Prevarication Du Jour

While I don’t have a dog in the fight, I’ve been following the Schmalfeldt v. Grady (, et al.?) LOLsuit and reporting on it. The latest development seems to be the Cabin Boy’s™ fixation on and faildoxing of someone named Vinnie.grouchcast365|201507111359ZThe Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s threats to add unconnected third parties to his LOLsuit strikes me as the lawfare equivalent of hostage taking. While it may be tactically wise to negotiate with a hostage taker for a while, it is never wise to give in to his demands. To do so will sure encourage more such terrorism.

Similarly, …

UPDATE—A member of Team Lickspittle sent me a link to this tweet.grouchcast365|201507111435Zhorse_ass_by_pooh_stock-573x426Change to “Connie Hoge.” What then? The Cabin Boy’s™ memory must really be failing. I would have thought he would have remembered how I dealt with his publication of this image at patriot-ombudsman dot com on 29 November, 2013, in a post titled So, What’s the Deal With Hoge’s Peace Order Extension?

I didn’t bring it up as additional evidence that the Cabin Boy’s™ harassment was likely to continue. I only presented evidence of harassment directed specifically at me during the hearing for the extension of the peace order. Moreover, when we engaged in mediation, I let Schmalfeldt off the hook for his violations of the original Peace Order in exchange for his promise to comply with the extension.

He didn’t keep his word.

For the last year-and-a-half, Hogewash! has been receiving comment about Mrs. Hoge and images of her. The comments and images range from off-color to raunchily obscene. In a slip of the tongue during the peace order hearing on 8 May, Schmalfeldt stated that he was justified in commenting on this blog to call me out for my “hypocrisy” for complaining about the comments he and his friends were sending this way.

What then? In 2013, meh.

What now? Murum aries attigit.

UPDATE 2—This site’s Terms of Service can be viewed by clicking on The Fine Print in the menu bar. Commenting under a nom de cyber is OK so long as the commenter isn’t impersonating someone else. The person who attempted comment as me this evening should not be surprised that his comment was quickly deleted.

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      • If your psycho stalkers had not repeatedly filed false reports to have your Twitter account/s suspended, the Deranged Cyberstalker would be able to educate himself and see that we have tweeted with each other more times than I count for years. Because unlike Mr. “I Never Delete Tweets” — some of us really and truly do not delete their tweets.

        And, if he were really an “investigative journalist” instead of just a lazy, delusional hack, he could dig into my timeline and actually see the number of times I have tweeted to or included your handle/s in my tweets over the last two-to-three years (my guess would be hundreds of times). I know that BS enjoys talking to himself with the various and numerous sockpuppet accounts he has created over the years, but most of us aren’t… well… demented.

      • LOL Little Tommy Mix of Vero Beach has his panties in a wad. Oh too bad, he wouldn’t stop his lies about me and for some idiotic reason that only he understands he doesn’t like me posting his name. If he wants me to stop it’s simple delete all the posts were he is claiming I am a felon and human trafficker and a pedo. He won’t because just like the creeper he feels the truth. Facts have no meaning to loosers like Mr Mix

        Note that he and toll Osborn are bonding….sewage always seeks it’s own level doesn’t it.

      • “@__Lazarus__: I just want the crazy to leave me alone. I don’t mention her, she mentions me and claims I’m stalking her.”

        “I don’t mention her… ” 😂 Damn. Just damn. Too bad Mix doesn’t understand that being a lying retard ain’t no way to go through life. Yeah, he’s one evil, little goon — there’s no denying that truth. But, I think Mix’s stupid may actually trump his evil. He’s. Sooooo. Dumb. *SMH*

        And, I’m so NOT surprised that NicoleBonnet, Thomas Mix, and their creepy, little mob of psycho stalkers are interacting (and, likely more than just interacting) with the Team Kimberlin goons. All of those evil, soulless freaks tend to find each other, and they (without question) deserve each other.

        BTW — Just what could Matt “Bunny Boy” Osborne possibly know about you (other than the lies NicoleBonnet and Thomas Mix have shared), Jeanette? I’m assuming he has never reached out to you. You’d think for someone who considers themselves a researcher, writer, editor, whatever, Bunny Boy would actually, you know… research. And, I realize that I’m not a seasoned journamalist (and, others like to claim and lie about), but I would think that part of the research, writing, and editing process would be directly contacting the object of your interest and not just running with lies and unfounded and undocumented information.

