Prevarication Du Jour

grouch365|201507180221ZOf course, nothing I’ve written here at Hogewash! comes remotely close to undermining Patrick Grady’s arguments concerning personal jurisdiction in the Cabin Boy’s LOLsuit.

OTOH, Bill Schmalfeldt is a laughing matter.

I don’t mean that his lawfare shouldn’t be taken seriously. It must be. What I mean is that he is not a serious person himself. He is an intellectual lightweight. He has an overinflated ego. And he is in over his head.

He is also vile and has spent much of the past decade inflicting himself on others via the Internet. XMFan, Daily Kos, Facebook, etc., have banned or suspended him. He now maintains his presence by moving from blog to blog and Twitter account to Twitter account while playing musical chairs with Internet radio feeds. And his faildoxes keep on coming.

A couple of years ago, some folks, I was among them, had had enough of the Cabin Boy™, and we began taking legal action against him. I was the first to be successful, but others have also succeeded in getting restraining orders against him. Schmalfeldt has tried various legal counterattacks, and all have failed or are failing. Schmalfeldt has further beclowned himself with his lawfare.

While Schmalfledt’s lawfare must be dealt with seriously in the courts of law, it should be subjected to ridicule in the courts of public opinion. Thus, one of my responses to his lawfare might be termed LOLfare. Somethings simply deserve to be laughed at.

UPDATE—Caution! Crackpot Theory Alert!grouch365201507181322ZAlso, the Cabin Boy™ hereby demonstrates his inability to correctly read the emotional responses of others. There is a huge difference between anger and derisive laughter.

63 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I wish that Cabin Boy™ would wise up and just ignore here, TMZ, BillySez, etc.

    If he could just live without having the last word he would soon get what he claims to want. To be left alone.

    Unfortunately his ego will not let him accept that the more he fights the more his “sterling” reputation gets damaged. Like Charlie Brown with the Lucy held football, all he has to look forward to is wild kicks and complete misses

    Once upon a time I would have really tried to push the Cabin Boy™ in that direction, but I know to do so would be to waste my time…and probably get me added to his lawfare.

  2. If he could just live without having the last word he would soon get what he claims to want. To be left alone.

    And that is the problem in a nutshell. He really doesn’t want to be left alone.

  3. Decades from now, statues honouring the World’s Stupidest Man™ will be erected all over Elkridge. Ironic really, in the erection sense.

    The Schmalfeldt Wing of The Smithsonian will have rolling exhibits – the space being insufficient to contain all his idiocy at once. Dunning-Kruger will dedicate the remainders of their lives studying Bill’s trail of Feldtcharts and unearthing long deleted tweets, blogs, and podcasts like so many Sumerian archaeologists. Lectures will be given in the great halls of knowledge listing the fallacious instincts, leaps of illogic, and lies even two-year-olds would be embarrassed to tell.

    Immortality is at hand Bill! Keep up the good work.

  4. OK, Mr. Hoge, all of the above is well and good, but what I REALLY want to know is if you think he’s a classy guy of great intelligence. Maybe one day, if I finish scrubbing the driveway with the toothbrush you gave me, you’ll let me know. No hurry, though, it’ll take me a while.

  5. Based on observations, I believe low intelligence is one of the required qualifications to being a part of Team Kimberlin.

    That and the various philia’s.

    • Let’s not leave out the most important thing, very low self-esteem. That’s what allows Kimberlin to gather his few minions. Make them feel like they are more accomplished than they are. He’s a master manipulator.

  6. I finally get to add something that John left out about the vile child porn producer of stories about boyscouts, and someone’s real children and pasting pictures of underage boys on nude pornographic shots::

    He did much of this on company time, government time, on the payroll of the people.

  7. Billogically, if Grady used the US Post Office it would still show a Maryland connection because the final delivery vehicles and workers were Maryland residents. Oooh, I think I see Bill’s next RICO suit…

    • If you are sued in Maryland and have to litigate in Maryland, the things you do there to defend yourself, such as having friends deliver documents to the court, do not relate back to create personal jurisdiction. It’s like calling someone a “pervert with a fixation on anal sex with Cub Scouts” in a motion – the other side can’t sue you for defamation.

  8. It’s cute listening to Bill opine on the things that will go on in the courtroom.

    Too bad for him this matter won’t see the inside of a courtroom.

  9. Bill is either too stupid to see what a hole he has dug or he is marginally smart enough to know but thinks he can bluster his way out of it. Hint – Judges don’t do bluster. Judges do facts. Game over Bill.

    • I would suggest embracing the power of AND above, but this may be one rare occasion where reconciliation is impossible.

      How can one be both too stupid for X and marginally smart enough for Y?

