58 thoughts on “The McCain SWATting

  1. On a completely unrelated note, William’s been awfully quiet today.

    Maybe he’s engaging in some of his “investigative journalism” to hold the guilty responsible.

    • No. He’s not being quiet. He’s drooling all over his microphone.

      Bill Schmalfeldt™ is enjoying skating very, very close (that’s being kind) to the libel line concerning Ali Akbar. It appears Bunny Boy over at PU is engaging in some investigative reporting (read: speculation) “imputing” some pretty awful things concerning Ali and CJ Pearson (and, other minors). This, of course, has caused BS to go to his sweaty-palm, happy place — and, now BS himself is engaging in a whole lot of speculation “bordering” on accusing Ali of some pretty disgusting and illegal behavior.

      BS falsely accuses others of what he repeatedly and quite joyously engages in himself. He sure loves serving up some heaping helpings of defamation against the same despised targets over and over and over again.

  2. McCain is amazing. When he keeps a secret, you don’t even know he has a secret.

    And I’m going to go nuts waiting for the other shoes to drop on this one. I wonder how many familiar names will emerge from this one? Are plea bargains public record? Would a search of court record databases for his name turn up anything?

    This came up right after two big dismissals for TK, I think. I wonder if letting those cases die was a condition of the plea, or if certain people were too distracted by the McCain case to give it their full attention, or they wanted those cases gone before the plea became public, or…

    I’m going to stop speculating now. At least, publicly.
    But DAMN, I’m going to be beating the hell out of the old F5 key for a bit…

  3. I’m sure the rest of team kimberlin is setting up billy boy to be the fall guy, so Bill scooter like the wind to the Feds for a deal before the rest beat you there

    • Who says they had anything to do with it? Not even McCain, Walker or Hoge do. Latest update:
      “UPDATE (1:30 p.m. EDT): Just spoke to an official who explained that (a) the indictment is “under seal”; (b) the perpetrator who has reached a plea agreement cannot be named; and (c) the investigation is continuing. From this we may surmise, based upon knowledge of similar cases, that the perpetrator has made a full confession and is cooperating with the continuing investigation of his or her co-conspirators.
      By the time the full scope of this conspiracy becomes public, it is likely that we we learn a great deal about the methods by which these criminals operate. Let it be known that the feds are getting serious about prosecuting “SWATting,” and the associated activity of “doxing.” Let justice be done. Let the guilty fear punishment for their crimes, so that the innocent need never fear. — RSM”

        • Let me go get my club…

          On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 4:52 PM, hogewash wrote:

          > Paul Krendler commented: “Is the seal under which the indictment is > protected… edible?”

    • Given his habit of projection and ability to produce fear pee, I have no doubt that if ever pressed, he would roll on TK faster than he would roll downhill if he tripped.

    • “P.S.: Don’t jump to conclusions. I don’t know how (or even if) this SWATting is connected to the general pattern of harassment I have experienced since May 2012, and this incident occurred after I had moved from my former Maryland residence. Until I can get more information and provide it to readers, I ask that commenters refrain from speculation about who was involved in this federal crime, or what their motive might have been to target me. Speaking personally, however, I don’t believe in coincidences. — RSM”

      • I don’t know who is involved, or the first thing about McCains swatting that could connect it to the other swattings, besides the same black hearts and penchant for energetic troublemaking and – perhaps – some apparent interests in common with some people we do know about.

        But I hope it leads to unraveling of more than one case.

  4. Don’t hold your breath, or wear out your finger to a nub on the F5 key. A federal investigation of a conspiracy with multiple tentacles can take quite some time. The old ‘exceedingly slow and exceedingly fine’ process. Anyone else follow the long slow avalanche of PrendaLaw on Popehat? Took years even though the final outcome was a forgone conclusion.

  5. Does anybody have a screenshot of one of the many times Bill was bragging about how successful he’s been at doxing people?

