That’s the precedent of his decision on exposing aces identity.

    Forget FRCP. Let’s go by Hazel.

    Whatever else about the little guy, he understands his audience.

    • I don’t Hazel will be as quick this time to excuse BKs failures. There’s no anonymity-being-used-as-shield argument to make. And again, BK avoided proper (restricted) delivery again and probably sent the package to the wrong address.

    • But ace was already dismissed from the case. The anonymity as shield thing was already out. Until BK made the accusation – which had not been made in previous pleadings – that ace might – MIGHT – have some emails from Patterico so obviously it was necessary to have to get his real id.

      But, hey, this time he will just stick to the rules, because the rules are so important.

      • Is there a new ruling? My understanding is that in K. vs. Frey no final decision is made. Hazel for all intents and purposes solicited a new request for a protective and there are motions in play from both intermarkets and Ace himself about witholding ID

      • Same old rulings. Remember Hazel ruled that Intermarkets has to give up the info. Intermarkets is still arguing that no they shouldn’t.

      • Oh, but look, BK dropped his subpoena on Intermarkets. And ace has asked not to respond on the Intermarkets motion.

        So the world will never know.

  5. After following the TK legal shenanigans for the last few years, I’m finding the first few chapters of Business Law are nothing new, especially the section on court procedure.

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