Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy™ has his panties in a knot because folks refer to him as a “deranged cyberstalker.” (Stacy McCain deserves credit for first referring to Schmalfeldt that way.) Aside from the fact that expressing the opinion that Schmalfeld is a deranged cyberstalker is protected speech under the First Amendment, he is admittedly demented (deranged and demented are synonyms), and he is an adjudicated harasser. Since his harassing was done on line, that fits the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of cyberstalking. Thus, calling him a deranged cyberstalker is not only protected opinion, it is also an true statement backed by the facts.

TheDerangedCyberstalkerAdditionally, the Cabin Boy™ has promoted his identity as The Deranged Cyberstalker through the sale of a CD of his “comedy” bits. While that CD appears to be out of print, the tracks are still available for download from iTunes and Amazon. Note: Amazon’s MP3 downloads are cheaper and will play on Apple devices.

Imagine the cross examination in court …

Q: You say you were defamed and damaged by being called a “deranged cyberstalker.” Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: I show you the items marked as Defense Exhibits 11 and 12. They are screen shots from iTunes and Amazon, respectively. Can you identify the downloads offered for sale?

If the Cabin Boy™ is very lucky, Schmalfeldt v. Grady (, et al. ?) will be dismissed with prejudice.

30 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Child porn producers who worship terrorist children bombing pedophiles have very bleak prospects of winning anything concerning their “reputation”

    Saw it on a law blog somewhere.

  2. New variant on McCain’s Law: “The best way to defame Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.”

    Will we ever run out of variants to McCain’s Law?

  3. I advised anyone who has been doxxed by Bill Schmalfeldt to call him a stalker or bully —- especially if he’s sent an extortionist email, or anything to one’s employer.
    If a real life event occured where Bill Schmalfeldt took unwanted interest in an individual, then followed them to work, and chatted up the boss on a “hunch,” it would be called stalking or worse.

    His latest doxx was confirmed since of the 300-plus million people in the US, only one seems to ever use a secret, special combination of first initial followed by last name. As if there is only one cboy, sschmalfeldt or bkimberlin. He wasted his time at the NIH. He shoulda been connecting dots at the NSA and FBI.

      • Not necessarily in some cases. Hell, I’d say not in most cases.

        But the Cabin Boy, as in so many other ways, is exceptional.

        I think that, in his case, one could label nearly every interaction that he initiates he has with other people could be considered “stalking.”

        That’s just going by the interactions we know about. A limited sample, I’ll admit, but it’s such a sizable sample, I think it’s fair.

        Can you think of any examples of people contacted by The Cabin Boy who appreciated the contact? Apart from TK, of course, who immediately recognized a useful dupe — and even they have to be realizing that he’s at least as much a danger to them as he is their adversaries.

        • Simply making a knowingly false report to law enforcement or a judicial officer with the intention of causing an investigation to go forward is an offense in Maryland. It could also be the basis of a stalking charge if [Don’t educate the monkey or the midget—wjjhoge; I redact myself.]

      • John … if only Bill could learn to self redact, he wouldn’t be in his current situation.

      • Too bad that his mother didn’t redact Bill.

        DEATH THREAT!!!!!ELEV!!!!ENTY!!!!!!!!!!!”Where’s that €#?¥=}£ when I need him?”

  4. Is this our famous Bunny Boy that has caught the attention of @brianglicklich? Brian is no joke!

    Brian Glicklich ‏@brianglicklich 11h11 hours ago

    Why would I sue a penniless smalltime grifter and rageaholic? There are other remedies.
    Embedded image permalink

  5. What happens if Schmalfeldt says that he isn’t Cabin Boy Billy, and/or that the album was made by someone impersonating him?

  6. I was concerned bout Johns vulnerability to charges of stalking a public blog (punishable by death or 2 hours of listening to Bretts greatest hits) by this guy untill he posted this:

    Grouchcast ‏@Grouch365 · 2m2 minutes ago
    Hoge Knows MORE than Lawyers Do! Just ASK him!

    Its true that someone was executed, foregoing the other choice

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