26 thoughts on “In Re a LOLsuit

  1. Wherever will the Diminished Capacity Kid ever find the time to reply to all of these motions? He’s already squealing like a pig, and this is only defendants so far.

    Why is nobody just letting William win his lulzsuit?

  2. Shorter Blob: “I’m in Maryland and that’s where my butt hurts! Make them give me millions of dollars, Mommy!”

      • Ya got me.

        IRL I live in one of my five houses, the smallest of which is 3100 square feet.

        I’m thinking of unloading the “big house”, as the Rule 5 Wife and I just rattle around in it, now that kids are all on their own. I think the views down the valley are the only reason we’ve held onto that monster…

        Last time I lived in a single wide tincasa was 1972…

  3. Today’s hot Twitter trend, retrofitted:

    If you morons would just forget #brettkimberlin even exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be #investifarting

  4. It gets dumber. He thinks because it has to be signed it can’t also be emailed. Because scanners aren’t a thing, apparently.

    He also thinks I live 80 miles from the courthouse. More like 50, actually, and its not like I wasn’t doing anything else in Maryland that day… I mean, I know the man holding his chain didn’t bother to go to court today, but some of us did.

    • The Cabin Boy™ doesn’t realize that the Greenbelt Clerk’s Office can and will accept filings for the Northern Division up in Baltimore. It’s only a few minutes detour on my commute to work at Goddard to stop by the Greenbelt courthouse.

      However, if the Cabin Boy™ thinks I should be a part of another LOLsuit, he’s welcome to try again for strike three four.

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