        I know. I know. That’s just crazy talk.

      • Granted, it’s not saying much… but, Mix may actually be a hair smarter than BS. At least Mix understands that Jeanette and Grace are two different people.

        No doubt Mix struggles with the definition of “obsessed” though. That boy needs a life — get a job, find a nice lady, get married, settle down, have some kids… grow the hell up. Let me rephrase that… growing the hell up first would be a good start.

      • How are you going to pay the witness fee and mileage?

        A subpoena is only good within the State of Maryland or within 100 miles of Elkridge.

        Didn’t they teach that at Acme?

      • Just because he “asks” for a subpoena does not mean he will be “granted” a subpoena. My experience is such over-broad requests not tied to a case that shows clear damages clearly tied to the anonymous identity in question, result in a very successful quash. ISPs are notoriously difficult to obtain subpoena’s from on frivolous civil cases.

  1. I just browsed through Schmalfeldt’s twitter onslaught. He’s not fishing, he’s actually thrashing the pole around in the water hoping he hits something. Hush, Bill. You’re scaring away all the fish.

  2. “If you let Vinnie skate and an innocent person take the fall, that’s on YOUR hands.” [sic]

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together…

    Come on, Bill, join the human race. Get out and do something today. Walk the dog. Weed the flowerbed. Get the car washed. Just get off the internet because it seems like you’re going nuts. Seriously. Try doing a puzzle. Build a model of a battleship. Sniff the glue. Anything.

    • Oh, and Bill? Remember… Brett Kimberlin set a bomb to go off at a high school football game.

    • He always pulls that crap. Others are going to suffer…

      * Be sued
      * Reported to law enforcement
      * Their employer called and harassed
      * Their spouse called, harassed, and threatened
      * Images of their children, spouses, and homes posted
      * Images of their parents and parents’ homes posted
      * Etc., etc., etc.

      All because YOU won’t tell me who YOU really are their suffering will be all YOUR fault because YOU made me do it. YOU made me stalk and harass and threaten and abuse people who have never heard of me because YOU won’t give me YOUR real-life identity so I can stalk and harass and threaten and abuse YOU.

    • Again, he’s openly admitting he KNOWS the people he’s harassing and suing have done nothing.

  3. If Vincent and Charles read this, please go to:

    Sorry to use Hogewash as a way to generate additional clicks to the smallest blog on the internet, but I have some advice for the two young faildoxees. If anyone has the links to other documented faildoxxes, I’d appreciate it. Didn’t he identify a felon as a commenter, then claim the individual had a gun? The good news is…it will be flushed down the memory hole soon.

    • BS believes that Kyle the Lickspittle is actually Kyle the Felon (although BS, to my knowledge, has never reached out and actually contacted Kyle the Felon). And, when someone awhile back merely mentioned that maybe Kyle the Felon should be informed about what the Deranged Cyberstalker was posting about him (nasty comments with accompanying mugshots), BS dribbled fear pee all over his Twitter timeline.

  4. Doesn’t Schmalballs realize he has just confessed to a violation of Rule 11?

    I mean, he is admitting now that he doesn’t know who Krendler is, as he did in state court. And yet through two complaints in federal court he has declared that Krendler is definitely Grady. If you don’t know, there is a way to indicate that. Instead he is saying he knows something to be true, when in fact he doesn’t know it is true. That is a per se violation.

    He is also talking about amending the complaint next week to add this vinnie guy. Um, he does know that he only gets one free amendment. As the rule says, “A party may amend its pleading ONCE as a matter of course”… and then sets forth the timing requirements. So even if the amendment he has already submitted was proper (and it was not), a second one is even less proper.

    Seriously, first he can’t count to 21, and now he can’t count past one.

      • He doesn’t call them, remember? And doesn’t ask they be fired.

        He just makes his usual implications he’ll do something unless they are fired.

        But the company only has to Google him to know him. Did he leave his fecal obsession sites up for them to find?

