35 thoughts on “Another Bit of Legal Paperwork

  1. I thought I heard a scream of rage muffled by cheap insulation and tin walls emanating from Maryland.

    Also did TJ ever find that second job to help cover his lega….err living expenses?

  2. Amazing this idea of sending a .pdf to someone to print and deliver. Who would have thought it possible?

  3. Oh my goodness, someone has the mental capacity to read up on subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction and then to file a cogent argument based on those topics. That someone just must be a lawyer because Team Kimberlin, which has much experience with arguments prepared by pro ses, has little acquaintance with cogent arguments. Sorry clowns, pro se and cogent are not necessarily disjoint sets.

  4. This:

    Plaintiff has attached as Exhibit C an alleged copy of a Copyright Registration. First, it is improper to consider it. Plaintiff has now submitted two Complaints — even though one was improper (and unopposed motions to strike are now ripe for ruling), and this allegation was not present in either one. Second, the exhibit is unsworn, unverified, and altered to an unknown degree; therefore, it is not authenticated.

  5. Condensed version: ” Your honor the Plaintiff’s response to Defendant’s motion is weapons grade stupidium”

  6. While it’s plainly apparent that the parties filing these motions are doing so pro se, I constantly find myself impressed with the professional tone and precise and succinct arguments presented by the authors of these motions.

    This is in sharp contrast to the dreck usually coming from the other side.

    Although I will admit that TDPK’s petition for a protective order against Aaron was emotionally evocative Legally meritless, but evocative.

  7. “As your honor is already clearly aware, Plaintiff does not have even an idiot’s understanding of the law”

    Ok, so that didn’t appear directly in the pleading, but it may as well have. Bravo Grady, this was your best pleading yet.

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