19 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

    • I think Bill might be a… wait, this is Hoge’s place.

      As Krendler would say, “Good morning, !’

  1. So what is his theory? That we evilly wrote a fake MTD, forged a signature and filed it w/o Grady’s consent? Are the freemasons involved in this? The lizard people?

    If that is the case, then I am sure Grady will mail something to the court indicating that this was filed without his consent and asking that it be withdrawn, right?

    By the way, if we wanted to sign it in Grady’s stead, there is an honest, legal way to do so. So why commit a petty forgery?

    Anyway, as for why it looks different, my guess is it reflects the fact Grady had more space and was 100% less concerned with clarity.

    • Anyway, as for why it looks different, my guess is it reflects the fact Grady had more space and was 100% less concerned with clarity.

      I think in the top one he just signed first initial and last name, as opposed to full first and last name on the license. Allowing for that, I don’t think they look all that different.

      • In addition to the amount of room allowed for the signatures, at least in my state, driver’s license/state ID signatures are done on one of those weird little touch pads with a very blunt stylus. That they end up looking anything at all like the license holder’s normal signature is a miracle.

      • Yeah, I’m no handwriting expert, but they look somewhat similar when you account for that. Same swooping P, long Y tail, large G. Anyone who has seen a episode of “Pawn Stars” that features signature verification could tell you they look for general features not exact matches.

  2. Bill you should file a motion for sanctions on Grady for forging his own signature. Look into it. I’m not kidding. The Judge will love you after all those wallpaper motions you spoke of. 😉

  3. If it isn’t too ludicrous to pay attention to any demented rustling of BS, The P and the Grady share so many characteristics I don’t even see what he’s complaining about.

  4. It seems Bill thinks this is fun. He should be getting ready for the not-fun parts. Or maybe he’s just given up and is resigned to accept whatever happens.

    It also seems Bill hasn’t thought this whole harassment thing through to the logical, legal conclusion. Maybe he can consult with the sociopathic midget diddler bomber on how to handle the not-fun parts.

    • Patrick posted a cell phone picture of the court order denying the Cabin Boy’s™ peace order petition against him for the Cabin Boy’s™ failure to appear shortly after the hearing. Because Schmalfeldt had been claiming that he hadn’t been present either, Grady put his driver’s license in the picture to prove that he had been present.

  5. Looking at this carefully, the initial capitals are very similar – the P’s are nearly identical (two-stroke with a long tail and no intersection at the top), and the G’s are similar in style (Very peculiar – looks almost like two letters). But Bill, by all means, file charges, file motions, knock yourself out.

    Bill, not everyone is best friends with a convicted forger – it’s just you.

  6. I highly encourage BS to file motions comparing signatures, alleging bizarre conspiracies, and presenting himself to be a handwriting expert. Because nothing says “you’re nuts” to a court like inane plots that require a lot of effort on the part of the accused, and have no up-side. It also helps to make the point that one of the litigants does not have adequate responses to the opposing party’s motions.

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