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I wrote a couple of days ago about how The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin often seems to be letting important things go undone. This week, he did respond to something that needed his attention, but he did it in a way that suggests that he is in panic mode.

I’d tell you more about it, but it’s not in a case where I am directly involved. I’m just a spectator, and I should let those connected to the case do the talking. I’m led to believe that information about the matter should be coming out soon.

I suggest that the Gentle Readers watch what gets posted at Allergic to Bull over the next few days.

14 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • I’m suspecting that we’ll see a rerun of an old drama, but this time Brett Kimberlin is going to face irreparable harm, yet, he won’t be entitled to relief.

      Break out the popcorn!

      • I would hate to see Kimberlin escape the consequences of old dramas he created in the past. I believe his history of often getting away with things is why he re-offends so much.

        Would you consider emailing me at kimberlinwatcher at gmail dotcom?

  1. big sky… you already know what i am going to talk about. so does a few other people who respected the mantra “case first, blog second.” I honestly don’t remember how I’ll have a post on it, frankly as fast as my fingers can type it up.

    • ah, early morning brain f*rt. i meant to write “I honestly don’t remember how many people knew and kept quiet about that, but i thank all of you who did so. I’ll have a post…” and so on… but instead i hit reply prematurely. Sigh.

      • Type you yale blogger, Type! – If a thousand Yale Lawyer bloggers type a blog – will a tree in a forest say “if one more person makes a joke about a tree in a forest…..”

      • I think they have a pill for that now

        But if you go four hours without making a tpyo you need to contact your doctor…

  2. Brett’s sealed motion: let me guess, he is claiming Walker hoodwinked T.K into filing false charges and describing him being a pedophile who had sex with her when she was 14 and tried to bang her 12 year old cousin before Walker and Hoge ever met or knew T.K.

    Aaron, I respect but disagree with your decision to not seek monetary damages against T.K. but if she joins B.K. into smearing you a second time, I think you should amend and seek monetary damages against her. I’ve found people generally cooperate better when they got some skin on the line.

    Anyways, best of luck, good sir, I don’t know if this will be successful as I don’t have much faith in Maryland justice, but I do think this will get to discovery and be heard.

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