A Disinvitation

Erick Erickson, one of my codefendants in a couple of the Kimberlin LOLsuits, has disinvited Donald Trump to the RedState Gathering. He says that there are some lines that amateur politicians shouldn’t cross.

Decency is one of those lines.

Certainly, some of Trump’s remarks have been indecent, but that is the basis of his appeal to his supporters. He’s saying things they wish they could say, or, at least, he’s punching back at folks his supporters … ummm … dislike.

There is a certain uncouth honesty in Trump’s indecency, but it’s still indecent.

Bravo, Mr. Erickson!

41 thoughts on “A Disinvitation

  1. I am not a big fan of Trump but excluding a candidate, the leading candidate, because you think he said something crass makes little sense. It would have been far better to have him at your forum and challenge him on his statements. I thought that is what forums and debates were all about.

  2. Sorry, gotta disagree here. Trump shows how not to be a wuss, like most of the GOP. He fights like a democrat. Our guys should try it once in awhile. I listened to his comment–there is no violation of decency unless the listener wants to twist it that way.

    • Trump may not be a wuss, but courage is only one of the qualifications for the Presidency. Good judgment is another, and I believe he lacks that.

      • Frankly, why I read and donate (albeit small sums) to Aaron’s, Stacy’s, and your site is your willingness to fight. We need more that in the GOP.

        I listened to a video of Trump and O’Reilly discussing Trump’s response to Rosie O’Donnell. O’Reilly told Trump that he was being impolite, but Trump responded by explaining that calling Rosie a “fat pig” after she used similar language got folks to pay attention. Otherwise, the audience would only hear Rosie’s insults and ignore Trump’s retort.

        I can’t argue that point when you have 24 million folks tune into the GOP debate with Trump as the headliner.

        By the way, keep up the great work!!

        • His willingness to say what is on his mind (immediately and with little consideration) is both his bane and his boon. He’s like Chris Christie with a bigger personality and less statist baggage.

      • Obviously, lack of judgment excluded virtually all democrats and most republicans. Obama is the proof that you need neither judgement, integrity, honesty or courage to get elected. Obama is the end of qualifications for higher office. Trump could not possibly be worse than Obama in any way. It is at least possible that he won’t be much better in some ways though.

        And I do suspect an organized effort to discredit and marginalize Trump. Fox is simply the latest and least discrete member of the effort.

        I am not sure I would vote for Trump, but once the establishment gets rid of him, you can bet they will focus on the rest of the pack until there is only Jeb and Kassich left.

      • Incidentally, beat Trump on the issues. He is vulnerable, e.g., past support for single payer. Beat Trump on the issues so we can get Walker, Cruz, or Carson, as an example.

        But beat him on PC, and as soon as he drops out, the media and Establishment will use these same PC tactics against the conservatives (and not the moderates) until another moderate is the GOP nominee. You can say hello to Jeb! as the nominee and then President Clinton. I have seen this theater played too much already.

    • Trump is acting like a sniveling crybaby. If we wanted a thin skinned narcissist POTUS who starts lashing out and making an enemies list every time he gets his tushy hurt, and whose favorite word is “I”…wait, we’ve already got one of those.

      • I am under the impression that the expression is that one is so mad that blood comes out of one’s ears, as in having a stroke. Whether his remarks were indecent, or not, rests in the eye of the beholder, One possible interpretation is that Trump realized he had mangled a metaphor, but, didn’t know how to correct himself.

        The politics of personal destruction depends largely on systematically assigning the least charitable interpretation to what are ambiguous statements. That seems to be what is happening here.

        One reaction could be to say that Donald Trump isn’t up to prime time and exclude him as a result. If we do that, what we will have is more of the same. How has that been working out for you?

      • “The politics of personal destruction depends largely on systematically assigning the least charitable interpretation to what are ambiguous statements. That seems to be what is happening here.”

        Exactly, and the right complains constantly about the left doing this to them. Moreover, the irony that some of the parties involved in this are being targeted for shutuppery via lawfare, is not lost on me.

        • The RedState Gathering is Erick’s event. He can use it to support or oppose whatever candidates and causes he chooses. Similarly, i run Hogewash!, and pick and choose how I will waste my bandwidth.

          FWIW, I don’t support Donald Trump. I see him as a distraction, and look forward to his crashing and burning as a candidate.

          I’m not backing any one candidate yet. While I like what she has to say and how she says it, I’m not sure that Carly Fiorina has enough of the right kind of experience. Scott Walker has experience running a major city and a state and a good track record on several issue that concern me. There are couple of other Republicans that might interest me. When they do, I’ll waste some bandwidth.

