Donald Tump

Donald Trump is a boorish person. I don’t believe that he is capable of properly exercising the kind of leadership required to be an effective President, and I believe that is his best quality.

You see, I also believe that Trump is wrong on many of the important issues, and in the untimely event of his election, his lack of leadership would serve to dampen his ability to steer things the wrong way.

The sooner he gets gonged, the better.

60 thoughts on “Donald Tump

  1. I didn’t comment on yesterday’s RedState post because I really didn’t devote enough thought yesterday to a cogent response. And a cogent response was called for.

    Today, however, I have a nice, pithy, one sentence reason why Trump needs to be gone:

    If Megan Kelly, simply by asking him to justify past misogynistic behavior, can goad him into even more misogynistic behavior, what other mistakes then would world leaders and bad men like Putin, the Iranians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, ISIS, etc. be able to manipulate him into making?

    • I am not sure that saying something negative about Megyn Kelly qualifies as a mysogynistic any more than saying something negative about Obama qualifies as racist.

      • I’m not sure that “bleeding out of her wherever” can be legitimately seen as anything other than a misogynistic tirade from a petulant child who needs taken to the woodshed.

      • True enough, but Trump has a representative body of work which is fairly consistent.

        And it’s not just misogyny that I’m talking about – in my opinion, Trump has a tendency to lash out whenever he’s contradicted. He lacks the temperament to be an effective head of state, perhaps even moreso than Obama.

        I remember in 2000 when the Democrats tried to tag W with the label “Lacks Gravitas.”

        I’d suggest today that he had orders of magnitude more gravitas than Obama has demonstrated, and Obama more gravitas than we could count on from a President Trump.

    • The other problem is that Trump was not alone in getting sharp questions. Everyone in the first debate got “Why are you even here?” right out of the gate and Megyn basically asked Ben Carson if he wasn’t too ignorant to be POTUS.

      Politics ain’t beanbag and if you can’t take the pretty lady being blunt with you and asking hard questions, you’re not long for the game.

      Trump needs to return to endeavors where he gets his butt kissed.

      • See that’s just it she wasn’t blunt. She was stupid. those were stupid questions that no one even cared about. They were designed to make certain candidates look bad. Where was the question about the gang of 8 passing amnesty for Rubio? Where was anything not a softball for Jeb? Ignoring numerous candidates. Asking 1 candidate to comment on anothers statement? Really, why not ask the one that said it? Senator Cruz, have you heard from God today? WTF is that?

        It was a stupid cheap girl fight that I would have expected from CNN not a supposed conservative news organization.

        What we don’t have enough real issues to talk about?

      • If you don’t think that question is coming sooner or later, and if you’re not interested in how he’s going to handle it, you’re kidding yourself. For a question that no one cares about, a lot of people have sure lost their minds over it.

        As it is, the answer to the question has become clearer by the day and it wasn’t because of Trump’s reply to it.

      • Megyn can’t demand to be treated as an equal and then hide behind her petticoat and cry that the evil men are being mean to her.

        And there are many ways to interpret what Trump said. It is NOT obvious what he intended. I would prefer to have the chance to hear him out. If he self-destructs, fine. I would just prefer to hear him out rather than try to exclude him because somebody thinks somebody else’s feelings might have been hurt.

        Planned Parenthood is murdering and dissecting babies and the Dems are lining up behind them to cheer lead them on. Obama is GIVING nukes to the Iranian Mullahs. And we are worried that Trump may be a bit of a boor? Seriously?

    • Pithy but wrong.

      His support comes from raw, unadulterated fury directed at all the levers of power that have failed us all again and again and again. After all these years of being lied to, stabbed in the back, and disappointed at every turn, some people have just decided they want the entire structure burned to the ground, and if they have to immolate the whole country to do it? So be it.
      Read it all.

      • “So, I’m mad at the system, therefore I’ll elect a proud crony capitalist and abuser of eminent domain because he’s gonna change things!”

        Makes sense.

      • Hey paulo, we are a long way away from the election.. I don’t seem to remember any vote being taken Thursday night. This is a process. To demand purity and perfection at the FIRST debate is childish and silly.

      • I don’t expect purity and perfection. I do expect not being a cross between a rabid buffoon, an enraged toddler and a Clintonite.

      • No, we really don’t need 17 people to stay in the race. We need to get on with the process of whittling it down to one.

      • Strawman, 17 people will never stay in the race so that whole line is false and makes no point. People join, people drop out, it happens everytime. It’s not like its a surprise. You just don’t like a particular candidate and are willing to attack him for being there because you don’t want him there.

  2. Not sure you worded things as you intended.

    “…his lack of leadership would serve to dampen his ability to steer things the wrong way.”

    Obama’s lack of leadership doesn’t seem to have prevented him from steering things the wrong way. One day, Obama may claim all his disasters were bad luck or Bush’s fault, but I don’t think history will bear out that explanation and I don’t think history will be any kinder to Obama that it has been to Carter.

  3. Trump is the best thing to happen to the GOP since Reagan. He is modeling for the other candidates how to handle attacks from both the media and the democrats (but I repeat myself). I hope he gets the nomination. He will shake up the media and the Dems in a way that will reverberate for several more election cycles.

