In Re the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit

Scott Hinckley has filed some motions in the Schmalfeldt v. Grady, et al. LOLsuit. You can read them here.

I have no comment on his filings, except that I will confirm that one of the pictures on page 6 of Exhibit C appears to be the same as one I received in an unsolicited email from the Cabin Boy™.

UPDATE—Correct the page number reference above.

31 thoughts on “In Re the Cabin Boy’s™ LOLsuit

    • Admittedly, it is an appalling photo. But Witless Willie felt compelled to take it and then to PUBLISH it by sending it (unsolicited) to adversaries and strangers. He also felt compelled to sue the husband of one of the people to whom Willie had sent it.

      So I do not think the photo should have been redacted. Sending that picture was an attempt to inflict intentional emotional distress on the recipient. The degree of distress inflicted cannot be assessed without seeing the picture, which is now a public document. The necessary cause, the without-which-not, of it being a evidence in a case in open court is that Willie took and published the photo and INITIATED the case. No one else is to blame for setting this train wreck in motion. The lack of respect for a dying woman’s privacy and dignity is Willie’s, no one else’s.

      What did he think would eventually happen when he started suing people right and left: that all of them would just roll over and play dead?

      • It is reprehensible that the photo exists, but putting it into the public domain castrates Blob’s latest (imaginary) attack dog. Nobody wants to watch that, but we’re all glad it happened.

      • What did he think would eventually happen … that all of them would just roll over and play dead?

        Yes, yes he really did.

    • That’s because you’ve got a base level of decency that he cannot envision, much less aspire to.

  1. Well, well, guess Bill is STILL the World’s Stupidest Man™. Guess he really didn’t think it through when he decided to publish that picture to numerous people.

    • I don’t believe he took that photo for ANY other reason than…………….BILL. He knew the amount of attention he would/could receive by taking that pic and then subsequently posting it online. There is NO other logical reason to 1) take a photo of his dying wife 2) sending it to so many people, most complete strangers. Had that fat sombitch had the slightest amount of compassion or love, he would have never sent that email with the photo attached. And he sends it to his mortal enemy John Hoge??!!??!!

      • And yet, Mr. Hoge had the decency to not publish it, but rather to reference legitimate court documents that detail how monstrously abusive It is.

      • The only person who sees John Hoge as BS’s mortal enemy is the Blob himself.

        John Hoge just wants BS to leave him alone. This is not emnity.

  2. Am I correct in recalling that TDPK has, in the past, gotten material that should have been kept away from public consumption (i.e., under seal) released by submitting it, unredacted, in court cases?

    If so, it seems that Cabin Boy is being hoist by a very short petard…

  3. Given what I’ve seen in the suit so far, it’s very likely that the complaint will be dismissed with prejudice as CBBS has requested. There’s no reason to keep the case open. That doesn’t mean there aren’t issues, just that they aren’t enough to keep the case alive.

    I’d give a more detailed response, but I don’t want to educate them too much.

    • Unless of course William tries to amplify the entertainment value by attempting to rescind his own motion to dismiss.

      The old boy has been known to change his mind with some frequency and this could be his greatest volte-face of all!

  4. I find it incredibly ironic that Bill’s vexatious lawfare has turned against him. He kicked a vicious dog and is surprised now that the dog wants to bite him. This is poetic justice.

    • Several people telegraphed to him several times that what happened today was almost a certainty, but William is just so much smarter than everyone else that he didn’t listen.

      Reap the whirlwind, fatboy.

    • Stogie, I would respectfully suggest a differentiation between fierce and vicious, as there is no fundamental animus to be found among (nor between) the defendants/respondents; but rather a just and righteous drive for self preservation and the will to take the necessary and appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate the threat.

      lolkitteh sez: I can haz run-ons?

  5. AgileDog is my new hero. *THIS* is how you respond to bullies.

    No offense to Mr. Hoge’s original stance, but I always thought his mercy only enabled Smallmind further. Of course, perhaps it just gave BS enough rope to hang himself with too… In either case, while I respect Mr. Hoge’s integrity in this, there’s just something more viscerally satisfying to see Smallfelt reap just a fraction of the whirlwind he has sown. 🙂

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