34 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. BS violates the settlement agreement, yet again.

    Also, Krendler posted a photo yesterday of some obese guy, but did not photoshop it. What does BS do? You know, the guy who is screaming about people photoshopping his late wife, and suing them over it? He takes the photo and photoshops the face of Hoge’s son onto it. Hoge did not post the photo, and Krendler left it as is. #uncleanhands #hypocrite #dishonorable

    • Bill’s tweet, translated:

      This is one of those days when I wish I could learn about what Iโ€™ve posted.

      • A lot of people hate RSM because of his stances on many issues, and his effectiveness at communicating those positions. It could have been any number of people, including the Free Kate fascists. The secrecy around the SWATing investigation, in my view, is what has them so unnerved; they don’t know who may be talking. I would not be surprised to find that a common thread in many of these movements is Neal Rauhauser. I believe he gets paid to do this sort of thing, and he’s adept at identifying and weaponizing lunatics like NicoleBonet1, Penny Alesi, and BS.

      • Exactly. For schemers and more than one way to coordinate or manipulate the supercrazy enemies of ones enemies.

      • “I believe he gets paid to do this sort of thing, and heโ€™s adept at identifying and weaponizing lunatics… ”

        And, every last one of the lunatics are perfect candidates for being manipulated:

        (1) Weak-minded โœ”๏ธ
        (2) Morally corrupt โœ”๏ธ
        (3) Insignificant โœ”๏ธ
        (4) Starving for attention โœ”๏ธ
        (5) Evil โœ”๏ธ

    • I have been avoiding speculating in public (while doing a whole lot of speculating in private), but, ok I’ll bite on the Ron question at least.

      I don’t have a strong opinion about the exact execution of the Patterico swat other than, as I have repeatedly said, Kimberlin was somehow involved. Could that have been Ron’s voice on the phone? I could see it being him, I could see it not being him, hmm. I will say that Ron being antagonistic doesn’t prove much. Ron probably doesn’t get along with most people but those people never get the cops called on them by him, do they?

      But for sake of argument let’s just pretend he did that call. Next, Neal spent months trolling Ron and screwing him over and alienating him from the whole situation. (I even guess this is a point of contention between BK and NR since BK cultivates media contacts and there was no advantage to Neal’s awful treatment of Ron). Ron and Neal were on very bad terms by the time of McCain’s swatting and Ron never liked Neal’s obnoxious sockpupetteers who were behind his mythical twitter army. Why would he put aside these misgivings to get involved in BK’s PR war in such a way?

      I should add I think Ron only ever accepted any of Brett’s stupid lies because Ron is a bit pliable, perhaps loves offbeat theories, and Brett’s pastime is to seek out such weaknesses in a journalist. I don’t think he ever considered it his mission to promote BK’s interests as today’s core TK members do. I think Brett probably had to carefully manipulate and manage him to get him to agree to repeat any of BK’s lies, since Ron would not accept orders and only repeated lies he himself believed.

      Well, just my theories. I do feel very confident that whoever copped a plea will turn out not to be Ron. Eventually the plea-copper’s knowledge will be public knowledge and could help clarify whether Ron ever participated in any swatting (personal guess, no, but who knows, the talker could know all kinds of surprising things that will end up helping the victims).

      Sorry for ranting so much without answering much either, I do also have some much more specific guesses that I fear it might, at this time, be a bit irresponsible to air publicly. Just yet.

      • I’m not saying it was Ron, I just find the silence to be deafening in light of all the hay these characters made at the times of various swattings. Also, RSM has not stated WHEN he was swatted, just that he was.

      • Oh. I guess we have a timeframe since it was after he moved.

        I would certainly appreciate Ron changing his views on the ridiculous Weinergate stuff Brett was pushing, and in particular axcepting Brett’s stupid conspiracy theories about Brett not being the bomber. Just doesn’t smell like Ron was ever working for Brett on purpose like the BU toadies do. Also I have to take back my statement above that Ron didn’t like Neal’s sockpuppeteers; there was one he liked but he did not understand the connection to Neal.

        I also guess Ron is not entirely well so I grant him lower expectations on certain elements of his behavior, within reasonable limits. Naturally actual crimes like swattings would fall way outside such grace.

      • No telling (on this end) if the offenders in McCain’s case are the same set, even if it turns out there is a nexus or communication among the bad actors. The early swattings were linked by the same caller, but I’ve never heard audio of the Swat on A.Walker or any characterization about vocal similarity by persons who might know.
        I have been persuaded a long time the early caller was Ron, despite his denials. The voice is a ringer, (listen for yourself, since that’s a subjective opinion) and there are other facts or “coincidences” to raise suspicion.

        I also think the apparent conflict between Ron and Neal was mostly an act, to cloak connection, (although it is plausible that someone might begin to feel ill-used by Rauhauser.)

        Ron used to blog at Bradblog ( a Kimberlin-linked enterprise). Raw story, where Ron was editor for a time, was put out by suggestions of Raw Story being linked to Kimberlin, but at the very least one of their former reporters, Larisa Alexandrovna, who, inendless defense of BK, was responsible for putting forth some of the more egregious misrepresentations of Kimberlins criminal career (notably the laughable “double-secret exoneration”) and other kimberlin fairy tales about his legal successes), and Raw story was responsible for supporting, in some kind of team–up, Brad Friedman’s radio show. There are at least these loose ties among a familiar group of people with an interest in Kimberlin’s reputation.

        Kimberlin’s/Velvet Revolution’s Mike Connell machinations were a part of all this and it’s almost too complicated to list out a full history. But I know who promoted it, and its’ enough to suggest some ties.

        All of which is neither here nor there with the doxing/swatting of McCain since there is If there is any nexus, though, I suspect Rauhauser is that nexus – even if it’s just he kept an eye on it and knew about it, even if he didn’t arrange it. What else explains this? https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-U2DRYB2ufJQ/UmRqIhY-sAI/AAAAAAAAQ9Y/nqK9WFKVhEc/s1600/Neal_Rauhauser_Hard_Candy_Oct_19_2013.JPG

  2. Often you’ll read newspaper articles of people federally getting busted for crimes believing they’re anonymous. TOR has people thinking they’re anonymous when in my opinion they probably not anonymous to the federal government. I can’t prove it and I don’t use TOR personally, but my suspicion would be the federal government knows what TOR users are doing and building cases against them when they discover their crimes using other law enforcement methods as to not divulge the government has compromised so called “anonymous” services.

    Website too could be a closed facebook group and not a TOR site … and I wouldn’t doubt like someone mentioned previously it could’ve been one of those Free Kate perverts.

    • Most of the TOR exit nodes are just outside of Columbia, MD. With control of enough of them and some careful listening elsewhere, TOR can be broken. It’s still not easy, and probably limited to the worst of the worst.

      Fun fact: Silk Road came down not from breaking TOR, but from taking advantage of a slip in OPSEC.

  3. This is one of those days when I wish I could post about what Iโ€™ve learned.

    You can be such a tease. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Mercy, mercy me! I think there might be something amiss with Twitter!

    I went looking for Bill Schmalfedt’s tweet from Thursday evening declaring that he “didn’t give half a shit about McCain’s swatting” because he “had nothing to do with it.” But it’s gone! Along with a few other tweets.

    But William has repeatedly said that he doesn’t delete tweets, so Twitter itself must be broken. And someone with such a sterling character wouldn’t lie with such a bald face, would he?

    I can’t be dreaming those tweets, can I?

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