    I’m tired of putting forth a bunch of men with sand in their manginas instead of someone who is really going to fight to say what most of us are thinking. We are tired of having our voices silenced by candidates with no backbone who are scared to do battle with the media and the democrats.

      • If by gimmick you mean tapping into the seething hatred of a thousand burning suns the base has developed for the weak kneed lying bastages that the GOPe leadership is then yea, it’s a gimmick.

      • Um No, what I mean is that He is for single payer healthcare, for abortion, he said flat out that he will pander to whoever gives him support. He dodged his stance about being in favor of an assault weapons ban in the debate. Yes, he says things in a way some people get, but he is nothing but a loud mouth version of Bill Clinton.

      • Disclosure Not a Trump supporter, but that is not what he said.
        If you think you are going to win an election pushing any of the no abortion ever positions several put out there you are greatly confused.
        Never heard a peep about any actual discussion on banning assault weapons.

        If all that you said was true, then you let him speak and ask him those questions in an intelligent manner and he will implode. You don’t make him a martyr to the angry.

        I have said in previous posts, I believe he will eventually flame out and I do not support him but for God’s sake don’t make people sympathetic to him in order to favor the GOPe that is universally hated.

      • The main argument of all of Trump’s conservative critics seems to be, “He’s not a real Republican! He’ll destroy the party establishment!” The people making these criticisms seem to assume that conservative voters will see this as a bad thing…

        Trump’s followers are a gang of pissed-off nativists who are tired of being laughed at, belittled, dismissed, and told who to vote for. So it seems incredible that the Republican establishment thinks it’s going to get rid of Trump by laughing at, belittling and dismissing him, and telling his voters who they should be picking.

        These hysterical critics are making one of the world’s most irredeemable bullies look persecuted and like a victim, a difficult feat. The desperation to get rid of him may just feed more and more into the right wing base’s crazy victim complex, and in turn get Trump even more support.

        Per Hot air.

  4. I don’t like Trump’s history. I don’t think he’s a good leader. I don’t think he’s got the skills necessary to win an election, let alone be an effective president.

    Trump is saying things that a lot of GOP voters want to hear, but he’s not the person to enact those policies.

    But Trump isn’t going to be defeated by blowing him off, or pointing out his gaffes, or by any other typical political tricks. You have to draw support away from him, and that means making a better appeal to his constituency.

  5. He needs to stay till the end. He draws viewers like a magnet, so the others get seen by exponentially more people than they would have.

    How can that possibly be bad?

  6. A lot of smart comments in here.

    Sure, Trump’s basically a cruel joke. He tapped into the legitimate and massive frustration conservatives have with their ‘conservative’ option, a GOP that nominates the likes of Mccain and Romney and would nominate another Bush if it could. But Trump tapped into it cynically and is a ridiculous fake, and also a jerk.

    The problem is that we can’t and really shouldn’t respond by shutting Trump out. That will not only backfire, but it’s shutting out the supporters who are already feeling shut out and disenfranchised. It is difficult to see how the few good options in this crowd appeal to Trump’s fans… our culture loves bombast, and the media will only show that stuff, so Trump has a huge advantage. But the only way to win is for Walker, Cruz, and I guess Carson and FIorina to try to win that crowd over in a positive way.

    • I think this was a great post I saw on another site that really sums up the truth. Who caught who?

      People like Taylor Millard, Erick Erickson, Brit Hume and Ed Morrissey think that Donald Trump is putting one over on conservatives, but, in fact, conservatives who have latched on to Trump as their “weapon” against the establishment are actually putting one over on the GOPe.

      Who is in a state of shrieking panic right now, conservatives, or ruling class RINOs who are finding out that their condescending contempt for the base isn’t going to work anymore (Jeb polling at less than 5%)?

  7. If Trump is so bad, take him out on issues, e.g., single payer health systems. An issue debate would benefit the country and conservatives such as Walker and Cruz.

    Take him out on PC tactics, these same tactics will be used against the conservatives (remember the debate question to Cruz– paraphrasing: “aren’t you too extreme and don’t play well with the moderates”

    Accept the PC tactics, and we will welcome Jeb! as our nominee, and Hilliary as President.

  8. I am no fan of Donald Trump, in fact, if he somehow won the nomination I doubt I’d vote for him. However, I think that debate was a complete disgrace and share Mark Levin’s outrage over it. Sadly, Fox News, made it very clear whom they want and don’t want winning the nomination.

  9. Personally, I don’t like Trump, and I don’t agree with him on nearly any issue except immigration. But seeing as that is THE most important issue of our time, I will continue to support him until any other more palatable candidate actually grows a pair, and pledges to FOLLOW THE LAW and start immediate deportations. Sick of Amnesty and DREAMers and the unconstitutional anchor baby nonsense. And if you let the leftists get away with legalizing 30 million new wellfare cases, and let them vote to keep the boodle coming, the country is DOOMED. So yeah, I’m going to suck it up and vote for Trump, warts and all, until we get a better option.

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