28 thoughts on “Moral Outrage of the Month

  1. Wait, you left out the fact that global warming continues to endanger the Snail Darter in parts of the Pacific Northwest!

    • Has someone smuggled snail darters out of Tennessee to the Northwest?

      BTW, after the brouhaha over the snail darter and the Tellico Dam, a great deal of effort was spent to transplant the species. It was successful on the Hiwassee River, but failed on several others. Following all that effort, native populations were found on several other streams in Tennessee, including a part of the Sequatchie River that flows through land that was part of my great granfather’s farm.

  2. Personally, I’m torn between the first and third option. But I know what you’re getting at. You want to belittle the folks out there who have expressed outrage about the lion killing. But, really, that’s a false dichotomy. It’s fully possible to be outraged by all three of these things at the same time. Try it. It’s called being pro-life.

      • Of course all three are outrageous, however, as the poll results show (the readers and commenters here being finely attuned to reality and of above average intelligence) the 3rd is far and away the most outrageous. This is primarily due to the fact this impacts humans in far greater numbers than option one. That option is outrageous too, but to a much smaller degree. If a hundred Christians were crucified by ISIS every day it still would not equal the level of massacre of humans that Planned Parenthood engages in. Add the sale of the organs and parts that PP sells and this becomes the absolute outrage against humanity and the survival of humankind.
        Just this Priest’s opinion, this is not in any way the position of the Orthodox Church in general nor the Archdiocese of which I am a cleric.

      • I agree. But who, specifically, only cares about the second? Well, sure, pro-choicers, obviously. But what can you expect from them? Is that who you’re trying to reach? Or the media, who pushed the story?

        Meanwhile, I also see many otherwise pro-life people defending this dentist and his acts, by making this same accusation the same way you’re making it. I’m not opposed to hunting, per se, but my instincts tell me that there’s something very wrong in the head with someone who gets a thrill out of killing animals just for the thrill of it alone.

      • What do you find outrageous about killing the lion? All hunting or that it was a protected lion. As I understand it trophy hunting is common.

      • There is no moral equivalence here.

        1 Lion vs. 1.5 million human babies per year. No, both are outrageous acts but the scale of the acts vary considerably.

        If the dentist did what he is alleged to have done, he should be extradited and face appropriate charges.

        Frankly, the PP organizational leadership and individuals involved should likewise face charges and appropriate penalties.

        I think the former is far more likely to happen than the latter.

        In some ways, I almost wish the PP barbarians feared retribution from the general populous. But they know the general populous doesn’t take justice into our own hands. And they are free from the threats and intimidation the left frequently uses to intimidate their enemies. And they will buy their Lamborghinis and sip their expensive wine, wearing the expensive designer suits while they plot genocide, all the time knowing that Obama and Pelosi and Boehner and McConnell will never allow them to be brought to justice.

        Dr. Mengele would fit right in a PP and the DNC these days. He was obviously a man ahead of his time. And now, we face an entire party of Mengeles. I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren.

  3. Personally, I find trophy hunting repellent, particularly if the animal is not primarily a meat animal. The details of the story of how the lion was baited disgust me. That was not hunting!

    For the record, I find abortion, the gruesome details of late-term abortion, and the sale of body parts repellent as well.

    • With the exception of pest control, I don’t hunt or fish for what I don’t eat (or donate to the local food bank). While I don’t have any trophies, I don’t have a problem with a trophy from an animal harvested for food.

      • I do, too.
        All of the stories are disgusting, but it is telling that the moral outrage in the media and on the left is limited to the death of one lion, not the murder of over 50 million children in the US alone, or the torture and murder of tens of thousands of people who believe in Jesus Christ,

    • I don’t hunt but I am an avid defender of the 2nd Amendment.

      I agree that I see little “sport” in standing 50 or 100 meters away from an animal and killing it.

      Now, if the good dentists had closed for hand-to-hand combat against the king of the jungle, that would have been impressive.

      Executing the beast from a distance with a high powered rifle? Not so much….

      • From all accounts I’ve read, a compound bow was used during the “hunt.”

        I’m a decent shot with a bow. However I’m not comfortable with anything over 100 feet. I’m not willing to turn loose an arrow unless I’m sure I can place it in the vitals.

  4. I do not care about killing the lion except for the argument that it was illegal. In that case, the dentist will have his day in court. Otherwise, I’m not going to weep for an apex predator who would gladly have killed me.

    • I would have no problem killing a lion in self defense or to protect someone else. I go armed in wild areas where there are critters that would dispute my place at the top of the food chain. However, killing simply for the sake of a trophy strikes me as unnecessary.

  5. As a Christian, I know my Savior promised that if the world hated Him it would likewise hate me. Thus, ISIS crucifying believers is an expected outcome of the spiritual battle that goes on. But that same God said of those who sacrificed their children to Molech that such depravity hadn’t even entered His mind.

    Therefore, it’s pretty straightforward to know that the moral outrage of the evil God tells us to expect has to be less than the moral outrage that is so beyond the pale as to be described as not even having entered into God’s mind.

    I’d mention the lion, but the only commenter here too stupid to already understand Mr. Hoge’s point already is also too stupid to know when his lawsuits are lost causes, so it would be a waste of time on both counts…

  6. This is a wonderful multi-leveled discussion.

    At varying levels, all three topics are tragic. Personally, I find the sale of body parts entirely reprehensible. I’m also tremendously disturbed by the torture and murder of Christians throughout the Islamic world, but I feel somehow insulated from the depth of that evil by distance, frequency, and the filter of the media. The reason the lion comes in at the bottom of the list is simple-it’s not a human loss.

    That’s how I would rank them, but it’s subjective.

    On the other hand, I see how the lion killing is terrible due to the illegality of it. Based on media reports, the luring of the animal in order to present an easy target is the worst part of the story to me. I’m not a trophy hunter; I wouldn’t choose to hunt strictly for sport if given a chance. But this wasn’t sport. It was a setup., and it was poaching. The guides should unquestionably be tried for whatever crimes the local authorities can find. I’m not convinced the dentist knew or did not know what was going on either; he should face justice and be given every opportunity to defend himself.

    But as usual, I find the chief problem to be with the filter through which each of us is required to view all these indignities: the liberal media.

    We’re going to hear about Cecil and the dentist for weeks because there is no one to pressure the media to tell the story fairly; we’re going to hear little to nothing about the other two stories because there are negative consequences that will be felt if they do. We can’t offend Muslims because they blow stuff up and kill journalists, who have become an easily outraged but cowardly set; likewise, we can’t offend our co-bedpissing liberals by talking about Cecile the Lyin’ and dismembered blobs of tissue. Those cocktail parties in the Hamptons are too good to miss.

    So discussions like this, among people who are thoughtful, intelligent, and unable to influence the malignant storytellers of the Fourth Estate, will continue.

  7. What the hell is all this uproar about? It’s a fuggin’ lion. These people act like it was named muhammed or something.

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