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Here’s how several website were ranked on Alexa as of yesterday afternoon.AlexaRank20150908While 57F Osborne is doing better with Breitbart Unmasked than any of the other Team-Kimberlin-related sites, Bunny Boy Unread is still an apt description. As for the rest of the their sites, their inability to compete effectively in the marketplace of ideas is probably one of the reason for The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s lawfare campaign of shutuppery.

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    • Interesting that a certain party automatically assumed that this comment was about him. You could have been referring to any of those lower ranked sites, BU, JTMP, or VRUS, and perhaps even to only a single site. But he is positive that you must be referring to his specifically. I wonder why?/sarc

  1. I don’t use virus infected ads, or ads of any sort. Nor do I use that website any more. If John could do me the honor of not comparing an unused website in his pecker-measuring contests, I would be pleased.

      • OH, LOOK WHO IS TALKING! Your boy Grady has been up my colon since I left Maryland. I corrected Hoge’s error, as is my right.

        At least Hoge has shown a BIT of restraint.

        Here’s an idea. MYOFB. If Hoge is talking about my blogging efforts, I have every right to correct his mistakes. He can stop writing about me, and then I can stop responding to his mistakes.

    • Concerning [redacted], I would only note that John Hoge bent over backwards to be fair. The website in question was the highest rated one by which to compare. Would the person in question have John compare his web traffic to that of his current website.

    • Bill how do you evaluate the claims that Matt Osborne’s writing at BU is lower in quality than yours? I personally don’t agree but clearly some tough questions need to be asked about that troubled website.

      • I’m reminded of watching Tom Brokaw comment on the shooting death of Tupac. I couldn’t believe it when he asked how could a gendre of music survive when, “It’s best and brightest keep [being shot.]” Then, it occurred to me that maybe Tupac was in fact the “best and brightest” of the lot. I was not, and, I am not, aware of any rap artist that is better.

        The real question is, “How does one evaluate the claims that Matt Osborne’s writing at BU is lower in quality than Bill Schmalfeldt’s?” We already know how Bill Schmalfeldt evaluates Bill Schmalfeldt: after looking at, prodding, poking, rolling, sniffing, photographing and sharing his feces he opines that it smells sweet!

    • Why are you commenting on a website that has asked you not to contact it? At least you have given Mr Hoge you new IP address so he can put the BAN HAMMER to it.
      You need to learnt some manners, it is to bad your momma did not beat some into you as a child.

    • Actually, its still your site and it belongs to you. I imagine that is the highest rated site since your other sites have much shorter lives. Look on the bright side, at least you have a site ranked, even if it is in the familiar “bottom” location.

  2. Do Wisconsin retirement villages have psych facilities? If so, do they permit rubber keyboard placebos?

    Asking for a friend.

  3. Amazon Book Ratings:

    Robert Stacy McCain #479,711
    30 reviews 27 of those 5 star

    Aaron Walker’s first Book #841,002
    5 reviews 4 of those 5 star

    GS 13, Professional Writer of Child Porn Rape Fantasies
    The Former disgraced Radio Personality – his epic Troll Fantasy
    rated: #8,569,227
    2 reviews, both 1 star

  4. this is pretty damn impressve for a late get-off-the-stage 5 Parkinson’s patient!

    Dropping Klonpin and Johnnie Walker togethr, and still commenting at PubicEnema #1’s blog at 1AM?

    I’m guessing “Porkinson’z Diseae” isn’t the real reason he got fired from NIH.

    Serial liar is more likely.

  5. Guys,

    I suggest you pay zero attention to the fat one. Attention is what he craves the most.

    At some point John will wake up and delete all of these messages. It will be like he was never hear. I mean after he sucks out the metadata and presents it to the local police, maybe even to a local judge.

  6. BS was using that website as recently as the past two weeks. He always uses it. It’s his default. Blog when he has to retreat, whitewash, and attempt to create a new deceptive persona.

    • Proof that he used it in the past WEEK:

      BS’s commenting – and lying – on a post where he is not mentioned by name, that simply contains an accurate ALEXA ranking, is nothing more than another phase in his continued harassment of someone who has repeatedly stated he wants no contact from BS.

      It is not anyone’s RIGHT to comment on someone else’s blog. BS knows this because of the way he has managed his own blogs, which sane people refuse to comment on because he doxes them. We can all start our own blog to say what we want to say.

      • Also worth noting that he was commenting within an hour of this post going up. Things haven’t gotten any easier of his F5 key.

    • I think he has deleted more posts from that blog than most other casual bloggers have even created in the first place. That is where he posted his fail-doxes of me, and then the “correct” one he finally stumbled into. They’re gone now, of course. Brave Sir William ran away, again.

