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During yesterday’s hearing in the Kimberlin v. Most of the Universe, et al. RICO Retread LOLsuit, Bruce Godfrey sought to appear as counsel for Mandy Nagy. Because Mandy is disabled and because The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has alleged that her mother is her legal representative, Judge Mason directed Mr. Godfrey to ask Mandy’s mother hire him as her lawyer so he could file his motions on her behalf.

The judge also had this to say to Kimberlin:

THE COURT: Let me ask you this as a practical matter. If what you want to do is to stop this, why sue an incompetent person? Why don’t you dismiss her, and let’s get rid of this piece of it?

MR. KIMBERLIN: I have — I been in discussion about doing that for the last couple of weeks.

THE COURT: OK, then let’s bring them end. I mean, why — why are you going to pursue an incompetent person? Strategically, how does that help you?

MR. KIMBERLIN: It has to do with removal of false content. If they remove the content, I’ll dismiss.

MR. GODFREY: Your Honor, I do not stipulate that the content — I do not agree that the content is false. But let’s assume that Mr. Kimberlin is right and I’m wrong. Miss Nagy is a stroke survivor. She is barely able to communicate according to both her mother and her stepfather.


MR. GODFREY: She can’t remove anything.

There are other nuances to Mandy’s situation which I can’t discuss for now. To do so risks educating the midget.

I have a CD of the court audio, and I will bringing you more interesting quotes from the hearing over the next few days.

There were some other legal issues settled yesterday that didn’t turn out the way TDPK wanted, but I can’t write about them just yet.

Stay tuned.

33 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. What a truly despicable person BK is to pursue action against Mandy IMO. Does he think she is faking??? What a douchebag

    • She complained about her health, and Brett and Seth both ramped up the attacks to be huge monsters. As soon as she had her stroke, they both restarted attacks on her, knowing she couldn’t defend herself.

      They know their behavior is disturbingly evil, and that is the point. A lot of folks look at this remorseless and ruthless terrorist and consider whether it’s worth getting on his checklist of enemies, and they then decide not to comment about him. It’s a successful thug move.

      • Amen John. To capitulate to evil is to promote evil. You either stand and fight it (and suffer the blow-back yourself, the hate and the attacks from both truly evil as well as misguided folks). Since both you and I know that we are all images of God, we must accurately reflect that in our lives. None of us are free from sin but some are forgiven and others are not, all through our own will and we each bear the consequences. John, check your email for a private message.

    • Oopsie poopsie! Too bad Brett. You will never get truthful reporting about you off teh interwebz. Ever. Heh!

    • Thanks for the link, Katie. Although I know it is not advisable to educate the midget or the Cabin Boy, I certainly appreciate getting a more rounded education regarding Team Kimberlin.

    • The content and access to it belong to Breitbart, and they’ve been dismissed. Lulz!

      Capable or not, Mandy is not in a position to remove it. Truth hurts, eh Diddler?

  2. Maybe it’s time for everybody reprint Mandy Nagy’s article day. With fishing and fact checks.
    Poor little monster his mice just won’t stay squoze.

  3. He’s a hardened unrepentant violent criminal who rapes underage girls. Yeah, even a judge cant get him to see things he cannot fathom

    • This had so many important truths packed into a small space that I had to unpack them to make sure everyone examines them all,

      1) Brett Kimberlin is an unrepentant violent criminal,
      2) Brett Kimberlin rapes girls,
      3) Brett Kimberlin sometimes lets the mask slip to reveal that he literally can’t even imagine how decent people think.

      Each of these points is serious enough to warrant major community efforts to address.

  4. He means to use the plight of Mandy Nagy as leverage in “settlement” with others, too. Not that he could admit this to the Judge.

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  6. It is just like the Shirley Sherrod Breitbart suit. The Left wants it known that you may not quote nor describe them accurately, or you and your family will be pursued beyond sickness or even death.

  7. Has BK ever gotten around to stating what was “false” in Mandy’s article?

    I assume he simply made his usual conclusory statements and assumes no one will bother checking out the facts (or lack thereof) behind them.

    • He has never, ever described what, specifically, was false. And I don’t expect he ever will. Because at this point he has managed to get a lot of things removed from publication without having to do so.

      Why change what works?

  8. Something Brett and the rest of Team Kimberlin should keep in mind:

    There are, unfortunately, people just as evil as you on the right. How do you know you won’t piss off a fellow scumbag with just as few scruples as you, but on the opposite side politically? Eventually, through force of probability, someone will use your tactics on you. And no one will feel an ounce of pity for you.

    • Are there? I don’t think so. More like, like any other human, he can’t escape truth, and the truth is enough, as long as it is recorded and spoken and shared.

    • The Right is far less tolerant of those who subscribe to “the end justifies the means”. However, if Leftists keep pounding the lesson home, eventually we’ll learn and start using it ourselves. When that day comes, no amount of whining will save them from the monster they created and fed.

      Even if the crocodile eats you last, you’re still dinner. Nom, nom.

    • I hope the type of scenario you’re imagining doesn’t happen. I don’t think it makes sense to expect any scenario along these lines to work out worse for Kimberlin than for Kimberlin’s other targets.

      First, someone of very poor character who identifies with the political right is actually more likely to get involved to further some weird ends of his own and thus he could be attracted to the nastier tactics of Kimberlin’s side. This has actually happened before: Brooks Bayne, and the admittedly unimportant example of Junior Varsity troll, XCitizen10.

      Second, what if the hypothetical right winger of poor character properly joined our side against Kimberlin? Then, Kimberlin’s other targets would have to deal with that person. In fact, the more vigorously the person of poor character pursues his fight, the more likely he is both to interact with Kimberlin’s other targets, and to cause problems for them. Without getting into gory details, this pretty well describes how many people who bent over backwards to work with Zapem (Joanne Joy) were rewarded. Though she seems only interested in Rauhauser and not Kimberlin.

      Not exactly the scenarios you had in mind? Well, these are the scenarios that actually do happen in the real world. I never advise hoping for a really scary dude. Stalin was a really scary dude and the fact that he (after a bit of a flip flop) joined the winning side made his tenure WORSE, not better.

  9. It would be nice now for Ron Coleman to enter as the freely and competently chosen counsel to Mandy Nagy in the specific matter of alleged defamation and conspiracy regarding her writings about Brett Kimberlin. I would then go over the history of Brett Kimberlin failed attempts to have Jenny Nagy appointed her representative. I would note that Brett Kimberlin is attempting to achieve through stealth what he could not accomplish on the merits. I would, reiterate my argument that any motion to pursue any incompetence motion is premature as it has not passed the motion to dismiss stage. I would note that Mandy Nagy did assist in the preparation of her defense, and, that she made her wishes clear that she wanted to contest defamation and conspiracy charges on their merits. I would document the efforts I made to keep Jenny Nagy out of this case, including my offer to Brett Kimberlin to serve me personally with any motion directed at Jenny Nagy. I would act to appoint Bruce Godfrey as co-counsel.

    • “I would note that Mandy Nagy did assist in the preparation of her defense, and, that she made her wishes clear that she wanted to contest defamation and conspiracy charges on their merits”
      That is one strategy. I think it conflicts with the strategy they are using. Regardless, the legal strategy shouldn’t be advertised to the bad guys. It can be discussed after it’s settled.

      The fact is that Nagy did an awesome job with her journalism against Kimberlin. She was brave and honest in the face of a litigious thug. His crazed lawsuits usually get dismissed, just as you noted, because they don’t make sense legally. But beyond that, her work is accurate and he’s suing her mom after she had a stroke. He could not better capture how horrible he is. The courts might actually do something about this now.

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