    You know, just for sh*ts and giggles….

  6. Back on the projection theme…

    How many times has TK talked about how someone on Team Lickspittle was going to roll on the others, how Team Lickspittle better each run to the cops and confess everything and try for the best deal by ratting out the rest, etc. etc.? Sure looks like that’s exactly what’s happening on the other end…

    For once, I’m glad that I’m very much on the fringe of all this and don’t know a damned thing except what’s made public. That means that I can speculate and theorize and fantasize to my heart’s consent, without ever worrying about OpSec.

    My only concern is getting too close to Educating The Trolls, and 1) I’m not smart enough to do that, and 2) they’re too dumb to learn.

  7. This is exciting news and I understand the desire to speculate. But I think the wise answer is… Do not do that. Let’s find out what the truth is. It will come out.

  8. Curious timing that Osborne and BU are going after Ali. Curious, indeed.

      • It’s strange that Bunny Boy doesn’t seem to mind the former editor of BU telling a minor male on a public forum that ” My dick works just fine, as your swollen anal tissues can attest.” Yes, that is a direct copy and paste from the website. So he slings mud at Ali over nothing while ignoring his friend the Adjudicated Pedo Kimberlin, the convicted Pedo Craig Gillette, who Kimberlin moved into the small basement to live alongside his young daughters, and the former editor of BU who said the above to a minor on a public forum. Gee, the accuse the accuser strategy is getting old from Team Kimberlin.

      • “So he [Matt “Bunny Boy” Osborne] slings mud at Ali over nothing while ignoring his friend the Adjudicated Pedo Kimberlin, the convicted Pedo Craig Gillette, who Kimberlin moved into the small basement to live alongside his young daughters… ”

        But, but, but… according to Bunny Boy, Craig Gillette didn’t have *all that much* child porn in his possession, and the images weren’t all *that* bad.

        Hand to God — Matt Osborne made those comments to me when I accused him on Twitter of defending the child pornographer Craig Gillette. And, aside from being thoroughly disgusted — I have always been a tad curious how Matt Osborne became aware of the number of images Craig Gillette actually had in his possession, and how exactly did Bunny Boy know what the images portrayed? *hmm*

    • Very curious indeed!! And on the exact day and time that Stacey McCain revealed his SWATTing information. Almost like someone wants to divert attention away from the guilty plea of a swatter and focus it on @Ali. Hummmmmmm…………,…wonder who has a motive, opportunity and means to conduct such an operation on social media?

  9. Remember when bbu offered a reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution of the person or persons responsible for a series of SWATtings. One of the victims was, allegedly, Brett Kimberlin himself. Shouldn’t we be reading of their excitement that the guilty party might very well be soon uncovered?

    • My thoughts have turned in a very similar direction.

      I’ll defer to the victims in deciding how to respond. McCain mentioned something about a tipjar.

  10. I’ve given the matter some further consideration, and come to realize that RSM has a habit of making enemies. Indeed, if one applies the standard that says you can judge a man’s character by the quality of his enemies, then he is of the highest quality indeed. There is a long, long list of people who are unhappy with Mr. McCain and his writings. Some guy who used to be Charles Johnson has a serious mad-on for him, but he’s infamously sedentary and (rumor has it) has panic attacks when away from his computer and his walled-off web site. The hardcore feminists deeply loathe and despise him for his work Schmalfeldting their heroes (applying his observation that “the best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt” and quoting the most-cited feminists and their works). And that’s just two off the top of my head.

    However, none of his other enemies have the reputation for “brass-knuckles reputation management” that is often associated with doxxing and SWATting that Team Special K has worked so hard to develop.

    Could be a coincidence, of course. Stranger things have happened. Hell, someone who happens to dislike both Mr. McCain and TK could have chosen to use a method associated with TK to go after Mr. McCain to implicate them in the attack.

    As the old saying goes, “the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong — but that’s the way to bet.”

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