      • Regarding Bill’s offer to let anybody off that tells him what role Vinny plays in this situation (upper right corner of Minemyown’s link), I believe he is playing the role of Sir Not Appearing in this Film.

        Whereas Bill is playing Sir Robin, the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot, who nearly showed up to the PO hearing with Grady, who almost opened the Horseshit of Slovenia, and who personally wet himself at the Serving of Summons.

        Brett Kimberlin, of course, is playing Brother Maynard, Keeper of the Holy Hand Grenade, and Bunny Boy dreams that he’s in that film.

  5. I posted this over at UD, but I think it is useful here, too…

    In my opinion you are much safer calling Schmalfeldt a “demented harasser” than a “deranged cyberstalker.” While the latter is a reasonable interpretation of the evidence, the former has the benefit of being beyond any dispute. His dementia is a matter of public record, as in, he admitted it in court documents. As for his harassment, that was adjudicated in John’s many peace orders.

    Of course you can reasonably modify the terms as follows: “demented adjudicated harasser,” “demented cyber-harasser,” or combine the two: “demented adjudicated cyber-harasser.” Adding “cyber” to “harasser” is kosher because a brief perusal of the records shows that the complaints center primarily around conduct on the internet. And it has the benefit of being more accurate in terms of what it conjures up. Otoh, too many modifiers might weigh the term down. Please note that you should not use the term “adjudicated” to modify “demented,” because as far as i know, he has not been found by a court to be demented, he has merely admitted that he is. And while you can call him “admittedly demented” be careful not to accidentally imply he has admitted to being a harasser or stalker, since i don’t believe he has quite admitted it.

    • “Demented” is a synonym of “deranged” as “deranged” is a synonym of “demented.” They can, and are, used interchangeably.

      Also… if BS has been adjudicated as a (cyber-) harasser due to his (cyber-) harassment of John, and the State of Maryland issuing multiple “Peace Orders” against BS as a result — wouldn’t it stand to reason that BS, too, has been adjudicated as a (cyber-) stalker courtesy of the State of Illinois issuing a “Stalking No Contact Order” against him due to his (cyber-) stalking of Patrick Grady and Grady’s family?

      • I’ll ask Grady for more detail about it. The order I have seen doesn’t have a finding of fact, other than “he’s entitled to an order.”

        As for demented v. deranged, demented is safer, and it makes Billy look particularly ridiculous if he claims that it is defamation.

        Manatee: “He defamed me!”
        Judge: “How?”
        Manatee: “By accurately quoting me!”
        Judge: “Case dismissed.”

        Take my advice or leave it. You are safe using either terms, but safer using what I suggested.

      • “The order I have seen doesn’t have a finding of fact, other than ‘he’s entitled to an order.’”

        How could an order that states: “This order is the command of the Circuit Court and violation thereof is subject to the penalty of LAW [emphasis mine]” be issued for two years without a finding of fact? Circuit Courts rely on statutes for rulings. 740 ILCS 21 is pretty clear on what constitutes stalking.

        I’m not trying to be difficult here, Aaron. I’m truly curious. I’m just struggling to believe a state Circuit Court would issue a two-year “Stalking No Contact Order” against an individual based *solely* on a petitioner’s say so. Surely a “finding of fact” came into play.

  6. Deranged cyber stalker is perfectly reasonable certainly with ing the colloquial meaning and usage of either . He obtrudes and intrudes, and hounds people, their relations and employers, who have not only no wish to interact with him but no reason….no reason at all, as they are complete strangers to him, and they have the misfortune if becoming his fixation.

  7. From BS, twitter: “Oh? If Hoge knows I have the wrong person and says nothing, whose fault is it then? Not mine. I’m pretty sure.”

    He’s into Frisch-level deranged hostage-taking now. No, if he chases after someone innocent because he’s a wrong and foolish demented person, it’s on himself. He is responsible for his own foolishness and his own unjustified botheration of some person who never even heard of him. If he crosses the line into harassment and lawbreaking, it’s his own fault and nothing excuses him. He is the wrongdoer and he can fix his wrong by controlling himself and his own actions.

    Fwiw we ALL know he has the wrong person and he should, too, just from his own dox.

