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  1. Still buying Windows 7 computers at work, guess they will have to change soon. Why did they skip Windows 9?

    • To put as much distance as possible between new OS and 8. To demonstrate just what a big leap it is.

      And also, some crusty XP era software won’t run on “Windows 9?” so skipping to ten avoids that problem. (I suspect this is bs, but I read it somewhere.)

      • Windows number has been largely made up since at least 7. In the Win10 Announcement they all but said this was because Apple was on OSX (they also skipped 9) and they didn’t like being behind. (IE skipped a few versions for the same reason IIRC.)

        All the hatred for Windows. I stick with it because at this point my software collection is windows based. 8 was a mess. It was a really good tablet OS, but their plan to make it work for desktops was nonexistent. 10 is supposed to solve that problem, who knows. Vibe I’ve seen is it’s decent enough.

      • Eh, I might be confused about Apple Skipping 9. It might have been some other number.
        I thought someone did.
        Either way Apple is ahead in terms of numbering, MS cheated to catch up.

      • And see this is what happens when I try to remember things before my morning coffee. (Which keeps getting pushed back each day at the 6.5 month old finds a schedule she likes.)
        It was IE that jumped versions to reach numbering parity with netscape. It was hinted (but never confirmed) during the Q&A at the Win10 reveal that this numbering change was (in part at least) to catch up with apple.
        I’m sure the bad programming hacks had some to do with it too. MS goes too far IMHO to ensure backwards compatibility.

    • Many programs check “What version Windows are we on” and their searches that have “9” in them to detect Windows 95/98.

      There’s a lot of old code out there.

      They would fail the version check and/or be trying to load the old DOS-based libraries.

    • 8.2 was the quasi 9, as a stop gap substitute for 8 haters not go back to 7, so on to 10 it is.

  2. I have been happy with Windows7. Upgrading to 10 fills me with a sense of foreboding and trepidation.

    Unfortunately, I’m about to build a new PC (without chucking the old PC) so I’m going to have to bite the bullet and put Win10 on it. Saints preserve us.

    • Linux is the answer. Free, as you can build it from source, yourself. Combine it with Virtualbox (also free) when you need to run something icky (e.g., Windows 7).

      I think of Windows as a really big, really ugly application suite, and treat it thusly. It should never be allowed to control actual, physical hardware, just as the morally impaired should not be allowed access to explosives.

      Thus endeth the lesson.

      • Yep, yep, yep.

        I develop software for delivery to Linux machines, but am forced to use Windows. It makes everything take twice as long.

        At home I use Linux, with a rarely-used Virtualbox for Windows-only software. Last year I sprang for a System76 laptop and it was worth every penny.

      • Put Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon on it as primary boot with Windows as the secondly boot– in a dual/or more boot configuration–or run windows in a Virtualbox.

        I had at one time 4 OS on my pc.

  3. AS soon as someone invents a OS version stripped down to nothing but what is required to run games so no Horsepower gets wasted on all the windows crap, it will sell millions the first week. None of the Linux systems work for gaming like windows. We are stuck in hell.

    • Depends on the games. Mine has War Thunder, Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, and more. In the case of KSP, the Linux 64-bit version is more stable than the Windows version, so you can load up more mods.

  4. According to a local expert on the radio last night, there is a functional “Restore previous version” feature. Knowing of an effective mulligan option makes me feel better about the leap from 7 Pro. I’m more anxious about the 9 year old printer’s driver making the cut.

    • There’s supposed to be a compatibility check that runs before the update even downloads.
      I have limited experience with this one (as pretty much all my devices could run on generic drivers.)
      The WinXP to 7 one I ran several years back did accurate flag several potential issues (and IIRC, many of them were real issues, but also revolved around hardware I didn’t really use, like a cheap video capture device.)

  5. I knew the day would finally come when I would disagree with our gracious host. I think Windows 10 looks to be a great improvement, even over Windows 7. Plus, working a Help Desk job, I despise Macs, mostly due to the entitled self-absorbed nature of most of their users (present company excluded, of course) who think that it’s impossible to get a virus on a Mac, so they feel free to delve into the cesspools of the internet, some going so far as to actually visiting Kimberlame’s or Smallfelt’s sites without protection. *shudder*

    On the whole, I think Windows 10 is where Microsoft needs to go. They can no longer rely on users *having* to have their OS, which means they’re starting to make their stuff good since they have to have people *want* their OS instead. Time will tell, of course, but everything I’ve seen of 10 so far is a good sign.

  6. I am SO glad you posted this! As a formerly computer-literate layperson, I find myself swamped by technology. Can one of you more adept techies point me to a website that explains such things as Linux and primary/secondary boots? Can you isolate your computer from the all-seeing Google? Has anyone else noticed that pdf files now are previewed via Google rather than directly? I used to routinely tweak my machine to eliminate a lot of crap. Nowadays? Not so much.

    • DistroWatch.com is a good place to find a Linux Os to fit your needs. GNU GRUB Wiki has an overview of the GRUB bootloader.

      As for isolating from Google, log out of google when not using gmail or google docs, do not use Google Chrome web browser.

      Run Firefox with Ad Block Plus, Ghostery and FlashStopper..

      • Thanks for the link; I’ll check it out.
        Opera is my browser of choice, with AdPlus and Ghostery on board. I’ll check out FlashStopper, as well.
        I use Thunderbird to manage my email accounts.
        I never log onto Google or use gmail. I’d get lost before i’d even use Google maps! LOL
        If I’m not pushing it too much, can someone provide a link for a tutorial on proxy servers?

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