  10. Kimberlin thinks whining and squeaking is a winning strategy too, although one understands he occasionally has benefited from it, which is why he continues to do it even when it’s actually hurting him.

    • If you have friends in Maryland, you’re subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Court there. Blob thinks this is the case because this whole “having friends” thing is foreign to him.

  11. Just to be blunt Bill,

    You keep saying this and that is going to come out in court,

    The only thing that’s coming out in court is your checkbook

    Ask Brett how that’s going to turn out for him,

  12. Whenever BS makes a proclamation implying that he’s got some brilliant legal action afoot, that he’s an excellent pro se, I am reminded of the late GEN Norman Schwartzkopf’s assessment of Saddam Hussein….

  13. Also was reading Instapundit and saw this — Immediately thought of BS and wondered if there were any similarities to his Civil Service career:

    “THE COUNTRY’S IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: Government IT official ran law enforcement data systems for years with faked degrees; Interior official resigned when caught, then took a job at Census Bureau. “The official, Faisal Ahmed, was assistant director of the Interior’s Office of Law Enforcement and Security from 2007 to 2013, heading its Technology division. He claimed to have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and a master’s degree in technology management from the University of Central Florida—but he never attended either of those schools. He resigned from his position at Interior when the fraudulent claim was exposed by a representative of the University of Central Florida’s alumni association, who discovered he had never attended the school after Ahmed accepted and then suddenly deleted a connection with her on LinkedIn. Faisal did not leave government service, however—he took another government job at the Census Bureau, and is apparently still there.”

    Be Well.


  14. I have to take exception to something our esteemed host has stated. William Schmalfeldt is as serious as a heart attack.

    Discussions of current events, politics, culture, etc., are not, nor should be, the private playground of those well to the sunny side of IQ bell curve. Everyone ought be welcome. To the extent that folks of average at best IQ participate in such discussion that it to their credit. Taking a snide, condescending or exclusionary attitude towards such folks is counter-productive at best, and simply wrong at worst.

    The problem with Bill Schmalfeldt is not that he has limited talents, but rather, that he uses his limited talents in the service of evil.

    • It has already been explained, at length, just not necessarily here.

      Correcting the huge manatee is like teaching a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

      Your concerns are noted, and valid. They are also moot on this item based on comments on other blogs. They also do not seem to penetrate six inches of concrete, or whatever the docs used to limit the dick dents to their current level of crater over the vacuum of Bill’s “brain.”

      • IOW, TK goons, there’s no internal strife. There are discussions regarding tactics and strategy, with different ideas brought to the table. All are dealt with with respect and consideration.

        It is open mindedness preached by the left, but it is sincere. Why? Because it makes one better. Multi-cult processes are not an end unto themselves. And they do not need to be achieved by force. With grown ups in the room, they will share and discuss things of their own accord.

        The inability to understand this is one reason I no longer have common cause at Kos (beyond helping to engineer the dismissal of some truly grotesque posters). It is better to achieve something via willing consensus than through force.

    • If I remember correctly, didn’t Grady or Edgren already rebut the Fail Whale’s assertion in a previously filed motion?

    • You are disparaging manatees. Please stop now or I will be forced to sue you.
      Signed, Floatamus Maximus, King of the Mantees

    • Aaron is right. With the volume of litigation intended to silence critics and harass people, any mistaken and idiotic concept is a blessing of sorts. Complacency in the face of upcoming success is something the bad guys are actually counting on.

      They will have some victories too. Let them waste time on things that surely aren’t going to lead to any.

  15. Who cares?

    • Gee, can Grady, a non-lawyer, say his legal motions come from him? Dunno, never met the man. Can Edgren, the retired lawyer say his legal motions come from him? Um, probably, yes. Retired lawyer. Spent decades doing this shit. Against real lawyers, not pro-se folks like Bill.

      But that cannot be why Bill loses, it must be because the incompetent, discredited, fired hack of a lawyer (Bill’s description) Aaron Walker is the nefarious puppet master pulling all the strings. And at the same time Aaron is a hack that Hoge will (a) regret relying on, and (b) will turn on for his failures any minute now, and they’ll be failures, trust Bill, he knows the law.

      No offense to Aaron, but the idea that a retired lawyer with decades of practice needs a young guy’s help to kick -Bill’s- ass is laughable. And Bill, we’re laughing at you, not with you.

      • Yes, the truth is that the “unemployable hack” lawyer is whooping his ass regularly through ghostwritten motions. In fact, Aaron writes all the motions for everyone which is a RICO conspiracy against the memory of Bill’s dear departed…libido. This is why Bill can’t make sexy with the judges too.

    • Yes,
      It is quite evident that the Fail Whale writes his own legal filings without any input whatsoever from anyone even passingly familiar with the law.

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