More Good News

Judge Albright (who is handling the Walker v. Brett Kimberlin, et al. case while Judge Mason is on vacation), had denied The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s sealed motion for a TRO, preliminary injunction, and protective order.

DKT27-398855VIt appears that the motion has been unsealed.

21 thoughts on “More Good News

  1. What was his Rule 65(b) claim of immediate and irreparable injury, loss, or damage? Let me guess: my daughter’s friends will read this and they won’t want to sleep over anymore.

    I would also guess Kimberlin is likely claiming his wife committed perjury and/or lied when she said he criminally and sexually assaulted her when she was underage and tried to get it on with her 12 year old cousin in public law enforcement and court documents.

    Kimberlin can claim his wife lied and guess what … her credibility is ruined. Why would anyone believe any of the future conspiracy theory claims he will likely make about Walker and Hoge?

  2. A poster at another site gave a link to Twitchy’s MTD the tiny pedo’s state case.

    Click to access

    One of my favorite lines is;
    Yesterday’s weapon was a bomb in a gym bag; today’s is a lawsuit filed at the local
    courthouse in an effort to silence internet commentators.

    • I like the way that lawyer writes. Loved his description of Kimberlin’s lawfare and calling it litigation jihad. My prediction the case will be dismissed with prejudice.

  3. Protective order?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he tried to get people banned from talking about a case…AGAIN.
    I’d ask what the definition of insanity is, but it’s Maryland, so I guess it worked once.

  4. A few notes.

    This was filed in the suit I filed, which I will abbreviate to W. v. K.

    As you might have also seen, on Monday, I filed a motion to strike it. I’ll probably start publishing this sort of thing when I have a spare moment. Besides you folks are still enjoying the cornucopia of delights in the filings today. The gist of it is this: he didn’t serve me, and, since normally no one can get copies of a sealed motion, this was an ex parte motion, which is improper in all but the most extraordinary circumstances. He didn’t even file a motion to seal his sealed motion.

    So, while I was there I copied the exhibits out of the motion for alternate service in K v. NBC and yes, that is the basis of john’s post that Brett filed altered cards with the court. What a maroon.

    And, it turned out by the time I got there, the motion was out of the seal in W. v. K. Like Judge Hazel, they seem to have just summarily unsealed it. There was no order that I know of. So I have a copy of that. I’ll have to think about how much I redact from it. He has made the so-called secrecy of certain claims central to his argument, and I’m not sure redacting it is possible. It’s sort of like editing the curse words out of a song like Tupac’s “I don’t give a f—,” or the Sex Pistol’s “Bodies.” And what I am specifically thinking of, is something any one of you can figure out by basic math—it’s not like it’s a secret.

    That being said, the motion is basically “everything needs to be under seal because I am in the unique position of having an alleged daughter.” He includes some new falsehoods against me, provable falsehoods.

    Anyway, although it says the order was entered today, I think there is a decent likelihood it was entered yesterday, which makes me wonder if what I filed made any difference. On the other hand, it was short, only 4 pages, plus verification and the like. Technically my motion to strike is marked as still pending. And of course some of you might have seen mike smith’s excellent as usual motion to dismiss. we expect to see at two more by the end of the week—at least one for Beck and his companies, and at least one for Breitbart, Erickson and Redstate. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Erickson/Redstate and Breitbart file separately, if only because their claims are not as logically linked. But we shall see.

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