The Perils of Pro-Se

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is whining about how long it takes to get paperwork processed in the Kimberlin v. Frey RICO Remnant LOLsuit.

Yes, as we’ve seen today, TDPK has trouble managing his legal schedule.

UPDATE—I guess this explains why I haven’t seen that subpoena he submitted yet.

UPDATE 2—I’m not making this up, you know

18 thoughts on “The Perils of Pro-Se

  1. I am writing to ask that you ilssue an order to the Clerk to allow me get my subpoenas stamped at the Cierk’s office rather than submit each one to the Court for approval.
    Face palm.

    • Oh, and pretty pretty please don’t read any of the ones I’ve already submitted. Just please don’t.

  2. I don’t see how he answered anything in the motion other than that the delay in delivering the material. I’m not a lawyer, but that looks like an original motion, not a response.

  3. Why would he even mention Mr. Frey had a 3 week murder trial? That’s beyond STUPID. The judge was a lawyer himself and would upon seeing a 3 week murder trial be somewhat sympathetic. Kimberlin even mentions and digs his “dismissal grave” even deeper that Frey’s lawyers were busy litigating another case and one he describes as a loss. Brett, if you’re reading this, that case you brought to the judge’s attention before Frey and his lawyers do; Judge Hazel will cite that case at least once in his dismissal of your case. Remember you brought it up first.

      • You’re right (I’ve only have been aware of this story for about three months) and I didn’t read Frey’s motion and must have missed it. But I do feel confidant like you, Judge Hazel will mention the loss Kimberlin described as a loss in his dismissal.

        Unlike Team Kimberlin, I enjoy a good education and being corrected. That’s how we learn!

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