9 thoughts on “Proof That Trump is Wrong on the Economy

  1. “Oh, so you love Jeb then, Mr. Establican!”

    Seriously, when you’re looking for a real conservative, can you do any better than the guy who proposed what would have been the largest tax hike in human history?

  2. The problem with Krugman is like the problem with Chomsky. They’re both really good in their narrow field of study. But they’re demonstrably wrong (and in Krugman’s case inconsistent) in virtually every other field they choose to comment on.

    • I read an economist who says he is like Krugman, in that they both read a lot of science fiction growing up. The difference is, he wanted to be Lazarus Long. Krugman is on record as wanting to grow up to be Hari Seldon.

  3. 300 million people, and this is the cream that rises to the top? You colonials have problems. Royalty is always here if you need us again.

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