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During the motions hearing last week in the Kimberlin v. Most of the Universe, et al. RICO Retread LOLsuit, Judge Mason was well prepared. He said this to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin while dealing with my motion to dismiss for improper venue.

THE COURT: And I’ve looked through your 52-page complaint a couple of times and again just this morning before coming out on the bench because I wanted to make sure that I understood precisely what is being alleged here.

The judge then proceeded to explain to TDPK some of the deficiencies in his pleading concerning me. I’d share some of that with you, but I don’t want to refresh the midget’s memory. TDPK has this to say to the judge:

MR. KIMBERLIN: I wanted to limit this case to the swatting. That’s what I’ve done. You know, if I have to refile against Mr. Hoge in Carroll County or in this county, you know, it would be another massive lawsuit. I would like to keep him in this case, whether through an amendment or whatever and let a jury decide, you know, what he’s done with regard to the swatting. You know, part of what the whole Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day was to portray me as a criminal swatter to silence conservative bloggers, you know, which was not the case. I have nothing at all to do with any swattings at all.

movie popcornAnother massive LOLsuit? Really? I suppose that means that TDPK has not yet figured out that there are some people who aren’t soft targets for lawfare. If he has learned anything about tangling with me, he’ll wise up and fail to amend his LOLsuit by the 18th, or, if he really comes to his senses, he’ll dismiss the entire LOLsuit for all the remaining defendants.

I wouldn’t bet on his acting wisely, so the Gentle Reader may want to lay in a good stock of popcorn. Here’s a deal from Amazon.

Stay tuned.

24 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. No one he’s sued has accused him of swatting. He’s so stupid. Of course he’s awful and people suspect him of crimes, but there’s been no direct accusation, so no defamation. There has been voiced suspicion. OF COURSE PEOPLE ARE SUSPICIOUS. He has only himself to blame for the “shutting up” motive being pretty obvious. I’s really clear even just from the present suit that shutting up people about the truth of his crimes and convictions and return to prison and his cheating and lying ways is, despite his words to the judge. Why else is Mandy “on the list”? Her article preceded all the swats – it was about his past and his present and his associations. So I think even the judge picked up that he’s full of crap.

    People think he might have or might not have any direct knowlege of why or who arranged the false reports and why or who called them in. He knows we all suspect Rauhauser of setting it up on his behalf, or his own personal reasons, or both, but we all know Rauhauser well enough to know if he did, he wouldn’t, necessarily have done it at kimberlin’s behest. And it could just be some kook or bad actor on Kimberlin’s periphery acting on his own. There are plenty of those. But Kimberlin fail does seem to provoke it.

    Kimberlin needs to get over the fact that he ruined his own reputation by being a terrible person, and he can’t hide from his past or lie about it. Weiner is really a skeev, he is really a criminal. The furies will chase him til the end if he tries to paint himself as noble or as a victim.
    He used people, he uses people, he holds grudges, he lies and cheats, and all because he wants to feel like a big deal. Other people are better set to deal with progressive causes and world peace, who don’t have his baggage so why should anyone pick him as a leading light in progressivism. He has some money (ill gained or not rightfully his) and he can push people around. He can push his wife around, others close to him around, but they either know or will find out what a user he is. That’s his legacy.

  2. Since TDPK is a convicted perjurer and can’t help lying, when he says in court,
    “I have nothing at all to do with any swattings at all.”

    That must mean that he did.

  3. Since he is so concerned about being “imputed” to be involved with swattings, I find it odd that the TDPK hasn’t offered a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the swatters. He has offered huge rewards for information of all kinds of things, such as voter fraud, the Chamber, American Crossroads, Karl Rove; why not swattings? Wouldn’t capture of the swatters be a much better way to resolve the issue of swatting than suing the victims?

  4. Paraphrased: “Your Honor, if you dismiss the Swatting against Hoge I will simply refile another massive lawsuit in this court or another.”

    I’ll run the risk of educating the midget on this one item: Never threaten to disregard a ruling a judge hasn’t even made yet.

    • He’s above suspicion. After all, he’s a convicted, parole-violating terrorist/fraudster with a violent and vindictive past, including. disturbing attractions and outrageously grandiose self image. Who could possibly assert in good faith, that it is even possible, that he would be part of unlawful,attempts to,shut people up, after he’s declared his intention to shut people up and taken action taken to do so, and associated himself with sociopath harassing trolls to assist him in thwarting his enemies, and has economic motives to keep his fairytale bio alive and the true one suppressed, that he could ever ever ever even indirectly be a part of or a reason behind the SWATtings.

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