Prevarication Du Jour

grouch356|201507141854ZThe Cabin Boy™ should be used to that kind of outcome. The settlement agreement for the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright lawsuit granted him nothing of what he sought in his counterclaim, but I got the infringing material taken down—the most important item on my list.

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  1. Grouchcast365 ‏@Grouch365 60m60 minutes ago
    Seems As If I Either Dismiss the Lawsuit, or My Late Wife’s Son Gets Dragged In

    Don’t you people realize family is to be kept out of these things?

    My God Willy, you are dumb.


        We should all thank our respective deities tonight that we aren’t the Howard County Police Department.

        Evening, Ely.

    • How does TJ get dragged in? I mean, sure, Bill’s finances, and any discrepancies between what is true and what is filed in his IFP, are dragged in to this, but TJ faces zero liability whatsoever. It’s not like _he_ put down false information in a federal court filing. That would be a very stupid thing to do. Very very stupid.

      Worst case TJ gets the Tincasa while Bill gets some new digs, with new duds to match. They probably won’t let him take the new coffee maker with him, though.

      Oh, that’s worst case for TJ (sarcastic) and worst case for Bill (not so much.) Because /sarc only goes so far…

      • I’m assuming a lot here, but William broadcast last week that young Thomas was paying rent, a fact left out of his IFP application.

        Since William is a congenital liar, it is presumed that he’ll deny that, so they’ll want to ask the boy about it under oath. The Court could possibly even audit the bank accounts of both to see if money went between and when.

        If that turns out to be true, Captain Spectacular and his Limited Mobility Dancers could have a lot more than the rage welfare to worry about. If you derive something of monetary value – such as a free lulzsuit filing or special delivery services from the United States Marshalls – that could constitute criminal fraud.

      • If I were TJ I would be delighted to share the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with the court. Then I’d air that tincasa out for a month.

      • Long story short, somebody might soon be having some of those old “fed to fed talks” that he so clearly misses.

      • There is a bright side, though.

        If the U.S Attorney for the Northern District of Maryland charges him with fraud, he’ll finally get a free lawyer!

      • William broadcast last week that young Thomas was paying rent, a fact left out of his IFP application.
        That was just confirmation of a fact first tweeted back in October, which would contradict with more recent claims.

        If Bily would stop lying so much, he’d have far fewer stories to try to keep straight.

      • Until he abuses the lawyer and then fires him thereby expecting another. Some poor slob will get appointed and have to sit next to Bill who will do his own thing anyway. State Bars see a lot of these type of complaints from people who lost their cases. Kind of goes with the territory. Rarely do these type of cases go anywhere.

      • Something not well remembered from the XMFAN archives -IIRC- is a statement from The Jovial One indicating that he and his stepson liked to fire up a bowl every now and then.

        An audit could reveal interesting things…

        • Montgomery County real estate is pricey. I understand that the race that operates the Galactic Constructor Fleets are moving out of the area.

          • You can’t think of anyone there who appears to be living beyond a meager salary and had a history of drug dealing, can you?

            That sounds unpossible!

      • Bill Schmalfeldt™ — The Deranged Cyberstalker™ made a snarky tweet a couple of days ago about myself, AReader, and one other Lickspittle (my apologies — the name escapes me at the moment) having files full of his spewings and admissions against interest.

        Snark aside — Bill Schmalfeldt™ is actually right for a change. Hence, the 27 October 2014 (readily available) screen capture of the tweet where he admitted to @asideofbacon that his stepson TJ pays rent and helps Bill Schmalfeldt™ with expenses — a fact he willingly admitted to on Twitter just a few months after his initial IFP request, and just a few months before his second IFP request (his most recent IFP, which was surprisingly granted, is his third such request). Funny that he avoided mentioning this (three times!) to the court. But alas, it was helpfully and wonderfully submitted as an exhibit by David Edgren (thank you, sir).

        To quote Lickspittle Katie — “It’s all in the vault.” Tis pretty sad (read: hilarious) when others have a better and clearer recall (with proof) of what Bill Schmalfeldt™ has stated and admitted to in the past than The Deranged Cyberstalker™ himself.

  2. Nothing would be a much better option than what Blob actually deserves, a brutal legal curbstomping.

    You set these wheels in motion, dumbass.

    • Indeed, which would explain the fear pee I’m sure started flowing shortly after reading D Edgren’s motion.
      and that was just the first one filed IYKWIMAITYD

    • Unless he thinks he can use them. Trying to get the deceased’ family involved and calling on his wife’s memory in every third sentence.


    Bill, In forma pauperis I would recommend MD 20/20 (commonly known as Mad Dog) – a cheap wine coming in several fruity flavors. It’ll help you get through the coming weekend; although I should warn you Mad Dog piss and fear pee could be a lethal combination.

  4. But, but but:

    “And send me pictures of your homes, because they will be mine. And your wives. They’ll be mine, too. Everything you own. Mine.”

  5. William’s gotten awfully quiet.

    Why am I almost positive that Elkridge is currently being rattled by the sound of a young man screaming, “YOU DID WHAT, BILL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

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