  7. Maryland had a problem with porn
    that was solved in a matter of scorn

    A disgraced man finally forced to leave
    for his wife was finally totally displeased

    His suit was a failure his life wasn’t better
    and he fled his own Plaintiff misdeeds

    He landed in a taxpayers enclosure
    such to the delight of a serial failure

    He gained entrance by wearing unearned ribbons
    and told stories of unverified heroism

    Seeking anomie, he tweeted his wantabees
    with pictures of his secret identity

    Don’t look at me he wailed
    as he reminded he failed
    to gain any hits on the web

    he started right in,
    With a colon wide grin
    and regained his dumba$$ stature

    I am an author he cried
    and so far denied
    a sale to a regular party

    As unsold books
    At the bottom of Amazon
    Are a permanent reminder
    that nothing is forgotten

    But the failure has left poor Elkridge

  8. Well, since this thread is all about corrections; technically BU is being out performed by an UNdead guy.

  9. Let’s realize that for William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., his idea of “I just pointed out an error in a nice, polite fashion.” is represented by “If John could do me the honor of not comparing an unused website in his pecker-measuring contests, I would be pleased.“. In addition to the sentence containing a lie (“unused website”), I’m glad to hear that “pecker-measuring” is a nice, polite form of speech. I’ll make sure to use it at my next department meeting.

  10. I actually find it hard to believe that William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. wrote these sentences outside of one of his crappy fiction pieces:

    It is my right as an American to correct errors I see written about me on peoples’ blogs. In fact, it is the adult, reasonable intelligent thing to do. If I write about someone and get the information wrong, I fully expect that person to correct me, and I will publish a correction.
    But here’s the thing. If you insist on writing about me, I insist on seeing what you wrote.

    1. It is not his right to correct them – it is his right to counter them with his own speech. Big difference.
    2. It is not the adult thing to do. An adult would ignore it, if it was a minor thing.
    3. He has never published a correction of any lie, mistake, error, or falsehood his entire time on the net.
    4.He has no right to insist on seeing anything outside of a court of law.

    • Oh, he’s so amusing, that Billy-boy. Thinking he has a right to see what people write about him. Ha, ha, ha. There are so many imagined “rights” these days. His are just giggle-worthy though.

    • Just to be clear, are you referring to William M. Schmalfeldt, aka Bill Schmalfeldt, the adjudicated harasser who has been accused of being a deranged Cyberstalker by Stacy McCain, whom he tweeted over 200 times over Thanksgiving one year?

      • No, I am talking about William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., adjudicated harasser, self-proclaimed Deranged Cyberstalker, alleged rapist, and failed pro se litigant.

  11. Witless Willie is such a sensitive flower. His blog is not read: the heartbreak.

    And Blustering Bill has a self-proclaimed right to correct the record at someone else’s site. Wrong of course. John gave him the privilege to confirm implicitly that John accurately stated the facts. Blubbering Billy did not even try to say the ranking was incorrect. He merely provided an excuse for why the rating is so low as to be practically invisible. It is unwise to attempt a battle of wits when you are witless, Willie.

  12. Point of order. Going back to the original post where ‘corrections ‘ were mentioned, I think an important point was missed in the follow-up comments, Look at this carefully-
    “I don’t use virus infected ads, or ads of any sort.”
    Please notice the tense of the sentence. He’s correct, there are no ads on his current site. This statement means exactly what it says, “I don’t use virus infected ads, or ads of any sort.” but does not address what I think is implied in MJ’s comment: the use of buggy ads in previous versions of unread and un-interesting blogs.
    When the Weasel tries to weasel, let’s not miss the obvious opportunity to call him out.

  13. A certain Midwestern individual has declared on his blog that he “…reserve[s] the right to use [Hogewash’s] comment section in a polite, adult fashion….” In the meanwhile, he has opted to act like a childish ass. Somehow, he has deluded himself that he is entitled to a private conversation with John Hoge on the pages of this forum. That simply isn’t how forums work. Forums are a place readers can post on the articles published at a website, or a previous comment. If he wishes to post a comment, then, he implicitly accepts the fact that his comment may generate replies. If Bill Schmalfeldt wishes to have a private conversation with John Hoge may I suggest writing him at hogewash at wjjhoge youknowwhat com. Otherwise, he ought to show some level of civility by respecting the readership’s right to use the “Reply” feature. Certainly, imploring people to “MYOFB” and berating them by calling them “trolls” will not achieve the desired effect.

    He then goes to claim that he has “moved on” and that he is “content with [his] new life.” I’m calling bullshit. People who are really content with their lives live their lives. People are who deep-down depressed, despondent, lonely and hopeless try to put up a façade of cheerfulness.

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