      • That Trump is in possession of a massively overblown ego and a parchment thin/fragile epidermis is not a matter of interpretation, but rather an obvious conclusion drawn from simple observation.

        You can see his self regard from space.

      • John, This isn’t about whether you are for, or against, Donald Trump. This is about a tactic. You position about the desirability of Donald Trump should be completely orthaganol to your position on the tactic. The question is whether you believe that Donald Trump said something that was offensive, something that others interpreted as offensive, or non-offensive, but wrongly claimed to be offensive by some people, perhaps with an axe to grind.

        Erik Erickson is free to believe that it was former, and, act on that belief. But, I am also free to note that I both think that Erik Erickson was dead wrong, and acting as an enabler to those that use the politics of personal destruction [AKA Erik Erickson is acting like a Democrat/SJW.] If you produced Donald Trump’s Communist Party card, and photos of him vacationing with Robert Menendez in the Carribean, it wouldn’t change my opinion of the rights and wrongs of this situation one iota.

  3. Sorry Hoge, this is a mistake.

    Every time the establishment attacks Trump, his poll numbers go up. We don’t like the Dems but we are furious at the establishment sellout after sellout.

    Megyn Kelly lost over 80,000 followers just yesterday over her sandbagging gotcha questions.

    We are tired of the liberal media trying to pick our candidate, we damn sure aren’t going to substitute the GOPe in their place.

    • Oh, I don’t think that there will be a broad lack of coverage of the Trump campaign. He is, after all, the mainstream media’s preferred Republican nominee because he’s the only person running less qualified than Hillary.

      The Democrat’s best bet is to find a more attractive candidate than Clinton, but if they get stuck with her, they either need a weak Republican nominee or Trump in as a third party spoiler (a la Perot).

      • I agree the liberal media’s wall to wall coverage of Trump has been for ratings and they would love him to win the Republican nomination because Hillary can beat him and will have trouble beating the other candidates.

        When RedState at this point in the game does this, it makes Trump a martyr and a huge slice of Republican grassroots is so anti-establishment it helps not hurts him. Invite him and ask him specific hard hitting questions like Megan did. Trump will complain it’s a conspiracy, but after a couple weeks of hard questions people will wake up and realize that if Trump can’t answer the hard questions he has no business sitting in the Oval Office.

      • You are making a false choice. I don’t think there is any way Trump makes it through the next 12 + months. Personally I think Cruz is the guy. I like Fiorina. I might be able to live with Walker very concerned about his immigration position. Carson, nice guy not ready. The rest can go, but this is a process and to want to exclude someone from the process is inherently wrong.

  4. Simply put, Trump has no experience running an organization which he does not own. Hold him to the standards of a manager at any company, and he’d be fired. Who mentions Rosie O’Donnell at a presidential debate? How does that make him a good leader.

    As for disinviting him. Meh. He’ll be invited somewhere else. He’s the flavor of the week.

  5. Kelly just does what she’s programmed and paid to do

    I have indeed lost all respect for Kelly as most other women have also

  6. Sooner or later it becomes apparent that they’re ALL cogs in a wheel, ALL intent on pushing the SAE agenda, only varying the message to suit their target audience, which seems to react as programmed.

  7. Every single day I see Trump in the press. I often wonder if there has been a systemic drugging of the nation’s water supply.

    This farce needs to come to a quick conclusion. Anyone who thinks Trump has the answers, needs to seriously examine the questions they are asking. I can think of Democrats I would mark on a ballot before Trump’s name.

  8. I don’t think Trump’s comments were that much out of line, but his comments do reflect poorly on him. Trump just doesn’t know how to play the political game. He probably thinks Republicans are treated the same as Democrats by the media.

    If you’re going to be a presidential candidate, you can’t attack the press every time they give you hard questions (fairly or not). This is especially true for Republicans. The press will roll over for a Democrat when criticized, but will ruthlessly attack a Republican for the slightest negativity.

    Note I said “attack.” There’s a difference between attacks and criticisms. Fiorina knows how to criticize the press without attacks.

    • Fiorina has piqued my interest in the last few weeks.

      I’m also giving some time to Carson’s campaign as of late, as well as Walker’s.

      Got a long road ahead of us.

  9. I am a big fan of focus and discipline in a candidate. If you want to “tell it like it is” by all means do so with focus and discipline. If you lack those two qualities, I cannot support you.

    • That applies to a LOT of things I consider on a daily basis.

      Being bombastic for the sake of attention is not a virtue.

  10. What’s funny about this is Erickson’s own misogyny.

    Also funny is all the people who think Kelly is some kind of conservative. She’s a leftist hack like everyone in her position, with the only difference being she’s able to hide it except when it slips for people like Trymp.

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