8 thoughts on “Another Insightful Filing

      • Nothing, you can just smell the ozone of future attorney fee awards crackling in the Electric Boogoloo Rico case’s air, sure sue an entire law firm of several hundred with a guy who rose to managing partner with a last name of Quackensomthing, its like having a Marine Drill Sargent with a first name of Marion as your combatics instructor…

      • Worst, The appearance that Ace said false things, that he was willing to retract. The clear picture that Kimberlincan make people who tell the truth about him back off and shut up and otherwise knuckle under to a low weasel rat,

        I don’t know all you know. He has a lot at stake and a practical nature. It’s still wrong, and unless it’s clear ace was about to lose his anonymity, or he did it for the sake of someone else….

        Well I don’t know what you know.

      • In a word containment. In his letter to Patrick Frey Brett Kimberlin laid out his road map for harassment should Frey not agree to censorship. When Patrick Frey didn’t agree to be censored, Brett Kimberlin followed through on every threat. During the same time frame Patrick Frey just happened to be SWATted. Still, Patrick Frey fought censorship.

        In the face of such intransigence Brett Kimberlin formulated a secondary strategy of containment in which any media entity that would spread any story about Brett Kimberlin would be subject to same onslaught. Let’s just say some of those folks haven’t been as intransigent. Sure, John Hoge and Aaron Walker can continue to blog about Brett Kimberlin. But, as the result of Brett Kimberlin’s lawfare, will it ever be widely disseminated?

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