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  1. 54 pages???

    Dear God, we won’t hear from him until at least Tuesday! IT will take at least that long for him to even start to understa…

    Good God, what am I saying?

  2. I got to the end of the title of the motion on page ONE before spitting my water out and ruining my keyboard.

    I’m getting a special feeling reading this… maybe in the cockles of my heart, maybe below the cockles. Maybe in the sub-cockle area, maybe in the liver. Maybe in the kidneys, maybe even in the colon, I don’t know….

    As Ice Cube said “Today was a good day.”

    • What, you mean shitting all over the place, INCLUDING the G-damn pump handle and messing up the nice straw and being fking loud when you are trying to sleep? Oh No. I haven’t had chickens roosting or anything like that. No sir-ree-bob! Not 90 of them at a time. No.

      Damn stinky critters. At least they aren’t as bad a turkeys…

  3. Wait, you can’t perpetrate a fraud on the Federal Courts in Maryland?

    When did that start?

    • makes one wonder if a certain someone didn’t call and find out a $$ amount his finances needed to be under after being turned down the first time, and then made adjustments accordingly to qualify.the next time…

  4. Wait, wait, wait…Bill is PAYING to host a fake radio show??? He’s PAYING $400 per MONTH???? The amount of the filing fee he claimed he was too poor to pay? Holy Shit is THAT not going to go over well with the judge.

    • Maybe this is one of the expenses his “roommate” splits down the middle with him. So BS is only paying $200 to talk to… well, himself and his “stalkers”. That’s far more in line with an IFP, surely!

    • Now he’s tweeting out that he isn’t doing the LA Radio thing because he decided it was “too expensive”. Of course he still has the LA Radio logo in his Twitter header.

      It would seem he only decided it was too expensive now that it is an exhibit in a motion to revoke his IFP.

      • No, he doesn’t have it anymore. It was all a trap! A honey pot! BS, the most brilliant tactician since Scipio sacking Carthage, has struck gold again by fooling us morons! Because this somehow invalidates something, err, and validates his insanity? Listen, I’m too dumb to see all the steps, but BS is quite confident!

    • and he’s got me blocked (presumably for foreign IP address) from listening to it (thank you God), you would think he would desperate for anyone at all to listen to his crap and couldn’t afford to have anyone not able to tune in much less most of the world.

  5. Expert tactics by BS to threaten a lawyer who has watched/recorded the BS cycles for a while and had plenty for an initial responding salvo. I can’t say I’m shocked at BS’s reasoning skills, given that BS cannot even keep a podcast idea/theme for more than 2 weeks, give or take. I hear a problem associated with PD dementia is poor impulse control… just imagine how that factors into the already terrible long-term planning that BS demonstrates.

    If he wasn’t such a demented harasser, I’d almost feel bad how over his head he is and what is coming down the pipeline that he doesn’t seem to realize. Oh well, good thing I like popcorn.

  6. Now that was an epic “kick in the balls” motion! I would encourage Kimberlin should he drive Bill to future hearings on this matter to put down a lot of plastic to protect his passenger car seat. Fear pee will ruin a car. You can’t get that smell out. LOL

  7. OK, but there’s a serious flaw on Page 11, footnote 8. He says Bill has navigated the Federal court system before, listing three cases. Yeah, like Ted Kennedy navigated bridges, or the captain of the Exxon Valdez navigated a safe channel wider than Chicago…

    • Joseph Hazelwood, we hardly knew ye.

      Not for nothing, but he was also suspected of being a drunk.

  8. Question – If you are a person that owns a Tincasa and have had a monumentally stupid mistake pointed out to the court, the kind of mistake that could potentially result in you owing 10’s of thousands in sanctions to the defendants, would it be prudent to give that Tincasa away to a relative at this juncture or would that look too much like you were trying to Kimberlin the defendants out of what be owed to them? Asking for a friend.

    • Announcing that you’re liquidating even more assets whilst being in receipt of a motion about liquidating assets probably doesn’t look good.

      But I’m not lawyer, like the good Oliver Wendell Jones.

    • It would look like you are transferring assets to family members in order to avoid paying potential judgments.

    • Bill can’t liquidate. Does he have anyone who he could absolutely trust? My understanding is Kimberlin liquidated in his Mom’s name and she is trustworthy. Bill even if he was to liquidate to his stepson and that would be obvious to the courts the reason for doing so, would he have full faith and confidence once the ink is signed he wouldn’t be kicked out?

  9. It may just be that that I’m unfamiliar with an American idiom, but how does one “rat” on someone that has done nothing wrong?

    Something to hide?

    • Remember when he used to claim, “I sell CD’s, books, etc” trying to pimp himself?

      I have a feeling the Social Security guy, a government official, may have been lied to.

      • When you think about it, it isn’t necessarily a “false report” since dipshit has been publicly peddling his wares for years now. While it’s fun, there’s no legal obligation for anyone to assume that he’s a commercial failure. Indeed, he’d scream “LIBEL, HARASSMENT, TUPPERWARE” at anyone that did.

        Funny how things cut both ways, isn’t it?

    • “Wondering at the lot rental amount…………Anyone confirm that?”

      Of course not.


  10. “It will be demonstrated to the court in further proceedings in this case that Plaintiff does this in particular to avoid direct scrutiny of his Internet content when it becomes involved in litigation.”


  11. TJ was made a litigant by bill. Bill is now threatening disabled people not apart of the dispute in return.

    Their appearance will likely come AFTER a show cause hearing if the case even moves on…

    • [redacted—wjjhoge. BTW, one of the women you wrote that about is an Army helicopter pilot. You would want to have to be looking over your shoulder for an Apache, would you?]

    • And remember, when Bill “drags someone into it” it’s TELL ME OR GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!

      When Edgren “drags someone into it by quoting Bill” it’s “tell the court what you know.”

      There is an unsubtle legal distinction between the two.

      Bill, that means they are different.

    • the groom is an apache commander on the Ukrainian Border both are West Point Graduates.

  12. re: NNB

    “…the Diminished Capacity Kid and his Limited Mobility Dancers….”

    Now that right there’s just funny; I don’t care who you are.

  13. Mr. Hoge, are we still going to have some giggles at Team Kimberlin tomorrow? I was expecting this or something else on Friday.

  14. Since BS is the definition of projection and he always assumes that anytime one of Team Lickspittles has to respond to court filings from Kimberlame that means they will “roll over and name names” to him…what’s the over/under on how quickly BS will be begging to tell all he knows about Kimberlame to avoid the perjury trial?

    • Seriously, we only know Bill Schmalfelch from his online droppings. And we want brain bleach.

      Do you think TK actually entrusted him with anything honest and useful? I mean, on purpose, they could have said plenty but would you expect him to pick up on it? I mean, if you say “Hoge will knuckle under like a sixteen year old Ukrainian girl” there exists a wide breadth of misunderstandings available. Bill might have heard “Hoge will knuckle under” and gone merrily about his day.

      • I certainly didn’t mean to imply that BS would have anything useful, merely that I suspect he will soon be begging for any escape hatch he can find. Personally, I think Mr. Hoge and Co already have more than enough to sink Kimberlame without any added input from BS, even assuming Smallfelt had anything useful to offer.

  15. Mr. Schmalfeldt, if I may quote (with a slight paraphrase) a bon mot from Kingsley Amis, which he attributed (facetiously) to historian Robert Conquest…


  16. I do think that this may possibly be the best written pleading I have read to date in ANY of the team Kimberlin lawfare. Wow. I have a strong suspicion that the end result of this motion will sting.

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