14 thoughts on “More Good News!

    • And, for that matter, did Brett Kimberlin recently claim that Patrick Frey was busy on a case that he “lost?”

  1. Oh wow! A dismissal of the charges in a ‘Color of Law, case? How could that happen? Will this be a presedent in cases going forward?

    Let’s hope so!

    • 42 USC 1983 makes it illegal for a state official to deprive someone of his civil rights while acting “under color of law.” The statute allows for private lawsuits.

    • Long story short, the ridiculous argument is that Patterico was violating Naffe in his official public capacity. The Diddler is making the same preposterous charge.

  2. Rauhauser gave as much trouble as he could. If I were Ms. Naffe I wouldn’t be feeling so glad I knew him though.

  3. “While litigation is never pleasant, this litigation had some positive effects. For example, it set an important Ninth Circuit free speech precedent, holding that public employees are allowed to discuss matters of public concern on their own time. I am proud to have had a part in setting that precedent. The courts have ruled that I DID NOT ACT UNDER COLOR OF LAW. I did not blog or tweet about Ms. Naffe on taxpayer time.”


    The Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin (and, his fellow goons) have got to be thinking…

    Oopsie Poopsie.

    Congratulations to Patterico. And, much appreciation to Ron Coleman, Ken White, and Eugene Volokh for all of the time, energy, and finances they so willingly committed to secure this valuable Free Speech victory.

    Justice wins! And, Team Shutuppery loses… again.

  4. Good news, that!

    The one thing I see is that the SBN for Ken White isn’t his SBN. It’s for a completely different attorney at a different firm. Probably just a typo…

    What piqued my interest was, after looking at the header, I saw that Ken was purportedly closer to my SBN than I originally thought, so I checked it out.

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