Prevarication Du Jour

Over at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread, Matt Osborne has a post up in which he claims that the discovery in the 2012 Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. case in Virginia was not sealed. He’s not telling the truth.

Here are the instructions Judge Potter gave The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin and Dan Backer (Aaron Walker’s lawyer) during a hearing on 5 October, 2012:

So I’ll extend this protection to the parties. This would apply to the defense as well, in terms of response to any discovery that’s filed by the other side I think the protective order should extend to any response again, to interrogatories, request for production of documents, request for admissions.

Those may be filed with the Clerk and the order should require the Clerk to take those documents. I will tell you that what the Clerk needs from you when you file any documents like that is a big cover sheet that says to be filed in a confidential section.

So you put that in bold print so that the Clerk doesn’t by mistake file it openly and scan it in the open file. With that information given to the Clerk and with this order — and I’ll ask you to prepare an order today reflecting the Court’s decision so that we can get it done immediately.

With this order entered, then hopefully the Clerk will file it confidential, which is available quite frankly to me as the Judge, but not available to the public. The documents will be available to counsel for their review, not to be copied and not to be published, but for their review for the purpose of litigation.

Walker v. Kimberlin, et al., 5 October, 2012, Transcript, p. 17, line 10 to p. 18, line 9. Discovery provided by both sides was sealed, and Kimberlin was required to file his responses to Aaron Walker with the court because he had refused to cooperate with normal procedures.

BTW, I am an eye witness to the 5 October hearing. Anything Bunny Boy writes is hearsay.

18 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Anything Bunny Boy writes is hearsay. Anything Bunny Boy writes is usually a lie as well. Or plagiarized. Or just plain hacktastic.

  2. Let him stand as a warning to people. All of us are sometimes tempted, to walk away from responsibility, to squander our potential, to settle for mediocre and lie to ourselves that it is good enough. We are tempted to be lazy and avoid getting a real job and malinger. To coast by on someone else’s help. To drink too much and be irresponsible with pills. We would tell ourselves, it is not so bad, and besides, not really our own fault!

    But then you could end up like Matt Osborne. Slavishly following Brett’s command to write smears that are only interesting to the other Brett toadies (a disproportionate number of whom also can’t control their drug habits, though they can’t bring themselves to admit this).

    Now he’s wiled away years of his life on this rotten course and the longer it goes on, the harder it will be to ever get back on track.

    Matt. Seek help. The fact that you can even pretend to be satisfied in your putrid swamp shows how bad things have gotten.

  3. If only Matt Osborne had put out 10% of the effort he expends serving Brett Kimberlin (Mouth of Sauron anyone?) into passing Officer Candidate School (even one run by the ALARNG) or trying to move beyond E-4/Specialist he could have made something of himself.

    But I guess “jackass” is also making something of one’s self.

      • I have to say that his argument is at least coherent. And, for once, I doubt his sincerity.

        That said, I wonder how a certain alleged rabbit keeper could reconcile his support for Brett Kimberlin with Brett Kimberlin’s authorized biography. The authorized biography paints a picture of a disturbed, and disturbing young man whom his neighbors suspected in a wave of disappearances of pets. For all we know, bunnies were among the animals who disappeared.

        Whether, or not, the neighbors suspicions were correct, the animals did disappear. Usually, when animals disappear in such circumstances they are tortured, mutilated, or feed to snakes for the watching enjoyment of a sadistic/sociopathic young man.

        I can see how the bunny boy can glaze over the passages of the book that note an FBI agent spoke off record to the biographer to relate how Brett Kimberlin had approached the FBI inform them that the weapon used to murder Julia Schyphers was buried on the property of one of his enemies. This led the FBI to question how Brett Kimberlin could possibly have known which gun was used to shoot Julia Schyphers execution-style or where it was? But, this is about bunnies. How could he overlook it?

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