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A while back, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed for alternate service on several of my codefendants in the Kimberlin v. Most of the Universe, et al. RICO Retread LOLsuit. He included copies of the returned envelopes allegedly contain his service of process. Those envelopes showed insufficient postage to cover Certified Mail/Return Receipt Requested/Restricted Delivery, and the tracking information on the mail does not show that Restricted Delivery was paid for.

Because Restricted Delivery is required for service of process by mail under the Maryland Rules, I filed a motion informing the court of Kimberlin’s misrepresentation of the facts and asking that he be found in contempt. It’s no surprise that he has filed an opposition to my motion.ContemptOpp-1So TDPK, thinks it’s depraved and outrageous to point out that there’s insufficient postage shown for Restricted Delivery on the envelopes he submitted as evidence and that USPs tracking data verifies that Restricted Delivery was not paid for, does he? We’ll see about that.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Going to be tough to argue cogently from a corner surrounded by wet paint on the floor. Oh, and the paint can and brush are at the actor’s feet.

  2. I bet he has shortcut keys on his computer to spit out these idiotic sentences with a single key stroke. He repeats those one-liners verbatim in most every filing he submits. John is accusing him of “misrepresenting the facts” with regards to the USPS. But Brett does not seem offer a different set facts, he just attempts to justify the facts already presented. I think he even admitted to the judge that he was the one to mark the restricted delivery box after they failed to reach their intended victims, thereby admitting exactly what’s in Mr. Hoge’s motion. ACME LAW is LAW

  3. It’s DEPRAVED and an OUTRAGE to say I lied about the postage again just to screw around with service yet again. Says the guy held culpable for KILLING SOMEONE WITH A BOMB HE PLACED AT A SCHOOL.

    That he isn’t back in prison yet is shocking and depressing.

      • Clearly, he does not. Consequences continually fail to accrue, despite the obviousness of the violations.

      • Good point. There’s some other factor here we aren’t aware of that has protected Kimberlin over the years.

    • In fairness, the bomb he planted only blew Carl Delong’s leg off and severely injured his arm. It was the residual pain that brought about his death.

      • With all due respect, that is not fair at all. That bomb killed him sure as shit, and it maimed his wife, and it terrorized a school full of kids and their families. It exhausted a police department that was investigating Kimberlin for a murder for hire.

        That the bomb killed David over time, via its horrible pain and crippling effect, is no less killing him. In fact, it blows my mind he wasn’t convicted of murder.

      • Good point Elephant. I didn’t mean to diminish the fact that Brett Kimberlin is responsible for the death of Carl Delong; that’s been proven in court. I simply wanted to ensure that the hyper-technical specifics were clarified and the sequencing of Mr. Delong’s demise was apparent.

        Don’t want to establish any false narratives; y’know.

  4. “This is a depraved and outrageous allegation that should be rejected by this court”

    “Why? Because I said so, that’s why. Just take my word for it, it is depraved. I am an expert on depravity, trust me”

  5. I find it absolutely nuts for TDPK to keep making the same dumb move, knowing you have caught him multiple times already and are watching for this kind of stupid stuff. And all to save a few dollars? Exposing yourself for a few bucks is either stupid or insane or both.

    However, I suspect he will get by with it again without serious sanctions. After all, we are talking about Maryland courts.

    • He does it as a show of power. Sure, it’s petty and base, but that’s the extent of his “power”.

      • I’m satisfied that it’s the primary, if not only way Kimberlin has ever had a judgment in his favor.

      • Yes, I am sure he would love to get a default judgment BUT the GOOD GUYS have demonstrated in court that they are on to this trick. It would seem that the risks would be considerable to continue to diddle service, KNOWING your adversaries are smarter than he is and watching him like a hawk.

        It seems self-defeating and possibly self-destructive at this point.

      • … demonstrated in court …

        True, and regrettably the courts have done nothing to date. Thus, the apparent risk is very low.

  6. I wonder what would happen if someone on the other side were to pull the same move in a filing to Kimberlin?

    Alternately (and less risky), what if someone were to ask the judge that if that particular rule is not in force, what other rules can be safely flouted in this case? Or is that privilege only for those bold enough to assert the right to flout the rules, and not for those who ask first?

  7. ITs depraved and an outrage to hold down middle school girls until they FINALLY understand his love

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