14 thoughts on “Nuclear Bomb Deal Cut With Iran

      • Exactly what was intended to happen, by all parties, from the beginning. The rest was just smoke and mirrors to fool the rubes.

      • Exactly what was intended to happen, by all parties

        I don’t think Obama/Kerry intended for Iran to get whatever they wanted. It’s just that Obama/Kerry were willing to do whatever it takes to get a deal with Iran for Obama’s legacy.

        If your opposite in a negotiation is unwilling to walk away from the table no matter what, and you are, you can eventually get everything you want.

    • Yeah, but it has opened high-level talks between the Soddies and Israel. And between the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS, the Egyptian and Israeli governments aren’t just in an uneasy peace, but cooperating on security.

      Barbarians at the gates makes for all sorts of odd alliances.

  1. Way I read this, Iran gets the bomb and Obama got some magic beans, their magic cause they make music after you eat them.

    • If by “mushroom cloud” you mean “nuclear explosion” as opposed to a dirty bomb, and discounting Israel as a “western” nation, I’d take the bet.

  2. Well, to be fair, Hamas has been complaining about a lack of parking spots. Once Israel is a sheet of glass there will be plenty of parking for them.

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