    • And anyway, we also know that we could have every bit of proof available, down to bringing both people to his trailer, and he still wouldn’t believe that he had the dox wrong.

      • To his mind, it’s his “Target’s” fault anyway. Hoge, Krendler, Grady, Roy…

        Even if he’s wrong, it’s their fault, and therefore not on his conscience. But he expects them to feel responsible, take ownership, and thus “control” them. Sounds like a stalker?

        His behavior is so textbook, they won’t even need even all of the first day of his hold before the diagnosis is finalized.

    • Bill seems to believe that he will never be held legally responsible for accusing innocent people of things and publishing those accusations in a public forum.

      He will eventually be disabused of that belief. By a court of law.

      • Eventually. Maybe.

        How many more people he gets to terrorize is left to the imagination in the meantime.
        Notably, he’s never commited Deb Frisch’s egregious error that finally brought her to heel.

    • Francis:
      We get in through the underground heating system here… up through to the main audience chamber here… and Pilate’s wife’s bedroom is here. Having grabbed his wife, we inform Pilate that she is in our custody and forthwith issue our demands. Any questions?
      What exactly are the demands?
      We’re giving Pilate two days to dismantle the entire apparatus of the Roman Imperialist State and if he doesn’t agree immediately we execute her.
      Cut her head off?
      Cut all her bits off, send ’em back every hour on the hour… show him we’re not to be trifled with.
      Reg: And of course, we point out that they bear full responsibility when we chop her up, and… that we shall not submit to blackmail.
      (Applause) No blackmail!


        Someone with the vault, verify me this: Late Friday to Saturday tends to be the time for maximum faildoxxing.

        If my recollection is correct, could be timed to make it harder to contact “normal office hour” lawyers, and prosecutors?

      • why bother? nothing anyone says short of “it’s (INSERT NAME/ADDRESS/PHONE # here) ” will make it thru the layers of blubber between his ears..

        Hell, he takes the announcements that he’s wrong as some sort of proof he’s right, until the incorrect party gets a restraining order on him then it gets memory holed.

        this time I hope the innocent victim of the human stain’s attention AND their bosses nail him legally.

      • Yep. His fail doxes are always part shakedown. It has led to some hilarious reversals. Remember when he was in terror when he thought someone had contacted the violent felon he was announcing someone else was?

    • Moments like this remind one why he is politically a far-left liberal. He wants everyone to be policed because he needs to be policed. “If I knowingly hurt someone, it’s the fault of those who could stop me!” Welcome to the logical conclusions of the Nanny State where there is no personal responsibility or consequences.

      • Or consider the theory offered by the police about why he committed the bombings: ultimately to protect his relationship with Debbie. “Its your fault i bombed your town, because you were intolerant of my relationship with Debbie!” It doesn’t exactly make sense, but there is a certain logical consistency.

      • Like john Muhammed did not randomly choose Michaels craft store parking lots, I don’t think Kimberlin randomly chose that football game … I think he was aiming that at stopping, somehow, or punishing, Debbie’s escape from his life. He would have wanted school events to be dangerous enough to avoid, make the kid and or mother feel unsafe, return to his protection… Singer alludes to possibilities he set one bomb to destroy evidence, another dual purpose bomb to punish some store owners he thought had crossed him… But he doesn’t really even hint at reasons for the game choice. I think it was all about the girls and regaining control.

    • Let me see if I understand this: Bill is convinced this is someone attacking his wife. And he will punish him until John or someone else fesses up even though he has no convincing evidence this is the perpetrator of his perceived crime.

      I’m telling you and this is serious – he’s going to do this to the wrong person and the results will NOT be pretty for him and could end up costing him far worse. It will be a horrible reckoning but it will be by his own hands.

      • For clarity, when you say “attacking his wife” you mean “saying uncharitable things about his late wife.”

        There is an unsubtle distiction between the two.

  8. Sometimes I have to reread the tweets; “Whoever identifies what part Vinnie plays….will be dropped from the lawsuit. Okay. Krendler takes him up on it, gets dropped from the lawsuit and tell him what part Vinnie plays.

    If Vinnie didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him. Which is probably what somebody did. Too bad for the two young guys who have now had their professional reputations sullied. Hope they don’t have lawyers in the family.

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