In Re the RICO Madness Remnant

Intermarkets has filed this reply to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s opposition to their motion to quash his subpoena.

Patterico’s legal team has filed this opposition to TDPK’s motion to compel discovery and for sanctions.

26 thoughts on “In Re the RICO Madness Remnant

      • Where’s earl to tell me Kimberlin will be rewarded for lying and making a deceptive collage of intermarkets policies?

        I hope kimberlin pays for his dissembling.

      • Clearly somebody at Intermarkets has been following what is going on.

        I don’t think BK will get rewarded for lying here – but no chance he will pay a price for it.

        This court – IN THIS CASE – has everything it needs to do something about BK’s lawfare without this. That they have not – I know, have not YET – done so speaks volumes.

    • Shocker. Brett cut and pasted sections of the website and created a forged privacy policy.

      It’s high time a court smacked him down for submitting forgeries.

      • Indeed. It can only be a matter of time before a judge starts asking himself if there’s more going on here than just two parties suing the crap out of each other.

  1. Why is Brett even the least bit concerned about Ace of Spades anymore? Brett achieved his goal and chilled free speech on that website. I highly doubt Ace will ever mention Kimberlin again.

    p.s. when will the judge rule on sanctions? Didn’t our host, Aaron and others file motions for sanctions on Kimberlin, or will that have to wait until the Frey matter is resolved?

    • “Why is Brett … concerned..?” Because he is a petty sociopathic punk and Ace told the world the truth about him.

    • He’s seeking to do to Ace what he did with Quayle, and set himself up again for some nice fat kudos from the left. Tides Foundation doesn’t shovel money out to basement-dwellers for nothing, after all.

    • The violent forging terrorist pedophile Brett Kimberlin wants to send a strong message to anyone who tells the truth about him. The message is that Brett will pursue critics for years. He will use smear campaigns. He will use SWATting. He will send harassmeny goons like pedophile Craig Richard Gillette, or Matt Osborne or Neal Rauhauser or Bill Schmalfeldt to harass you. He will threaten employers. He will file “endless lawsuits.”

      He will engage in any form of thuggery available.

      The community must push back against this vengeful and unrepentant lawbreaker, Brett Kimberlin, in the most persistent and strenuous way possible.

      • On the plus side, he’s not exactly careful about disguising his goals.

        I mean, even after a search has been started to identify his abuses of court processes, he’s still quite happy to keep producing exhibits.

        All it’s going to take is one judge to pay full attention one time, and he’s going to be slapped down as an abusive litigant. And once he’s slapped down in one jurisdiction, every person he sues after that will make sure they mention that, just like they mention now that he has convictions for perjury and forgery.

    • It won’t just happen automatically. Good men have to care, and help. I want him held accountable for each and every misdeed, even the ines (like the bombings and murdering Julia Scyphers) that Matt Osborne claims we must forget since they were long ago.

      Forget Matt Osborne. Justice for Julia Scyphers.

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