In Re a Peace Order Petition

This morning, I mailed the following opposition to The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s motion to dismiss in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order case.

There may have been filings in one or more other case today as well.

47 thoughts on “In Re a Peace Order Petition

  1. What is the address for this weeks podcast by William Schmalfeldt(tm), since locations change as often as his moods.
    Asking for a friend.

  2. I’m going to accuse Our Host of committing felonies here.

    He obviously committed Breaking and Entering and Burglary by raiding Shaquille O’Neal’s home and stealing all of his footwear.

    Because he’s dropping Shaq-sized shoes, one at a time, on Cabin Boy here. And I doubt that Shaq gave him those shoes.





  3. Shorter our gentle host: Judges, stop kicking the can of worms back and forth, and open it already! #DueProcess

  4. What a real bully looks like:
    Grouchcast365 ‏@Grouch365 44m44 minutes ago
    Bullies Gotta Bully, I Guess…

    Note Willy that this woman did absolutely nothing to you, let alone file a law suit against you. But that didn’t stop you from threatening her, did it?

    Willy, are you really that dim that you don’t realize we are going to pull out examples of your atrocious behavior every time you make these infantile claims?

    • It’s so cute how Billy thinks he hets to make the rules. You don’t, Bill. You made your bed, and you’re damn sure going to lie in it.

      Lots more shoes to drop.

    • Remember, according to the Scrug he’s just practicing investigative journalism there, and threatening people is perfectly within professional guidelines if you don’t intend to follow through.

  5. Child porn producers typically misinterpret laws. For Example, extortion, is commonly misinterpreted to be anything that causes a child porn producer to rethink their very public and legal behavior.

    Some child porn producers have mistaken extortion for consequences, someone pointing out that they will actually oppose them in a court of law – is not extortion but is something that drives up popcorn sales.

    Extortion for example, actually has to have a threat of violence, economic taking, or other very overt acts that are done with the consent of the extorted. Ironically, most claims of extortion are really a cry against consequences. For example – one attorney writing an butthurt idiot, can remind the butthurt idiot that dire economic costs will be incurred if the idiot (usually a pudgy child porn producer) continues to sue his client, and that family of the butthurt clan can and will be added to countersuits.

    Extortion is not recognized in the Amazon United Courts of Appeal nor will the confederation of desperate poidcasters rise to defend those whose certified listenership does not rise above 2.

    In totally unrelated news – a town in Maryland has changed its 300 year old name to “Consequences, Maryland”.

  6. Well, in case someone is living under a rock (or in a tin can), and doesn’t loathe Willy enough, he just retweeted his heroine Caroli supporting Planned Parenthood in their endeavor to chop up little infants for fun and profit.

    There are some situations where it is best, no matter what you think, to just keep quiet and let the issue move on, but not our Willy. Harvesting and selling pieces of infant bodies? OK with him.

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